Archive for July 2017

EP32 Hebrews 10:24-25

In these two versus in Hebrews Paul is talking about the nature of the church. He tells us that we should motivate each-other to love and good works,...View Details

Acts 19 tells us that the ministry of Paul had caught the attention of all manner of those performing "curious arts." These would be witches, warlocks...View Details

EP30 John 14:12

Too often, I think, as Christians we pray for something or believe on a scripture, but we treat it like we’re making a wish. Or we act like we’re begg...View Details

EP29 Romans 6:14

I've noticed in the past decade or so there has been a lot of talk about Grace. A lot of interchanging of the words Grace and Mercy. These are two com...View Details

EP28 Matthew 3:9

We just got done with our three week series looking at Ephesians 6:11. We will get back to the armor of God. Probably not next week, but most likely t...View Details

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