Transcript: Berean Manifesto Live Recording! Season 3 Episode 90: Is This The End??? Or A Beginning???

Pastor Newms: [0:00] And then go hello and welcome to season 3 episode 90. Of the brand Manifesto faith hope and love for the modern.
Pastor Bill: [0:13] Modern Christian.
Pastor Newms: [0:14] I'm pastor newms and with me tonight is Pastor Bill.
[0:21] Again yeah and yes Biggs that is the glare from the light and I'm going to fix it in a weird way because I'm not going to fix it in the correct way because to be honest, that smart light needs to be added to the house and we didn't get it added to the house in time because we went back to Home Depot and if anyone just saw I'm wearing shorts so don't judge me it's, I'm wearing shorts and I'm wearing a non graphic tee on a church night so, what's up y'all it's been a week so let's start by talking about our weeks, as I might or might not have mentioned we were doing some house stuff in preparing for a new friend to come stay with us and, he is here I'm looking at his empty desk chair at the moment because he is still downstairs eating with the girls because we got fast food while I after I dropped off the moving truck I flew out to DFW Friday, afternoon evening ish Pastor Bill and his son Gerg showed up too, our friend, I don't know if he wants us to use his real name or one of his gaming names in the Stream and I forgot to ask him because I haven't named him on purpose.
Pastor Bill: [1:47] So within we use the gaming name.
Pastor Newms: [1:49] Even I can't remember how to pronounce it because I'm yeah that, yeah so he's now living with us and so we're good.
Pastor Bill: [2:04] Yeah he's ok he's eating but he can hear you apparently he replied Sez.
Pastor Newms: [2:10] Okay gaming name and says okay perfect so.
[2:20] There's no telling whether Biggs was making a joke or if there was a typo so we're just going to go with it so my so flew in on Friday Pastor Bill and Gerg, gracefully showed up to help us pack the truck which we weren't 100% expecting and so because of that we were able to get the truck packed in a couple hours instead of the almost day that I thought it was going to be of me and, me and him you know bringing stuff out we straight like, just pack the truck and so we ate dinner and then got on the road and we ended up here at about 11:00, and I just realized that I forgot to tell, Pastor Bill when we did get into Tennessee safely I just just realized that I did not communicate with him until today but that's okay because. He knows how I am so he's not going to judge me for that but.
Pastor Bill: [3:22] I figured if something went wrong wrong like I'd be getting a call from your wife, and I didn't get a call from your wife so I was like I said everything is fine.
Pastor Newms: [3:30] So this week is a little different as we've said yeah it's big says hey Pastor Bill he's safe in Tennessee.
Pastor Bill: [3:43] Serve now because I was wondering.
Pastor Newms: [3:45] Pastor Bill is back yay for those out there who didn't figure that out in the time that I've been talking and hearing him so far but that's okay we. For the next you know for the last couple of weeks we've been going through basically, it's been the there that's better he's now bigger congratulations.
Pastor Bill: [4:35] You make me bigger.
Pastor Newms: [4:36] I did make you bigger I made you as big as I think I make myself normally because I never fully fleshed-out what you would look like on here, I just put your box in the corner like when I need him he's there.
Pastor Bill: [4:52] You put me in the corner.
Pastor Newms: [4:53] I put baby in the corner so we drove here, we've been biggest came over today Biggs put up blackout curtains for our, office Biggs put up blackout curtains in his bedroom change the shower head hung some extra pictures this week that was last week he helped us get some light bulbs put in right biggs's hearing about this for the first time but the next time Biggs is over we have a couple of new things to be installed in the house that we stopped and got at Home Depot and I also got clips for the outside of the house too, run the wire that I drilled into the side of my house our Network wire, mom says I'm saying too much information and so you know it happens so yeah Biggs helped us out with a whole bunch of stuff in the house and so it's just been a kind of a runny, you know catching up week and so I did not.
[6:14] Fully start the next part so we've been talking about you know the things I believed in and I.
[6:25] You know kind of the things that I feel the strongest about that we either Miss as Christians or that we don't do quite right or that could be better in and that's what we've been talking about for the last several weeks, and then starting next week we're going to be talking about discipleship and being a disciple, for several weeks, based heavily on a amazing Bible study by an amazing person and we'll get into that next week, and we. So this week because the week has been a little crazy and crazy at work as well, we're just going to be talking about a filler, not a filler episode but it's not in our the format that I've been doing and it's not our next, Story series so this was kind of a filler one so Pastor Bill how was your week, do you really find it that fun being in the corner cuz you keep looking up at me.
