Archive for July 2021

S3EP37 - In The Name

Pastor Newms: [0:11] All right we're they can hear us.   Pastor Bill: [0:13] Cool we said it's so weird.   Pastor Newms: [0:19] Although the little we...View Details

S3EP36 - Friendship

Pastor Newms: [0:10] Countdown 5 minutes dada.   Pastor Bill: [0:15] Here we are.   Pastor Newms: [0:18] No   Pastor Bill: [0:19] We're not singing o...View Details

S3EP35 - Freedom

Pastor Newms: [0:07] The intro video.   Pastor Bill: [0:11] Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 35 of the Berean Manifesto: Faith, Hope, and Love f...View Details

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