S3E92 Your Concerns Matter…
Pastor Newms: [0:00] There we go now we're live life hello.
Pastor Bill: [0:03] Big big says cause SRI here.
Pastor Newms: [0:06] That's it.
Pastor Bill: [0:10] It's because it's really here.
Pastor Newms: [0:14] Oh I can hear the cats yeah that's nibbles she is she be in special right now.
Pastor Bill: [0:24] I don't hear the cats.
Pastor Newms: [0:36] Maybe so hello and welcome to the live recording of season 3 episode 19 of the Breen Manifesto faith.
Pastor Bill: [0:44] Episode 19.
Pastor Newms: [0:45] What did I say. 92
Pastor Bill: [0:55] You're just a few just a few off.
Pastor Newms: [0:57] I'm in faith hope and love for the modern Christian.
[1:11] Yeah so either way I'm pastor newms and I can't speak tonight and this is Pastor Bill.
Pastor Bill: [1:19] Join and joined always buy this is faster bill.
Pastor Newms: [1:23] Not joined Always by no no.
Pastor Bill: [1:26] But if you said there was that one night where I couldn't speak and I said joined Always by and.
Pastor Newms: [1:30] Yeah we remember we remember and it was it was super awkward.
Pastor Bill: [1:35] Did Pastor Bill get a new light well I got a couple of new bulbs in the center of my my room office here, that are 100 watt equivalent daylight bulbs so they are crazy bright and then yes I am I'm at a new angle as well.
Pastor Newms: [1:57] That that sounds disgusting.
Pastor Bill: [1:59] I'm at a new angle because I got really tired of when the angles were further to my right when the cameras footage in my right everything behind me for me to be straight everything behind.
[2:18] I made everything behind me straight then it looked like I was sitting leaning off to one side.
Pastor Newms: [2:22] You do realize everything still looks like it's a crazy angle right.
Pastor Bill: [2:26] Not a no no this is just a slight angle before it was like crazy angle.
Pastor Newms: [2:33] Why I never noticed a crazy angle.
Pastor Bill: [2:36] You never noticed it it was it bothered the heck out of me.
Pastor Newms: [2:40] It wasn't that bad, yeah we have we've had worse angles yeah so how was your week Pheonix it's not the.
Pastor Bill: [2:55] I don't take notes all week long I don't know.
Pastor Newms: [2:57] You know it's we're going to have to ask the question because you started this if asking the question each time.
Pastor Bill: [3:01] Think about it I didn't even think about it ahead of time let's see Monday was a day Tuesday was a day, Wednesday I got to go into town twice. Wants to drop off Roxanne at the barbecue place in Grapevine for her job that she was doing there and then I went and picked up the kiddos that are in public school now pick them up and got to take.
[3:39] Um I did my my work on that contract that I've that I've been working on and.
[3:56] Tonight because my streaming buddy we didn't go live together so.
Pastor Newms: [4:03] Because I was busy hopefully you didn't level too much and completely throw off everything.
Pastor Bill: [4:08] No I played a mecromancer instead of my zero character.
Pastor Newms: [4:10] Ah I see I see.
Pastor Bill: [4:13] From the beginning as just going through from the beginning and collecting new skins and collecting you know stuff like that, I was just trying to kill time.
Pastor Newms: [4:22] No I understand yeah yeah my week was, very busy still it is not slow down yet work is crazy busy and then groggy came up over this weekend, I wish still trying to get into the groove of everything with, people in everything in the house, yeah we played some Cards Against Humanity last night.
Pastor Bill: [5:22] Phoenix NAP two laws.
Pastor Newms: [5:24] It happens so the fall doesn't really affect, my job it's just contracts contracts are contracts when we sign a bunch of new contracts we got a bunch of new work when we're in between contracts we got a bunch of work, update from, Phoenix Phoenix I hate to tell you nibbles is going to be rude to you open your door, your doors closed she don't like it she don't like closed doors so she's gonna cry right there at that door, see how my week was pretty good, the week was pretty good so alright so now getting another pastor's it's your turn to feel the car Pastor Bill.
Pastor Bill: [6:24] My turn all right let me grab my, hard dicks interview deck here and.
Pastor Newms: [6:43] Oh yeah just put that back there's there's nothing.
Pastor Bill: [6:49] How do you answer that when you've known someone for 20-plus years.
Pastor Newms: [6:52] See that's the problem with this podcast deck is they're designed for like podcast host that have random stuff so yeah pull another one.