Pastor Bill: [7:47] Tell me as I can look up at you and you're like huh.
Pastor Newms: [7:51] So you do see why I continue to do that to you and because it always irritates you like why are you doing that and I'll point it chat and you're like why are you pointing at chat now you see how fun it is being in the corner, and doing things like that the whole time you understand that don't you.
Pastor Bill: [8:08] I understand now yeah I understand get it.
Pastor Newms: [8:10] Yeah yeah so how was your week.
Pastor Bill: [8:14] How is my weak man.
Pastor Newms: [8:16] Let's rephrase that how was your 9 weeks, you can just talk about your week I'm joking with you they say haven't heard from you in nine weeks.
Pastor Bill: [8:28] That's a lot of info to don't bother one time nine weeks worth of.
Pastor Newms: [8:32] Yeah that weeks of how you do it that would be that.
Pastor Bill: [8:37] On day one week one I got up and I ate breakfast.
Pastor Newms: [8:39] Oh no we're not going that route homie.
Pastor Bill: [8:47] Now this week was good I guess they don't remember much of the week / get the usual I mean I remember coming and helping load a trailer on Friday evening.
Pastor Newms: [8:57] Yeah I just do a fidget, at our middle child walking down the stairs because I can do that because the stairs are right next to my desk so in case you guys wondered why I just went woo I literally just threw my fidget at the child, so she gave she brought me back my fidget so since she brought me back my fidget she earned a hug for bringing back my fidget that I threw at her, because that's just fair, that's fair throwing a fidget at a child's head you deserve a hug after that because that's that's.
Pastor Bill: [9:45] I officially registered a child for school without yelling at the people in the office.
Pastor Newms: [9:51] Did you make it through without yelling this time wow that is amazing.
Pastor Bill: [9:59] Last year last year I.
Pastor Newms: [10:01] Last year you yelled a lot.
Pastor Bill: [10:03] Man I yell at the people in the for those poor office people that were just trying to do their jobs this year I didn't yell at nobody I'm yeah one time and nobody.
Pastor Newms: [10:12] I remember.
Pastor Bill: [10:13] Is now gurke and Randa are both going to public school and that starts on Wednesday morning.
Pastor Newms: [10:21] Starts Wednesday morning we are officially starting school, at some point next week because we were going to start Monday but I don't think I am I don't think I'm ready to start on Monday and so, Tennessee has this whole thing where you have to be in school doing education and logging your hours for 180 days, I don't know what so it's similar there I'm assuming now.
Pastor Bill: [10:56] The public school is held to that standard but homeschool is not.
Pastor Newms: [11:00] So here even homeschool you have to log 180 days and so because of that the girls were like well is that going to affect and I was like no because, you don't realize like at school school you have 180 educational days so like all those days that aren't educational those don't count, those are the those are the days that they lot for, snow days that you don't take and so the that's why that's why I was like maybe that's why that's why sometimes when you go to school they're like here's this picture hey let's watch a movie hey let it's because those days were, plan for in the lesson plans and I said so you know that's one of the aspects of homeschooling you can just kinda plow through those days and then use those days for Vacations or use those two as long as you're sticking to those days, so yeah so it's been a fun.
Pastor Bill: [11:59] You're also going to find that. When you go to teach something instead of like in public school it would take an hour or two hours three hours because you've got to get everybody on the same page.
Pastor Newms: [12:12] Yeah.
Pastor Bill: [12:12] You're going to be doing like 10 to 15 minutes of teaching and it's going to be like okay well there's, what would have been 3 hours in public school cuz now you you've already learned it can you got one on one you know so everything goes a lot quicker.
Pastor Newms: [12:25] Yeah and and we're going to do a lot of fun stuff to sonoda is going to be teaching math doing the initial lessons and then I was helping with homework and stuff.
Pastor Bill: [12:39] I think about getting a CPA to teach maths.
Pastor Newms: [12:41] You needed another yeah having a tax accountant, teach math is a whole lot easier and she's going to be teaching Spanish which.
Pastor Bill: [12:55] One.
