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S3EP34 - Internal Peace

Pastor Newms:[0:05] Okay we're in the 5 minute countdown, five minute countdown.Pastor Bill:[0:12] Are you it won't show me your face in.Pastor Newms...View Details

S3EP33 - Just Hanging Out

Pastor Newms:[0:00] Intro video.Pastor Bill:[0:04] Yay.Pastor Newms:[0:06] Intro video. How was the level of the intro video did it need to come down...View Details

Pastor Bill: [0:07] Hello and welcome to, season 3 episode 32 of the Berean Manifesto, this is the pre-show show. If you're listening to the podcast ...View Details

S3EP31 - Mercy

Pastor Bill:[5:25] Hello and welcome to episode 31, of season 3 of the Berean Manifesto; Faith, Hope and Love for the Modern Christian and Pastor Bil...View Details

S3EP30 - Morality

Pastor Bill: Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 30 the Berean Manifesto: Faith, Hope, and Love for the Modern Christian. First off, I want to apol...View Details

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