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Jesus said that all the law and the prophets, basically the Old Testament, hang on two commandments. The first, to Love the Lord your God with all yo...View Details

EP44 Proverbs 4:23

Let’s start off by establishing that the heart is evil. I’ve had folks argue in the past that they don’t believe it is and there’s nothing I can say ...View Details

EP43 John 15:2.2

Last week we identified that this scripture can be broken down into three parts; Number one, “The Father Takes Away,” number two, “The Father Purges,...View Details

EP42 John 15:2

As a general rule I refuse to shy away from controversial topics, or to shine a light on teachings held by the modern Christian church that I can’t f...View Details

EP41 John 15:5

Pastor Bill: In 4 different books in the Old Testament we find Israel being compared to a vine. You can look them up if you’d like; Hosea 10:1, Jerem...View Details

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