Pastor Newms: [12:58] Is great for children to learn a second language and better when it's.
Pastor Bill: [13:02] Neither you nor Tina.
Pastor Newms: [13:05] Speak a second language.
Pastor Bill: [13:06] Spanish.
Pastor Newms: [13:07] Now to be fair to Tina to zaidi she speak she understands.
Pastor Bill: [13:14] We're satiable understanding.
Pastor Newms: [13:16] And she can read and understand what she reads she just cannot speak, so that's cool and then we learned.
Pastor Bill: [13:27] The one side of her brain gets it but the other side.
Pastor Newms: [13:30] Right.
Pastor Bill: [13:31] Hasn't quite gotten it.
Pastor Newms: [13:33] We also learned this week that we are going to be teaching them some light Early Educational programming as well as using.
Pastor Bill: [13:47] You're going to be programming your kids.
Pastor Newms: [13:49] No we're not we're not going to be programming to kids but since we have a programmer who now lives.
Pastor Bill: [13:56] Oh program meaning I see I see your needs them how to program.
Pastor Newms: [14:01] Lives there but sits right there in his chair now as he rocks, is going to be teaching he just did this when I said as he rocks as opposed to throwing up the rock fist as opposed to the fact that he's rocking in a chair hmm anyway.
Pastor Bill: [14:22] Power up your breakfast.
Pastor Newms: [14:24] He's going to be teaching some programming and maybe some other stuff that's fun so we're going to have a nice well-rounded group of for this you go to this person for this you go to that person as opposed to what you've had to do and Roxas had to do is it's the two of you and your you're doing everything I'm like hey I packed the house full of adults.
Pastor Bill: [14:51] There are lots of online resources to. Homeschooling lots and lots and lots of online resources.
Pastor Newms: [14:58] So your week has been good my week has been good the warm-up is taking a little longer this week that's going to.
Pastor Bill: [15:08] When did you take the when did you take the board down the the Whiteboard.
Pastor Newms: [15:16] The Whiteboard that was right here oh you oh you didn't you didn't listen to the podcast last week. We are in a completely different room, we are in the bonus room of my house which is now the office the office is now the classroom, and so we are in a completely different room which is why and you can't you can't see it because I hit the camera earlier this week and so I'll fix it but, above me right is your wife's bats and cholo Mander now lives up there, and our love thingy is up here I stink at directional pointing and, and so I have to readjust because in moving stuff I completely hid the camera earlier this week so that's actually better now but yes there is not a whiteboard here yet I will put it back up and I will draw the little man and I will write the words above the little man that, chat can't read which is good because mmm. They weren't nice where's anyway so.
Pastor Bill: [16:34] All right is it time for getting to know the pastors.
Pastor Newms: [16:37] It is time to getting know the pastor's do you actually want to pull a card since I've pulled a card.
Pastor Bill: [16:41] You hate my cards though.
Pastor Newms: [16:43] I do hate your card so let's reminisce on the fact that I hate your cards I pulled out my deck in case you were like I don't get ready for that I don't remember.
Pastor Bill: [16:57] It says.
Pastor Newms: [16:58] I'm going to laugh it stinks really bad.
Pastor Bill: [17:00] Serious question do you count your steps.
Pastor Newms: [17:06] Do I count my steps in the way of having a wish thing that counts my steps or do I count as I walk what do you want to interpret that as.
Pastor Bill: [17:16] Who would who would all day long be like 128 thousand three hundred and seventy-four.
Pastor Newms: [17:23] I don't count one two three four eight thousand 34 but I do count stairs steps between rooms steps as I walk through stores when I'm unconsciously doing so I'll find myself just counting while I walk or saying words like left right left right left right left right in my brain I do not currently use a step counter because.
Pastor Bill: [17:49] Lip let brightly.
Pastor Newms: [17:51] No I walk much faster than that it's not that slow we're not marching we're watching we're walking here we're walking.
Pastor Bill: [17:58] We're walking here I'm walking here what's your name.
Pastor Newms: [18:00] So do you wear a step counter I don't think you do.
[18:15] Yeah so for us no pedometer.
Pastor Bill: [18:21] An Apple iPod Nano that was you know with a watch band and it would count my steps.
[18:43] I just know I know I had that one the thing when I was working at Gateway and I was walking an average of about anywhere from 10 to 13 miles a day. To do all the setups everyday.
