2.38 - A Little Worship


Everyday, everyday I search in spite of me
Everyday, everyday I search for what I can't see
Everyday, everyday I search for You
Everyday, everyday I search for the truth
Just can't help falling in love with You
More with everything You do
Speak and the mountains tremble in fear
And at the sound of your voice, I know you are near
Be near to me
Everyday, everyday I long deep inside of me
Everyday, everyday I long for what's plain to see
Everyday, everyday I long to be with you
Everyday, everyday I long for the truth
Heal my heart, Remove my shame
Fill the space between you and me
Oh come near, Draw near to me
Lord You are all I need
I want to bring glory to Your name
Fill every corner with your fame
Till every eye has seen, and every ear has heard
The greatness and goodness of Your Word
Till every heart knows the power of Your Word
Till every heart bows to you Lord
Hear the cry of my heart
To be closer to where You are
Hear the songs this soul sings
Of my God You're everything
Take my heart and make it new
Lord I wanna be like You
To speak every word I hear the Father say
I wanna know all of your ways
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