S3E87: Reasons Christians should not celebrate birthdays…
, Pastor Newms
[0:00] Hello and welcome hope you guys are having a good week. 
[0:08] This is the live recording hello and welcome, the recording of season 3 episode 87 of the Breen Manifesto faith hope and love for the modern Christian I'm pastor newms and Pastor Bill is still out and so we are going solo this evening. 
[0:34] So start off by talking about our week and how it was our week was pretty good. Not too hectic like we've had a couple of hectic weeks this week was a little less hectic. Still kind of crazy just because you know work and work and everything going on you know but overall nothing crazy happened nothing big happened. 
[1:07] I just realized that my youngest daughter left her water filled bottle of Mountain Dew in my office, next to Cholomander and that that's funny because now it looks like Cholomander has a Mountain Dew but that's that that tracks so that's good. 
[1:28] For those of you who are out listening to the. 
[1:34] The podcast and not watching the live recording my backdrop, I have several Build-A-Bears one of which is a Charmander with a beanie down low like a proper cholo would wear and so he is cholo mender and. It appears he is drinking a Mountain Dew this evening so that's very funny. So overall the week was pretty good busy but good. Nothing nothing huge my wife did get a job this week she starts on Monday tomorrow which is Monday which is going to be kind of interesting, and I spent way too much time out of the house this weekend, hey I don't like leaving the house I'm a home person I like sitting in my little see desk right here and I don't enjoy moving from my see desk and so, I did a lot this particular. Weekend yesterday and watched. 
[2:59] Thor love and thunder which is a very humorous retelling of. Thor's life from the standpoint of. 
[3:16] I can't remember the guys name but the rock dude I always want to call him crunk in that's not right because he reminds me of krunk. But whatever his name is the rock guy is the narrator through the whole movie and so if you go into the movie Korg thank you. If you go into the movie knowing he's the narrator it's a great movie if you go in expecting the exact same Thor movie that you're used to you might not like it but it is great as far as. Korg telling the story no spoilers of course but Korg is. Cork is Cork and so it's a good movie and so I consumed a lot of Marvel leading up to it because I was a couple I was. I was a couple of things behind and so I watched a lot of Marvel stuff over the week some of the stuff on Disney plus and everything and then today we actually went and had hibachi which we haven't had Hibachi since we moved to. Back to Tennessee so it's been a couple of years and so that was really good and went to a good place here in town and and that was very enjoyable the girls both thoroughly enjoyed it which is always fun. 
[4:44] And. So the next thing we want to do is do getting another pastors which is a segment of the show that I don't even like but we continue to do it because. 
[5:28] And the problem is is money is a great motivator now. I would say you couldn't pay me enough to stay in a couple of different jobs. And there are some that I physically couldn't do if it is a certain level of texture smell I physically can't but I would try. If I'm getting paid. 
[5:59] But I definitely wouldn't continue doing a lot of jobs anything that's gross if you think about it and it you go that might be gross I wouldn't be able to do it I am. An inside person and I don't enjoy being dirty. I'm the oh no it's hot outside let's change our shirt two times in a day type person not a let's get sweaty and and and do anything outside so there's a lot of jobs that I wouldn't be able to continue doing probably but money is a really great motivator and so I would at least give it a shot, I'm trying to think if there's anything I just would not even. 
[6:51] Try for money his Hazard pay happens at a certain points like if you're dealing with like crazy creatures or you're dealing with you know there's Hazard and so that would be worth it probably. Anything tall your high wire workers your. Your climb the pole and replace the whatever people none of that I would be able to do because I have tried to force myself to do. 
[7:33] Certain things that involved climbing and ladders get too high so that I wouldn't be able to physically do I would I would freeze up and freak out and it wouldn't matter the amount of money now big said septic tank cleaner and with the proper PPE, I think I could do that with the proper PPE me just walking out and trying to do it and I can happen but with the proper personal protective equipment I think I could you get a good respirator and a gas mask and you can do a lot of stuff that around the stinky with the respirators and stuff that you're required to wear while you're doing the actual nasty part of that job I might be able to maybe, I would try at least though the the tall jobs I wouldn't even try. 
[8:43] Go do Line work it's not a wolf knows I do have a very sensitive nose that is true. But yeah. 
[8:58] The height thing I wouldn't even try I didn't least try I'll try to do something that stinky I won't enjoy it I wear gloves to take the trash out because I don't like touching the can so. You know but we'll figure it out um, so I think that's good for I can manage people I currently manage people again, I know I said oh you're saying you would never manage people because that makes sense that makes sense. That makes sense I could see that I. 