Pastor Newms: [18:56] That's too much walking that's too much walking okay so we have now gotten another pastors. And we have done the warmup, and it's so nice to have Pastor Bill joining us again because I didn't take 7 minutes like it did one of the weeks okay.
Pastor Bill: [19:29] Last week we're talking about.
Pastor Newms: [19:31] So this week we're talking about yeah Biggs I don't want to know how many steps you take in a day either because you're on that line, just walking around cars all day long and moving up and down and I don't even want to know like that's, that's craziness so what we're talking about this week for those of you watching on Twitch or something or watching on a podcast thing it's down there at the bottom and it said it when you clicked the episode unless you're just running through episode after episode but tonight's title is is this the end question mark question mark question mark or.
Pastor Bill: [20:16] Don't Dom.
Pastor Newms: [20:18] A beginning question mark question mark question, just an important thing you know as me and Bill have talked about, over the last couple of weeks there's been a lot of change a lot of differences a lot of a lot of moving around a lot of all kinds, differences in things and, you know we me and Pastor Bill yesterday. No day before yesterday when we were in person we're talking about the fact that you know sometimes.
[21:03] It looks like the end when it's merely the beginning of a new chapter but it is nearly impossible when you're going through that end, to see the fact of oh wait we're just going to a new chapter we're beginning a new stage where transfer, where transitioning we're transforming we're becoming different were changing what we are who we are different things like that we have we struggled to see that as, people as humans now.
[21:39] This part of the discussion tonight is not religious this this area of the discussion this is just, and so it's so hard so often so so far we haven't gotten to scripture yet Biggs will get there I promise, there's only two today but we'll get there so at this point you know it's, so often we're going through things we're learning things were starting starting a new year school you know that's the end of summer break, and as a kid I remember and I know I know Pastor Bill you member and anyone out there who listens to certain comedians you member but.
[22:37] The, when that summer break ends you're like it's the end of the world like I don't want to go I don't want to go back every week, the weekend ends the work week starts for people who love their job all the work weekends and the weekend starts which if that's you, please find a hobby because stop being so excited.
Pastor Bill: [23:11] Paying them to do it is their Hobby.
Pastor Newms: [23:13] Some people are happy all the time and I don't understand because I'm not, I got it I got a mask at work where it's like how you guys doing you guys have a great day man I hope you're having a great. I have not yet.
Pastor Bill: [23:35] Not going to spoil anything.
Pastor Newms: [23:36] That's good cuz.
Pastor Bill: [23:37] So they're there is a character in like 1312 1292 some like that, and just life is awful you know black plague and all kinds of stuff going on and and this guy's like I'm going to live forever and they're like really you want to live forever, maybe back here in 100 years, and we're going to see and so that's that's that's as much spoilers you're going to get is that the Hundred Years passes they me back up and then like so how's life been and he's been like oh life is awful.
[24:20] Want to keep going he's probably keep living and so it's just funny as some people are just here's to Happy.
Pastor Newms: [24:28] They're optimistic they're optimistic about life and there's nothing wrong with that, people being optimistic is good we need those type of people in the world to balance out those of us that, art and I love the argument so many times pessimists will make the argument I'm not a pessimist I'm a realist I'm just going with what snow, you're not you're a pessimist like the rest of us stop being prideful you're just you're just a pessimist who Who quote unquote is using.
Pastor Bill: [25:00] I've said that I've used that before I've said no I'm a realist, honestly that's a pessimists answer, to the question of are you a pessimist or are you an optimist it's the pessimists answer of don't put me in a box. It's you can't you can't have it your way it's got I'm going to pick a third option because I do I can't see how being in either box is a good thing.
Pastor Newms: [25:28] Hm
Pastor Bill: [25:29] Oh so you're look you have a pessimistic outlook on even the scenario, and so really when you think about optimism.
[25:44] Is when you're flying a plane there's the attitude is are you pointing at the ground are you pointing at the sky this is your attitude in a plane and pessimism your pointed down well you're going to go down, and optimism your pointed up you're going to go up so optimists have this way of. Seeing life in a certain way that they're expecting things to get better so when they get the opportunity to pounce on something getting better, they take advantage of those situations where as pessimists are expecting things to always get worse and so when life does get worse it's a reinforcement of we'll see I told you so, and when things can get better they go no I don't trust that I don't trust that that's just that's false.