Pastor Bill: [7:04] What is your most unusual Talent.
Pastor Newms: [7:06] You go first.
Pastor Bill: [7:10] Okay so my my most unusual Talent or at least what has seemed the most unusual to other people throughout my life is my ability to walk through a space a room of a hallway and anything and then at the end.
[7:32] My mind took track of what every item in the room was that I can go oh well it's along the wall halfway down behind the bench, just sticking out a little bit I used it a lot when I was working at Gateway when we're setting up rooms we get to the end of the shift and they'd be like, and we be going through the rooms okay how's this room has that room has that room and I would and I had notes already in my head you know I will this room needs this that it was this room needs this this room has this there that needs to be picked up, and then around the house will be you know I'll be walking around the house and then somebody be like I can't find my blah and I'll be like. In the living room underneath the couch halfway back you just you can just see a little corner of it sticking out go look there, that's my unusual Talent subconscious tracking of items in spaces.
Pastor Newms: [8:33] I don't know if I don't know if that's object permanence or just.
Pastor Bill: [8:38] It's like the opposite of object permanence, it's always there like object permanence is when you don't you can't see it it doesn't exist anymore this is like the opposite of that like I can't see it but it will forever be in my mind there.
Pastor Newms: [8:52] And if you get smooth.
Pastor Bill: [8:53] Twenty years from now I will recall that space and it won't be there and I'll be like but it was here 20 years ago.
Pastor Newms: [9:01] Yeah yeah and that that.
Pastor Bill: [9:03] And makes driving around weird too because I'll be like oh that building is gone oh that trees gone oh they pre-painted their mailbox oh that billboard has a different number on it now and people are like, I don't what what are you even talking about.
Pastor Newms: [9:18] Yeah it is.
Pastor Bill: [9:20] You don't notice details.
Pastor Newms: [9:21] No well that's the difference between noticing them and remembering them also, that's the weird thing is the remembrance of, like strange amounts of detail about little things what's weird about it it's not necessarily the noticing because there's a trauma response lots of us noticed lots of things but we, forget them on purpose because they take up too much space I don't know.
Pastor Bill: [9:53] Marie I forgot Phoenix is Van fire.
[10:00] I did you some ginkgo biloba but you wouldn't remember to take it. It's a memory aid supplement that's why that's.
Pastor Newms: [10:10] Yeah yeah most well most people know that yeah, I don't think I have any odd talents.
Pastor Bill: [10:22] You don't have any talents.
[10:38] I think it's weird that you can 100% hate and 100% love a complete stranger at the.
Pastor Newms: [10:45] I don't 100% hate and love everything at the same time.
Pastor Bill: [10:55] I didn't say anything I said arson a complete stranger.
Pastor Newms: [10:57] Oh yeah that is a talent.
Pastor Bill: [11:05] Thank God he says he's been on the receiving end of that.
Pastor Newms: [11:08] No he hasn't.
Pastor Bill: [11:13] Kind of yes but it's funny that he said.
Pastor Newms: [11:15] I can't.
Pastor Bill: [11:20] She says you have that Talent too.
Pastor Newms: [11:29] I'll stick if you just I'm a good liar on one way or the other.
Pastor Bill: [11:34] Mmm.
Pastor Newms: [12:02] It's really not.
Pastor Bill: [12:05] It is so uncommon statistically to be for to have someone to be good at math. There are so many people that are like meth what huh.
Pastor Newms: [12:14] That's just because of training not because of actual unskilled Miss in it.
Pastor Bill: [12:21] Think so I think math is an art not even a science.
Pastor Newms: [12:23] No it's a science.
Pastor Bill: [12:29] Here like dude it's the definition of science because it always comes out with them the same answer every time it's repeatable it's.
Pastor Newms: [12:38] I could sell an ice cube to the devil and I can talk to anything but, selling an ice cube to the devil written really be that hard but that's beside the point.
Pastor Bill: [12:55] I'm not sure why the devil would buy an ice cube.
Pastor Newms: [13:06] It's because I mean if you run cold at a biological level you would hate hot drinks see you would need ice in your coffee or else it would burn you, see.
Pastor Bill: [13:24] Holiest use go now it's not a hot drink anymore.
[13:37] All right all right if you say so.
Pastor Newms: [13:42] All right so now on to the topic of the night.
Pastor Bill: [13:47] The topic.
Pastor Newms: [13:49] So I didn't really know what to, name this one and it's going to be interesting because me and Bill consumed completely different aspects of the talking points so.