[9:43] Yeah I could see that so. I think we're sufficiently warmed up it's odd how quickly I warm up when it's just me because I run out of stuff to warm up about until I get into the notes I need to make notes for warming up which is just what. Weird they might have an ascent they might have. 
[10:15] And I have no idea what Biggs is trying to say. 
[10:25] Oh oh oh oh okay. Yes manage manage some people trying to manage other people equals someone having an accident yes yes okay. 
[10:42] Wow Phoenix I didn't know you spoke Biggs that well but that's good that one of us does. I guess after that many years of dealing with both me and Biggs she's figured out how to read I can't spell. So that's good so now that we're sufficiently warmed up. Go ahead and address this right now because if I don't address it it's going to get set at some point. 
[11:14] For the live recording of This podcast it happened on the 17th of July and that day is. The day that many years ago according to my children and the birthday card I got today 80 years ago I was born so it is my birthday and in that, what we're going to be discussing tonight the night the title of tonight's podcast is why Christians should not celebrate birthdays. 
[11:50] Let that sink in for a minute because. There are certain sects of quote-unquote religious organizations. 
[12:02] That do not do birthdays there are certain groups of people who don't agree with it and so we're going to look at the reasons why that Burt Christians shouldn't, celebrate birthdays and so. We're going to we're going to jump in and and go straight to scripture because obviously this one is one that, we're going to have to try to prove if this is if this is actually the belief we're going to have to prove it scripturally so we're going to start off with the Bible only mentions birthdays, twice overall people celebrating their birthdays the only two people to celebrate their birthdays in Scripture that I could find any references to online or in my own knowledge mainly online because my knowledge fails us quite often. Is we're going to jump over to we're going to start off right off the bat with. Genesis 4020 so in Genesis 4020 we've got. 
[13:29] On the third day which was Pharaoh's birthday he gave A Feast for all his servants. He elevated the chief cupbearer and the chief cupbearer among his servants. Fair restored the chief cupbearer to his position as cut bear and he placed the cup in Pharaoh's hand but Pharaoh hanged the chief Baker just as Joseph had explained to them. Yet the cheap cup beggar do not remember Joseph he forgot it so this is in the time of when Joseph was. Prison in captivity during his time in Egypt and during that time. These two people came to him and were like hey you know translate this dream and he did. And then that is where we after that point is where then we hear okay well it's Pharaoh's birthday and since it's Pharaoh's birthday we're going to talk about. 
[14:37] This part of you know hey Bears birthday doesn't say much about it just hey it's Pharaoh's birthday the next time is Matthew 14-6 not 147 Matthew 14:6 and Mark 6. 21 so in Matthew. 
[15:04] 14:6. When Harold's birthday celebration came, are radiuses daughter danced before them and pleased Herod so we promised with an oath to give her whatever she asked prompted by her mother she answered give me John the Baptist head here on a platter although the king regretted it he commanded that it be granted amongst because of his Oaths and his guests so he sent orders and had John beheaded in prison his head was brought on a platter and given to the girl who carried it to her mother, then the disciples came remove the corpse buried it and went to report to Jesus so that's the account in Matthew and then when we look at mark, 6:21. 
[15:59] And the opportune time came when Harold when Herod gave a banquet for his Nobles military commanders in the leading men when Harry this is own daughter came in and danced she pleased Herod and his guests the king said to the girl ask me whatever you want and I'll give it to you he promised her with an oath whatever you ask me I will give you up to half my kingdom she went out asked her mother what should I ask for John the Baptist head she said at once she hurried to the king and said I want you to give me John the Baptist head on a platter, although the King was greatly displeased because of his oath and then we go through the whole the same way it's talked about in Matthew 14 so. We have these two the only two places in scripture where we talk about birthdays. Is a birthday celebration of a. 
[17:01] Gentile outside of the Jewish faith as well as someone in leadership as well as someone who did not follow, Jehovah and then on top of that both times someone died some and not just died was straight killed, as big said someone died both times so both times in Scripture that birthdays are talked about, they both ended the story with someone being murdered now that in of itself isn't. Huge but one of the aspects of it is both of those events had. Parties being thrown by people in leadership which typically. 
[17:53] Goes back to the Pagan roots of each of the different religions that were being you know the Egyptian Faith the service of their gods and then Herod in the service of his. Both of them would date back to having interesting rituals that would happen during birthday celebrations and so because of that the only two times birthdays are talked about in the scripture is both of them are are very negative. Fort from that standpoint of hey these are celebrations that are going on that end in someone's death and. You know it's not someone who is. In the church in the New Testament or of the Jewish faith in the Old Testament so that being talked about that being said the next thing to kind of look at is. 