Pastor Newms: [26:32] It's going to get worse I saw very interesting, me more thing I remember I saw it I don't remember what I could even call it don't matter whether it was a video or meme or something it just the thought Stuck to me and it was it was that whole glass full glass empty, and they were like oh the glass is half-full all the glass is half empty and then another person was like the glass is exactly where it should be and that was supposed to be the realist and and then the fourth person was like the glass is full, glass is full because it's full of water it's half full of water and half full of air so it's full.
Pastor Bill: [27:08] Completely full.
Pastor Newms: [27:09] And you're like and that's not a pessimist or an optimist that's.
Pastor Bill: [27:13] That's a Lay's chips employee.
Pastor Newms: [27:15] That's we have a wall that's rude that's rude homie Lays chips are not the only one who do that we are not going to bad-mouth Frito-Lay cuz I like Frito-Lay it is not just Lays chips, it's all chips all chips do that except for Pringles Pringles doesn't I saw.
Pastor Bill: [27:36] Girl Scouts of the kid is he becoming a puffed up there.
Pastor Newms: [27:39] I saw I saw me bit it says shout out to Pringles they don't sell air and you're like I was like what oh, it's true which Frito-Lay has a version that is and it's they were in it didn't do well so they didn't keep going for very long I don't think I don't know if they're still even around but um, so you know when we look at things like that, there's positive there's - there's middle there's this there's but one of the things we have to look at is hey, let's we have to keep going together whether you think it's the end whether you think it's a beginning whether you think it's a transitional period whatever you think it is either way, please continue to think it is and please continue to move forward that's that's what's so important and, now for the. Christian part of the Brie and Manifesto for the week okay hold on.
Pastor Bill: [28:45] Hold on hold on so whenever whenever someone talks about beginnings and.
[29:09] Chip getting cheated on, um and I've heard that over and over and over and over and over you know how how you enter situation is how you're going to end up leaving the situation you if you get a new job, and you just walk out on your old job no notice no you no ample do, we respect and that's bad then you're setting yourself up to reap that again.
[29:45] President Biden gave a speech I don't know if it was this week or last week or maybe it was an old clip anyway it was kind of funny because he said democracy and Insurrection don't mix, and I'm sitting there laughing like you do realize you're a president of a country that started by an act of insurrection right. Like you literally lead a Democratic Republic that started by hit active Insurrection so you can't say, the two don't mix they literally and that's what created this government was an act of insurrection, and got me a little worried because then I was like oh well if we started that way then.
Pastor Newms: [30:32] Wow.
Pastor Bill: [30:33] Ending that way.
Pastor Newms: [30:34] Well let's think about this for a second if we started that way, at War right we have continued to be at War.
Pastor Bill: [30:45] We don't know if we've ever not been at some win some more.
Pastor Newms: [30:49] Either a conflict or War I mean we are a nation that is conflict oriented we, internally externally infighting out fighting we are constantly, we don't really have peaceful times that's why we have one of the larger one of not the one of the largest armies in some of the largest military spending is because we are a conflict driven country and that's how we start it now, doesn't mean, that proves the adage that you said but it is an interesting thought process like you said of a good thought experiment of hey does that apply to everything like you know and 10 scary does it apply to everything often also.
Pastor Bill: [31:45] That was that was the non-biblical stuff I was going through my head since I read.
Pastor Newms: [31:52] Since I sent you what what we're going to try to talk.
Pastor Bill: [31:54] Heads up earlier yeah.
Pastor Newms: [31:55] That I sent you way late because I was sitting here going I don't know what this week should be and then. Our friend was like we've had a lot of change that's that's valid yeah let's go that route we have that whole lot of change and then of course then your mind starts you know. That is that is not.
[32:31] So I was doing research and I grabbed a scripture that said what I was looking for it to say, and which is never good because as bereans this is one of those times we're going to have this conversation as bereans we always talk about you know don't just pull part of a scripture and I didn't know this was part of the scripture I assumed based on what book it was in and what it was around that it was valid, Todd so we're going to read it because the last part of this scripture is, the reason that I pulled it but this is a Nehemiah.