Pastor Bill: [14:04] I misunderstood the assignment.
Pastor Newms: [14:06] I'm going to be interested to see what we're what we're going to how this is going to go you did it logically it's just, not what I did and not what, I thought we had talked about but I don't know that I ever said it out loud because you know we'll see so, I titled this one your concerns matter dot-dot-dot because.
Pastor Bill: [14:36] The job.
Pastor Newms: [14:38] Do they do all of them do some of them do they. So so you know when we think about concerns, you know I love the the word concern even because the diction of it is accurate but then the connotation of a concern versus a worry what is it really, you know what I mean like people like I'm not worried I'm just concerned about it and you're like but, is that a is that a spectrum level aspect or is it just, the same like do not worry, oh I'm not worried I'm just concerned you know concern is an interesting word what's wrong Billy.
Pastor Bill: [15:33] So I just pulled my Eastward backup it's been in the background.
Pastor Newms: [15:36] Aha aha haha.
Pastor Bill: [15:44] Verse I guess one was the one I clicked I don't know I don't know for sure yeah and I look down in the study notes, which is you know the notes that you put in for yourself elf for later and the study notes say, Brianne Manifesto live recording exclamation point Korean Manifesto live recording exclamation point freedom freedom Manifesto live recording exclamation point Korean Manifesto live recording exclamation point space Jay.
[16:31] Delete those notes out because that it won't let me delete those knots out. If you let me delete those notes are we gonna have to leave it one character at a time.
Pastor Newms: [16:41] I don't know how you broke your study notes.
Pastor Bill: [16:43] How did I break my study notes in e-Sword that's so weird.
Pastor Newms: [16:46] It is so weird who oh he go, not the question is is if you see someone yawn in person or someone's in a room and you yawn in person it makes them young if you're recording a podcast and you hear someone yawn as you're listening to a podcast does that make you yawn subconsciously.
Pastor Bill: [17:09] Okay so I had a friend in high school.
[17:21] The instinct to yawn after you hear someone else yawn and you don't have to see it just to hear it, is actually an emotional response if you feel an emotional connection to the person that's yawning, then it triggers the Yan response if you don't feel an emotional connection to that person that it does not trigger the Ian, and it works over the phone it works over radio it works with animals and you don't have to see it you just have to hear it.
Pastor Newms: [17:54] I don't know I think I disagree with his control group or something because.
Pastor Bill: [18:02] He looked up a bunch of studies and other people had done he did a bunch of experiments to test the results that he had found other people had done.
Pastor Newms: [18:09] I don't think it has to do with an emotional response I mean an emotional connection.
Pastor Bill: [18:17] If you don't care about the person then their Ian won't make you young it's not contagious you have to actually care about the person or thing Young.
Pastor Newms: [18:25] No because I've been in a room with people that I can't stand and hate everything about them.
Pastor Bill: [18:35] And in that case I would say you're lying to yourself.
Pastor Newms: [18:38] No no if I said the names you would agree that these are people I do not like in any way shape or form.
Pastor Bill: [18:45] Says says says empathic response it's exactly what it is it's an empathic.
Pastor Newms: [18:50] Yes mmm now granted, what the best said is true hate is an emotional connection so that that would actually make sense so that's why I yawning if any ever anyone yawns because I.
Pastor Bill: [19:11] Because you hate everyone.
Pastor Newms: [19:12] Hate or love everyone in the planet so.
Pastor Bill: [19:15] Some of those people hate and love at the same time.
Pastor Newms: [19:16] Yeah yeah that's weird Okay anyway just thinking about it while I was yawning on a recording because that's you know so so so.
Pastor Bill: [19:27] Yes it's some random Joe heard you yawn that didn't give a rip about you they would not trigger the response.
Pastor Newms: [19:41] Back to the back to what we're actually talking about um you know with concerns and with, you know we're talking about discipleship you know we said last week we're talking about discipleship for like the next six weeks including that week and, you know so it's interesting when we look at being a disciple, and as a disciple what should our concerns be, what are the types of things we should be concerned about and what are the types of things we shouldn't be concerned about now when we look at, those aspects and the. You know what is concerns you know what are worried what are you know what are the things we should be, concerned with and working towards so if you have concern for something you care for it whether you're worried about it or you you know, it's what you are semi focused on if you have a concern so, one thing and a main thing that we should be seeking.