[18:47] What are. The holidays that are mentioned in the Bible that we should celebrate according to you know. 
[19:02] You know here are celebrations to do. The crazy thing is is of course the Bible was written in whole at the time especially the Old Testament to and for Jews and the New Testament by Jews or. 
[19:23] Early church. And either to Jews or two early church and Gentiles of that manner and so all of the holidays that are talked about are of course Jewish holidays. Passover the Feast of unleavened bread first fruits Pentecost Trumpets the day of atonement Feast of Tabernacles. Purim the new Moon Festival. 
[19:55] So Those are those are the big ones that are talked about. And as big said you know not Christians celebrating those days Jesus fulfilled the Covenant and establish a New Covenant so we don't have to follow those. Feasts although some of them are really cool it to do so in a remembrance of Jesus, God protected the Jews through the line to bring Jesus to then bring us salvation so because of that you know some of those festivals are really cool and it is very interesting to look at the fact that the Jewish calendar is based on the new moon not a son base calendar like we follow currently. Which is also an interesting fact that has nothing to do with why we shouldn't celebrate birthdays. 
[20:57] And so that's that's those the. 
[21:04] But it never says to not celebrate those it does say that Jesus fulfilled. Then created a New Covenant fulfilled the law and so because of that we don't have to never says we can't. The only commemoration that Christians are required to keep, is if we look at Luke 7. 
[21:36] Not seven Luke 22 17 through 20. Which if anyone is familiar and has been for those of you who are established, and has have been going to Modern churches for a long time you of course know this passage because this is the institution of the Lord's supper and so it's, you know when he the hour came he reclined at his table, and the apostles with him he took the cup and after giving thanks he said take this and share it amongst yourselves for I tell you from now on I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom come kingdom of God comes he took the bread and gave thanks broke it and said this is my body which is given to you do this in remembrance of me, and the same way he also took the cup. 
[22:31] After supper and said this is the cup of the New Covenant of my blood which is poured out for you but look the hand of one betraying me that this table for the son of man will go away as it has been determined but woe to the man who is betraying him and then they start an argument of you know. Who is it which one of us is the greatest and you know typical disciples not getting the point and arguing about other things that they typically do so in that, the only time that we're really told to celebrate something do something in remembrance from a Jesus telling a standpoint of a celebration would be the celebration of, the Lord's Supper which is due in remembrance of the sacrifice that he gave. 
[23:24] And that's really the only one that is really talked about as a hey this is what you should be doing in remembrance of the past is. This aspect and, you know so that's something we do in the Lord's Supper the early church would meet much more often all of the early churches, meetings were over meals and they took part in the Lord's sorry all of their meetings were all together and there for a while it was very communal of they all, we're just together all the time but they every time they would eat they would do this ritual of breaking the bread, and giving thanks at the beginning of breaking the bread and then at the end of the the drinking at the end because you know after the meal, etc etc so that is the only time that we really talked about it and in that we're celebrating. The death and then Resurrection not the birth of Christ. And so that's one of those interesting things to look at of okay what are we celebrating why are we celebrating it. 
[24:46] And answer those are the the things that are talked about. As specific holidays and specific things that were supposed to talk about so to me as a person. If we look at scripture, just scripture just the way scripture stated no interpretation really no no thought processes holidays are kind of a no real reason to celebrate them birthdays aren't important we should Nellis never celebrate birthdays, now that last one is of course completely satirical and. A personal belief just because I don't like receiving gifts and I don't like birthdays I love celebrating other people's birthdays I don't like celebrating mine so this is the point of the podcast, we're if you didn't realize leading up here since we don't have me and Bill I had to just play Devil's Advocate from the beginning, and now we move on to reality which is. 
[25:51] We're not told not to celebrate birthdays they're not listed in scripture but that doesn't mean we can't do it that just means it's not listed in scripture it's not listed in Scripture that we should drink how many ounces of water in a day but if you don't drink a certain number of ounces of water in a day at a certain point, you will die of dehydration not just because it's not talked about in the scripture doesn't mean it's not, acceptable it's interesting to watch people try to say this isn't in scripture and this is so because of that this is all I can do, or I can't do that because it's not talked about I can't do that because it is I can't do that when. We really look at things like Psalm right. 