[33:21] And it says and he said to them so let's step back a verse because let's be honest we got to do that when it's a he said so the verse starting in verse 9 Nehemiah the governor, Ezra the priest and Scribe and the Levites who were instructed the people to them this day is Holy to the Lord do not mourn or weep for all the people, we're weeping as they heard the words of the law so this was the reading of the law again in nyam Nehemiah, and then he said to them go and eat what is Rich drink what is sweet and send portions to those who have nothing prepared, since today is Holy to our Lord do not grieve because the joy of the Lord is your strength now that last half is, is we hear that a lot and it's several places in scripture but this is the one that I happened to pull that it's just part of a verse as opposed to the whole meaning, but you know the joy of the Lord is your strength. And I find it to be funny now the next verse says in the Levites quieted all the people saying be still since the day is Holy don't grieve and.
[34:43] I find it kind of humorous because I picked this verse and then I said the whole thing about hey we should take this into context and now looking at it as a whole we have a situation that arises. Any Amaya you know there's a lot going on you know there's the report, it's kind of get some back story of Nehemiah. There's there's a lot I don't even know kind of how to you know everything's destroyed. You know Nehemiah helps to rebuild everything the whole city.
Pastor Bill: [35:26] They were in Exile.
Pastor Newms: [35:27] Yeah they were in Exile he gets the report that hey everything's trashed he weeps the king sees it the king gives him a bunch of stuff to go back they build everything, and then we get to the point where we are Warez.
Pastor Bill: [35:42] While they're building it they get accused of.
Pastor Newms: [35:46] Oh yeah yeah which the King was like nehemiah's homeboy because Nehemiah was like his one of his top servants and a friend.
Pastor Bill: [35:56] The King was like what are you what are you talking about I gave him those supplies I don't.
Pastor Newms: [36:02] Yeah I gave him the money I funded him I protected him so I sent him God.
Pastor Bill: [36:08] Might as well be my project what do you mean he's trying to overthrow me.
Pastor Newms: [36:12] And he's my friend and I told him to build the walls because, I didn't want him to die like and so then we get to this point and Ezra who also has, it's actually the book that comes before Nehemiah in the order that they compiled the 66 books, reads the law again to the people who were in Exile and since they were and didn't have access to everything so it's been a.
Pastor Bill: [36:47] Not just yeah not just reads it but literally they have to read it and then have a translator translated into the common tongue of the day because they didn't speak the language It Was Written in any.
Pastor Newms: [37:02] They read out loud the book of the law translating and giving the meaning so people could understand what was read and I love I love that it does say that translating and giving the meaning, because they lost touch with that, you know at that time and the people start weeping and are terrified and scared and sad and upset because they haven't been following it, and so then we have you know as we're going hey hey hey hey hey that's not the point of this the point is not.
Pastor Bill: [37:35] This isn't this isn't a got your moment.
Pastor Newms: [37:38] Yeah this isn't a gotcha this isn't a time where we should be sad upon the changes that are going to happen which I did not know this this is always funny when this happens because I did not know this is where I was pulling from, we need to Rejoice because the Lord is your strength and so that's the aspect that I wanted to pull from this area and then ended up you know if there's a lot more here to unpack. Which is.
Pastor Bill: [38:05] It's the first day of a new season.
Pastor Newms: [38:07] Yeah this is this is where how we're starting it, don't don't grieve don't get upset and then so the people did in verse 12 the people began to eat and drink and they sent portions to the people that couldn't and they had a great celebration because they understood the words that were explained to them once it was explained, and it and then they have a feast directly after the next day and you know keeps going but it's it's that aspect of, here to beat you down not you know as we transition into New Seasons, we can lean on the Lord because even if we feel because often as humans we try to find the worst in it Human Nature, to most of us not all most of us is pestis it pessimistic it is we have a tendency as humans to find the - to find the, in other people in situations you know across the board and so.
[39:18] Ask for transitioning into new sections the Lord isn't there to be like this is a punishment so because of that, I'm cutting you off of this situation in forcing you into a new one it's often hey this is a new situation let me let me help you you know we need to lean, on the Lord but not and not you know. Stress out about okay why is this happening to me I'm not saying we don't because let's be honest we all do but there's bill just flashed us off for some reason what did you.
Pastor Bill: [39:58] Sorry.
Pastor Newms: [39:59] The light just what light did you touch on your computer that caused all that to happen uh-huh. Oh
Pastor Bill: [40:11] Adhesive gave up I guess.