[21:10] Is you know the kingdom of God we should be seeking Jesus we should be seeking, those aspects and so are our concerns should lie in the, our concerns should not necessarily be of, this world to a degree and this is where the that question comes is do your concerns matter because they do in that it's important what you're concerned about, you know certain concerns matter in the grand scheme, scheme of things and some concerns are just you know we shouldn't be but we are let's be honest there I cannot imagine a single person on the planet, currently that has not at some point felt concerned about money, as an adult as children though this is a  true so the first place I want to look tonight here is.
[22:28] Matthew 6:25 334 so, this is straight, sermon from Jesus you know when a very famous sermon, and so this isn't like you know one of the Apostles or you know Matthew himself riding it, supposed to be direct sermon from Jesus so we say he starts off therefore I tell you do not worry about your life what you eat or what you will drink about your body what you will wear life isn't, isn't life more than food and the body more than clothing consider the birds of the sky they do not sow or reap or gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them aren't you worth more than that, can any of you add, one moment to his life span by worrying and why do you worry about clothes observe how the wild flowers in the fields grow they don't labor or spin yet, I tell you even Solomon in all of his Splendor was adorned like one of these, if that's how God clothes the clothes the grass of the field.
Pastor Bill: [23:51] One of the things.
Pastor Newms: [23:52] What. It was thrown into the furnace tomorrow when he do more for you of you of little faith.
[24:07] What do you mean.
Pastor Bill: [24:08] He dropped the word not.
Pastor Newms: [24:10] That not even I didn't say that.
[24:21] The knot.
Pastor Bill: [24:23] With not before Solomon.
Pastor Newms: [24:24] It's not before Solomon that not even Solomon no you're fine so don't worry saying, what will we eat or what will we drink or what will we wear for the Gentiles eagerly seek these things and your heavenly father knows that you need them but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be provided for you there for don't worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself each day has enough trouble for its own and, you know one of the aspects we know when we break this down it's interesting because. We know that worry is one of those things that's extremely hard not to do it's very hard not to be concerned with you know what are we going to do how are we going to do it, you know we've all most have all had those types of issues but.
[25:25] It's true that, shouldn't worry as much as we do and I like one of the aspects that's here is can any of you add one moment of his life span by worry which we know for a fact, worry does the opposite psychologically worry actually takes time off of Our Lives not adding to it so I found that to be you know humorous, with that touch anything to say about that Pastor Bill. And concerns since that's the whole aspect so far.
Pastor Bill: [26:30] The whole worry and concern stuff.
Pastor Newms: [26:31] Right so part of that aspect is then to lead to of course where should we be concerned, and if we're not going to be supposed to be concerned with the things of this world what should we be concerned of what part of the car concern of course as we learned about last week should be about you know growing the kingdom and, making disciples not just salvation not just salvations working with people friendship evangelism helping people grow excetera etc etc, and then so when you think about okay we have, we should seek the kingdom of God, why why seek the kingdom of God and not seek something else and one of the verses that came to mind for me, that I found was Colossians 13 and it says.
[27:49] And it reads he's rescued us from the Dominion of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of the son he loves, and part of that, is reason I grab that verse is that whole thing of we have we are part of his kingdom so we should be seeking and we should be concerned with, that Kingdom the kingdom that we are now a part of through, salvation because he's rescued us from that domain in transferred us into his kingdom and so that's kind of the the area, of you know where we should be concerned.
Pastor Bill: [28:56] Is translated.
Pastor Newms: [28:58] Interesting.
[29:13] Yeah so it's the word. Meadows mess is taemi is 10:00, which is to transfer that is carry away dispose of exchange seduced pull out remove translate or turn away so, yeah they're both valid translations for that word.
Pastor Bill: [29:43] One of the one of the translations is seduced.
Pastor Newms: [29:47] Yeah yeah.
Pastor Bill: [29:51] Subdues his.
Pastor Newms: [29:55] Well I mean if you think if you think about it it kind of is you're pulling.
Pastor Bill: [30:04] They were seduced away from Darkness into the light.
Pastor Newms: [30:07] Yeah or your seduced to Darkness from the I mean you are you're pulled that word technically means to draw in we use it in our culture as, it's really not.
Pastor Bill: [30:34] All right so when we're when we're talking about what what we need to be, um concerned with and focused on and and and putting our metal to when we're talking about religiousness we're talking about, as far as being Christians and being disciples and moving forward institutionally and, as a group and as The Big C Church, the first place I want to look is Micah.