[26:46] You know people are like well we don't celebrate that we don't do this we don't do well Psalms 118 verse 24 which for, again those of you who are steeped in church it's one of those where it's like okay yeah I already know it, we're going to read it anyway because it's important to have reminders and for those that are listening that aren't as steeped in traditional churches, and as we're trying to learn this stuff together Psalms 1 18 verse 24 says this is the day the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it. So that right there. 
[27:36] You know when we look at that this is the day the Lord has made. And life is not perfect for the person writing this. We have to rejoice and be glad because the Lord made the day so. That route of Rejoice is to it's interesting the proper is to spin around. 
[28:17] Which which I find always funny the proper Rejoice is literally to spin around you got it you have to be a certain level of Happy. To do that happy spin thing that we as humans do when we're real happy we're like and we do the spit that's rejoice. Be glad be joyful Rejoice you know things like that under the influence of a violent emotion. So it's not just like yay that's that's not and that's not rejoice your not rejoicing if your only thought is yay unless of course that is the only way you show emotion because some of us are different on the emotional spectrum and if ye is all you can muster, tenge is what you got today some days are just yay days other days are full spinning around in a circle Happy Days, but the key is to Rejoice so if you're supposed to Rejoice every day. 
[29:22] What makes a birthday special because now we have to go back to okay do we now, of course yeah cuz you're celebrating, making it another year you're celebrating God allowing you to continue in your purpose one more year because this is not in my notes so I'm I'd have to go find it and if someone wants to find it and put it in chat it'd be great but Paul says you know to live is Christ to die is gain so that living everyday we're living. We're doing it for God so we're supposed to be rejoicing so being able to have a full another year that we are able to be on the earth and affecting and loving others is a reason to celebrate. 
[30:13] To die is gain so there is are are those of us that are like oh we made it another year but, we're still told that it's it's a time to Rejoice so we're supposed to despite the social anxiety of not liking your birthday. But so you look at okay well if we have to Rejoice every day you know but I don't, I want to celebrate this I don't want to celebrate that I don't want to is it wrong for me not to celebrate is it wrong for me to celebrate is it wrong for me, any of those types of thought processes or situations you know what is it I'm really trying to find and one of the things we need to think about when we start to look at that and this is a passage that we've looked at before, but it's one of those just fundamental important passages for, modern Christians which is Romans 14 5 and 6. 
[31:16] Romans 14:5 and 61 man I switched over that's the full KJV and that's esteemeth one one person judges one day to be more important than another someone else judges every day to be the same Let each one be fully convinced in his own mind whoever observes a day observes it for the honor of the Lord whoever eats eats for the Lord since he gives thanks to God whoever does not eat it is for the Lord and he does not eat it and he gives thanks to the Lord for none of us lives for himself and no one dies for himself if we live we live for the Lord if we die we die for the Lord therefore whether we live or die we belong to the Lord. 
[32:02] So do you celebrate birthdays yeah do you not celebrate birthdays. Yeah you do what you feel is right as far as celebrating a day. Now if you are going to go the route of the two examples if you're going to throw a party in sacrifice someone at the end of the party. Probably in the wrong human sacrifices and no no shouldn't be doing that and so because of that if your birthday party ends with you sacrificing one of your friends, probably not a good birthday party because you can't love someone who you've. Removed from the earth so because of that you know. Let's celebrate in a good way that's edifying and you know faith hope and love. But we should celebrate. 
[33:06] Because it's what we're told to do we're told to celebrate rejoice, there is a scripture and I'm going to look it up because this is very important and it just came to my mind and I can't remember off the top of my head where it is because I didn't think about this before. Doot doot doot 22 22 22 22 22 22 we got to go we have to go super far from where we are right now we're going to go to Romans 12:15 and this is one that. 
[33:51] Pastor Bill uses a lot Pastor Bill this is the reason I thought of it because I could hear him saying it. And this is this is this is in the section that you know some Bibles have that thing at the top the tell you hey this is sections about wow the sections about blah you know things like that, these are marks of the true Christian and one of the things that's talked about in this here in Romans is. One verse bless those who persecute you bless and do not curse, Rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep live in harmony with one another do not be proud instead associate with the humble, do not be wise in your own estimation so I love this area you know 14 to 16 for two reasons one. First off there's a whole lot to unpack in 12 both before and after and it's important to read that in and dig into what we've talked about it a couple times. But. 
[35:04] When a family member wants you to go to lunch and celebrate your birthday. You can't. Be a fungal Fogle body I don't I can't a codger. A scrooge that's a good word you can't be a scrooge about it and be like now. 