Pastor Newms: [40:12] It just it just illuminated the side of your face all of a sudden like hello.
Pastor Bill: [40:16] It just it just fell it's just this.
Pastor Newms: [40:20] Oh okay. Yeah that's that's funny so that you know that's that's the Aryan Emi of you know, the joy of the Lord is your strength that's the meaning behind that it's not just hey this hey that it's not just you know, the Lord says to always be joyful its hey the Lord is joyful in us the Lord is joyful with us the Lord is so lean on that, and find strength in that not, you know I've heard this verse not this particular but that saying used like the joy of the Lord is your strength so you have to be happy in order to get it because it's joy in the Lord and you're like no well no no no no it's fine, from the Lord.
Pastor Bill: [41:16] So I was reminded of a scripture and I had to look it up real quick just to make sure I was coming out right and it's from Lamentations, now if you don't know Lamentations Lamentations is, it's a collection of small versus or poems or however you want to say it and when you're reading through limitations you'll get a new, a new title legs a in cheff teth yodh calf um, and these are no markers to let you know this is where we've cut source and we're pulling from a new source now, so we want to turn the Lamentations chapter 3 if you're turning if you're not whatever Lamentations chapter 3 and we're going to start in verse 22 right so not only does the Lord say Okay I want a new season let's move forward but, when you look in Lamentations it reads because the Lord's faithful love we do not perish, for his mercies never end they are new every morning great is your faithfulness I say the Lord is my portion therefore I will put my hope in him, it's not just that God isn't doesn't want to gotcha for things you've done in the past and suddenly there's some new thing, any you know he wants to turn over some big New Leaf it's literally that every morning.
[42:45] God is looking for the opportunity for you to go hey let's move forward from this point on.
[42:54] And God is going cool let's do it let's let's put aside everything that came before this point and let's move forward every morning, every morning he's looking for that opportunity.
Pastor Newms: [43:08] And and I find I'm actually going to go to the verse before that, you know we started in 22 but if you look at 21 it's like yet I call this to mind and therefore I have hope so it's him remembering this as he's talking.
Pastor Bill: [43:25] It's not really because that's anyway. So it's a chopped-up thing and they put things together to create Lamentations so yes the person that collected it decided to put that there, but it's a it's an excerpt from something else that then they said well this would flow well if we put it here.
Pastor Newms: [43:46] Yes I forget that about limitations that it's a hodgepodge and not just a hodgepodge from like the normal, way certain areas like Psalms is put together its.
Pastor Bill: [44:01] Think of think of like like, macrame to like tell a silly story you like you're cutting out I'm going to take this sentence from this newspaper and this sentence from this magazine and then put them together as if they were the same writing that's that's kind of what limitations is.
Pastor Newms: [44:20] And I don't have one that's got it denoted well because the source I'm using does not have it to know did well.
Pastor Bill: [44:27] Yeah but between 21 and 22 is one of those cuts.
Pastor Newms: [44:29] Okay okay it does flow well though I mean because the area above it and then I was gonna say you know let's go even farther it's straight up like.
Pastor Bill: [44:44] Yeah I'm in a dark place I am.
Pastor Newms: [44:45] I'm in a dark place I remember them and have become depressed and yet so they did well putting it together because it's like you know next thing.
Pastor Bill: [44:58] Well in hindsight it's really easy to go to to poetically pull together these themes and then have a translator then translate it into another language probably two or three times to get to where we are now so that it, it sounds and feels like one writing you know what I mean.
Pastor Newms: [45:17] So I'm going to jump now to I'm not going to highlight come on word behave yourself what I want to look at now is Isaiah 41:10, and it's do not fear for I am with you do not be afraid for I am your God I will strengthen you I will help you I will hold onto you with my righteous right hand so, again it's one of those things where hey hey I'm not here to you know, Force this upon you and shove this change down your throat and to you know yes you're going through something and while you're going through it I'm right here and you know it.
Pastor Bill: [46:07] Like yeah.
Pastor Newms: [46:09] It brings upon that that poem, that you know the footprints in the sand I don't remember who wrote it but it's that whole thing of you know why do I only see one footprint did you abandon me in these times and this like know I was carrying you and, where's that's not necessarily, scriptural in this is the exact way you know that story isn't written in scripture these are examples of that of no no I was right there.