[31:16] And kind he is sold each of you what is good and the he there is God he he has told you and it says and what it is the law.
[31:43] Ideas that are being expressed in the Old Testament are being wrapped up in the books these books are prophecy and these books of you know, all these ideas are being wrapped up in the preparation for the Savior to come, and as we get you know starting in probably Samuel and moving forward we start seeing these aspects of God that Humanity never saw before whereas for the first time Samuel the prophet says, it's not all about the sacrifices it's all about the obedience it doesn't matter, you know that you're sacrificing and following the letter of the law in matters what your heart is doing is your heart obedient to the Lord, that's what matters.
[33:08] The Pharisees, and the scribes and calling them out in public about all the things that they're doing wrong and you can go and you can go back and read it, and try to imagine all the things that we see in religious institutions today that match the things that Jesus is saying.
[33:40] The mint dill and cumin all right so he's basically saying even in the smallest of the herbs that you grow in your garden.
[34:01] Hit you have neglected the more important matters of the law Justice mercy and faithfulness, these things should have been done without neglecting the others, crank so he's saying you've neglected the most important part.
Pastor Newms: [34:23] Uh-huh.
Pastor Bill: [34:24] What you were given by the prophets by the law by everyone that came before that was pointing towards me Justice, Marcy and faithfulness you abandoned those, to emphasise tithes to emphasise purity of, sexuality to invite you know what I mean like there's this list it goes on and on and even today we see the same thing where the church has emphasized all these little.
[35:08] Paul talks about faith hope and love but the greatest of these is love and in that love that's where we find that Justice and mercy and faithfulness, Luke writes about the same thing in Chapter 11, and we'll turn to verse 42 always like to pull it up from two different gospel accounts if I can because it's a good idea, to get it from the perspective of two different people because.
Pastor Newms: [35:41] Uh-huh.
Pastor Bill: [35:44] I can say yeah that car.
[35:54] No I didn't see a pea green car but I did see a puke green car, and really it's a forest green car but because the two different perspectives the cops can go all right we're looking for this type of a shade of car that's between these it's better it's better to get that more perspective right.
Pastor Newms: [36:14] Uh-huh.
Pastor Bill: [36:16] Verse 42 but woe to you Pharisees you give a tenth of mint ruined every kind of herb and you bypass Justice and love for God, these things you should have done without neglecting the others so Luke goes well no he said Justice and love for God.
Pastor Newms: [36:44] Haha.
Pastor Bill: [37:40] Is paid instead of going out and using our finances to bless someone else it's not about that. You've missed the whole mark. If you're not helping your neighbor because you have to pay your size, well I'm sorry if I feed my neighbor I'm not going to be able to give 10% to God what do you think feeding your neighbor is, but giving to God oh but it's got its got to go through the church.
[38:35] The grace and mercy and faithfulness says do not say to your neighbor.
[38:56] So that's what I had to to share their about that part.
Pastor Newms: [39:00] Now you know you were very serious so I did not interrupt you even though you know my mind works much different than yours, and so we were in Matthew and then we were in Luke right, I often like Matthew more than Luke right just because Luke's more clinical. Overall but I've now cemented that I like Matthew Moore, because he like I obviously enjoy certain areas of people in certain types of food if he's going to call out cumin, and that's all I'm going to say about that looks like cumin.
Pastor Bill: [39:56] Luke focus on the Rue and Matthews like the cumin the.
Pastor Newms: [40:00] Yeah the thing we've got to.
Pastor Bill: [40:02] Matthews like Europe I've got this I've got this thing I've been working on mr. editor I need you to look through it and they that is like did you got three pages of verbs here listed couldn't you just list like three herbs people would get the point.
Pastor Newms: [40:15] Which which makes me wonder, did you know it's about perspective like you said and we all take things when we hear someone say something we take it in our own way so it makes me wonder how many herbs Jesus actually listed, because he's talking to Pharisees who are who take everything extremely and so it makes me wonder.
Pastor Bill: [40:40] Nothing I just Pharisees the scribes are there right she's talking about two groups of people who record everything in minut detail.
Pastor Newms: [40:52] So it would be interesting to know. In a situation like this was there other things that he listed because he was making a point, in the gospels they only recorded, you know they're like if I record this mini I'll get the point across Luke's like I can get the point across into Matthews like we need at least four you know and I'm going to say other spices and you're just going to say every kind of herb will be fine, but it does make me wonder because Jesus was, had a lot of attitude when you really look when he's dealing with these religious people so I just wonder how long he actually sat and just said things that they grew in their Garden.