[35:34] Am I perfect in this no first thing I said to my mother today was I hate birthdays you know I hate birthdays but you know what you still show up, you still have fun you rejoice when people want to Rejoice with you and part of birthdays is that, part of all celebrations is not celebrating I, made it another year I am amazing part of it is other people want to celebrate the fact that they get to spend time with you, and so that's part of a party also when there's birthday parties or dinners or family get-togethers things like that we're supposed to rejoice when other people rejoice. There's the satirical side of me that the the dark side of me that's like I don't want to and this is a struggle for me trust me this one this this might seem like a much light-hearted like oh this is, you know we did two light-hearted weeks in a row which is always you know buckle up because it's gonna get nasty but on the same token, this one's hard for me I'm not good at celebrating. Myself when other people are rejoicing I'm not good at doing the same thing like you know if if I'm celebrating my girls or you know my mom. Last weekend you know things like that heck yeah all day let's do it. 
[37:02] But like my older daughter multiple times a day was like but it's your birthday so we can do that and I'm like. 
[37:13] Fine we'll go to an extra place will do this I'll let you do my nails and try this new matte finish, that you got that then does probably can't see it really well but like this one and this one and this one arm at, instead of gloss because my daughter found these really cool matte coat instead of your normal glossy top coat so I've got like multicolored but it's all One Nail Polish thing going on and. You know it's my birthday she wanted to do my nails cool let's do it you know. 
[38:01] And as you know Phoenix was like what in chat like shocked that I don't like celebrating myself which. 
[38:12] You know shit a deal with it all day because we took one car she was stuck out with us all day too so. That's all that's what we need to look at you know. You know the title of this podcast was reasons Christians should not celebrate birthdays and you know I said that. Very specifically I didn't say Christians should not, the title is reasons Christian should not there aren't any not really if you want to get real legalistic you can find some you can cherry-pick scriptures, we don't condone that in a very in lifestyle because we should be taking the scripture as a whole and as a whole we're supposed to Rejoice we're supposed to be glad we're supposed to enjoy life enjoy your family hug them love on them you know spread love as always you know. Beat that dead horse all day long because sadly. In the world we live in we all need more faith hope and love and so. Fine for those of you don't like being touched like Phoenix you don't have to hug your friends. 
[39:29] But at least love up. Getting a hug from Phoenix's is one of the greatest achievements of ever because it happens so rarely. 
[39:40] So yeah that's that's what I've got there aren't reasons this was a satirical because I wanted to write about the fact I don't like birthdays. But to be honest I kind of went into it thinking I would find some stuff, to be honest when I went into this study I thought I'd find some things that were like here are the reasons why you shouldn't celebrate birthdays here are the the times it says something about a pagan this or another god dad or somewhere it's going to say something and then we look at it from a standpoint of. Jesus and that's how we don't anymore and then I'm starting to do studying and I'm like I don't know you know it's got to be somewhere. You know typing this typing that change the search function you know look for a different word in the concordance you know there's got to be something somewhere there because there are people who believe that you shouldn't celebrate your birthday so somewhere has to be, and it's not it's not it's not there. Pick up sorry sorry it's not there. 
[40:52] That's all I got for tonight is hey you know love on each other. Rejoice celebrate celebrations and then you know as we say to what the last scripture of the night, cry when other people are crying don't laugh at your father while you're watching Thor love and thunder and he starts crying because the movie has sad parts because it's a Marvel movie and. You know don't laugh at your dad cry with him not that I would ever do that but you know laugh and cry with your friends rejoice. Not getting onto anyone because it was a joke let's be clear that's a joke too. So you know as we talked about with chat the. 
[41:45] We record this live every Sunday night at 6:30 and then it goes out on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. Central Time you can go check us out on EKK.HOUSE and it'll tell you which twitch which YouTube in which Facebook we're live on you can join me maybe this week I'll actually, do some gaming I did one the other day but it wasn't much and so. Yes I am 38 Biggs we are getting there I'm not as old as Pastor Bill Let's make that perfectly clear I might be balder but I am not older. 
[42:29] So when we you know we record this every week join us you can be a part of chat ask questions give feedback you know we've got some things. Some situations going my lovely wife just said I'm bald by choice which is partially true I am not. I am bald by choice I am thinning because of actual natural causes so I was tired of seeing the wall behind me, and so through my hair so I shape but join us it's always we try to keep it light-hearted and fun some topics are heavier of course but we're all friends here and we should be uplifting each other and spreading faith hope and love and working towards it from a Brie and lifestyle of studying the scriptures together so join us. And we hope to see you hope to talk to you soon and until next week we love you guys and be safe out there.

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