Pastor Bill: [46:41] There's there's this sentiment is is is in the Quran as well this idea of, don't fear the lord your God is right there with you and the idea that it Expresses in the court which okay so you know as a as a person myself I believe a lot like Paul does and he says, you know you can look at everything and take everything that's good, and point you to God and keep it and then reject everything that doesn't right so there's there's this idea in the Quran that God is as close as your throat right and the idea is that you're your jugular vein, you know that you see people slitted movies or whatever that God is that clothes he's as close as your jugular vein in your neck, and what could be closer than that vein what could be more involved in your life than if someone who is that close, right there he's going through it with you he's there to protect you and to guide you and he feels all the pain that you feel because he's right there, so I like that idea I have that same idea that this verse you know expresses.
Pastor Newms: [47:55] So Biggs just said to help submit the fact that I forgot something, he cemented the fact that I did not forget it and I'm assuming this also came from my wonderful mother, they don't know who wrote Footprints in the Sand so I didn't forget so that makes me happy because overall, no one knows so I didn't forget we just don't know, but that's you know that's kind of what I wanted to talk about tonight and. Pastor Bill do you have anything else on this topic now that we're back to our almost our format.
Pastor Bill: [48:55] Overtime 12 different people have claimed credit for writing that poem.
Pastor Newms: [49:02] You had already Googled it now now you see also why it's so easy to Google when you're in the corner because you're not the one leading.
Pastor Bill: [49:11] No one and no one can actually prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their claim.
Pastor Newms: [49:16] Ah what time period did it show up in originally.
Pastor Bill: [49:33] 19:36 is the earliest appearance of footprint in the sand.
Pastor Newms: [49:36] Really I thought it was older than that interesting okay.
Pastor Bill: [49:41] There is a there is a.
Pastor Newms: [49:52] But not exactly.
[49:57] Interesting so that's kind of what I wanted to talk about tonight and and then you know gay Pastor Bill joined us to talk about it as well. And you know is that whole aspect of change happens change sucks, it is painful we hate it no matter why the change is there now normally you know you're building muscle change sucks you turning your chair and your tweak your back change sucks because she changed position get it.
Pastor Bill: [50:29] Sometimes sometimes there's a good change.
Pastor Newms: [50:31] Sometimes there are good changes but that doesn't mean it's not painful sometimes sometimes there is good change that isn't. When you're like me and have that little touch of neuro Divergence little touch that's cute when your inner Divergent change pretty much always sucks even if you're just changing.
Pastor Bill: [50:53] When your when your workplace is like oh we looked at your resume wrong when we hired you should have started at this rate so now we're going to raise your current rate of pay to this because of it that's good chick.
Pastor Newms: [51:06] You going to change my job title you can change my job responsibilities to or just my pay.
Pastor Bill: [51:11] Schnapps to pay.
Pastor Newms: [51:12] All right that would be a good change that yeah I agree okay so fine way to find flaw in my statements.
Pastor Bill: [51:21] Applause I found an optimist point of.
Pastor Newms: [51:24] Oh don't start with me with that we just had this argument we're not going backwards all right so that being said I do not know why I just clapped on the mic because that is rude as all get out, thank you guys for joining us we record this live at 6:30, Sunday evenings sometimes it's 631 because my stuff was not together at 6:30 but and we do so with a five minute countdown that was I don't even know how many minutes, cuz I restarted it four times, it's nice been fun and that's why you should join us live not just listening to the recording because we are much more fun, live and you can join us in the chat like Biggs did in Phoenix did and zadie and even Pastor Bill at one point.
Pastor Bill: [52:25] Even even petelin borrow from.
Pastor Newms: [52:27] Yeah from twitch good job there whoever you are you know, you can join us in chat you can become part of the conversation because this isn't supposed to be one-sided us saying things and you just listening and following our you know what we said because that's the whole point of the Brean lifestyle is to study and to learn together, and so, you know join us we are on Twitch Facebook YouTube and you can go to EK K dot house to see which of each of those had in say it this time.
Pastor Bill: [53:02] I didn't say we could switch.
Pastor Newms: [53:03] And we love you and we will talk to you again next week.
Pastor Bill: [53:13] Do I say be safe.
Pastor Newms: [53:14] You have to say be safe out there now yeah, it's just a little head little head has to say be safe yeah the little head has to say be safe so we love you and have a good.

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