Pastor Bill: [41:36] It was probably at least seven herbs and spices. Hey if we're going to have some levity about the topic we might as well.
Pastor Newms: [41:48] Just enough to make some chicken now.
Pastor Bill: [41:50] Some levity just a dove take to make chicken.
Pastor Newms: [41:54] So I do find it interesting though that, you know the different things that people record when they're hearing someone speak, I mean we all we see it all the time we know this is the kind of thing that happens in real life you know we you have a bunch of people that are listening and bunch of people write it down differently now I wanted to point out, the next verse in Matthew because for people who don't know when, read I can't read one thing I tend to consume Pages at a time not sentences which is really funny because when Pastor Bill edits the transcript, it takes him a while and he, and it's perfect when he's done when I do it it's like 30 minutes and it's pretty close and that's how our minds work differently from each other because I consume the whole like I just I scroll very fast and I'm looking for things that don't look right so, when I'm reading a little thing because Pastor Bill is reading it I'm consuming the things above it and the things below it just because it's on a on a page.
[43:10] And so when, first 24 he says blind guides you strain out a gnat but gulp down a camel and I just like that because it's one of those things where.
[43:27] Punches that that aspect of.
[43:33] You really just don't get it you're so worried about you know as a special said you're so worried about the spices you're so worried about the this and that but it's like, he takes it that step farther of like you literally, strained in that and drink a camel and that's just funny to me to see a bunch of.
Pastor Bill: [43:58] Got to be some that's got to be some kind of reference to something I'm trying to see here.
Pastor Newms: [44:02] And one second.
[44:14] I'm back nibbles was up on something that she shouldn't have been and looking at me crazy, so I got on to her and now she's decided to join me since I got onto her because I said her name so that must mean that I want her, but no I just found that to be interesting you know that this whole section is like straight up I'm going to tell you religious people what you're doing wrong and he really gets after it, and some of these other verses to I mean they're pretty they're pretty you know you clean the outside of a cup but inside is full of greed and self-indulgence you know, so yeah I thought it was pretty good you know looking at some of this.
Pastor Bill: [45:23] Matthew Henry says it's as simple as what you're saying is just.
Pastor Newms: [45:27] He's just comparing an at in the camel so this isn't.
Pastor Bill: [45:29] On the little and then it just by their size as if you know. You focus on the smaller sins of others while you're literally consuming camels over here in your own sin.
Pastor Newms: [45:46] Yeah, yeah and you're like you like you know you're you're worried about the tenth of the meant but you're not worried about, clothing the the people, so I think that's I think that's one of those things that's so important with the capital c church is that we seek after the things that are important, we are concerned with the things that are important we shouldn't be concerned with. Our tenth of meant as much our as we are concerned with, our brothers you know we shouldn't be as concerned about you know are are the floors of the church the right color, verses are the people we let in, all the right people and what I mean by that is not that we turn away people from.
[47:14] That aspect you know now that we're turning people away that's not what I mean by that, letting people in that should be let in meaning everyone should but so often we keep our doors closed and we keep our people inside that we want to be inside and we don't let people come in that we don't like but yet, we are so worried about what the Pew color is what the color of the floor is our is our lighting correct is our you know and. We lose the important parts which is the conversation the fellowship the things we should be doing worried about the little things that don't matter, in the whole of the kingdom of God because even as Christians you know I worry about the light sometimes you know I die, I freaked out about the technology if it's not working correctly I when the important part is getting the words out there so we can have the conversation so we can talk to each other so we can enjoy each other's fellowships so we could oftentimes that is lost on me because of the small things that I focus on we all focus on different things and so that's something that we, really have to look at and figure out, where else do you have Pastor Bill.
Pastor Bill: [48:38] I was all I had.
Pastor Newms: [48:39] Liar try again liar try again. Try again all right fine meanie. So next week I don't know man I'm just.
Pastor Bill: [49:01] I don't know two.
Pastor Newms: [49:02] I'm at that point I had a headache for 2 days this week so I'm just now today feeling better so, next week we're going to be continuing to talk about discipleship and hopefully will be better on the same page of what we studied, because I studied focused on the front part of the book that we are using as our kind of you know Bible study that we're doing that that is Flowing to this but, Pastor Bill focused on board the week itself and so, it'll be interesting to see how that portrays into next week stuff so if Pastor Bill doesn't have anything else or if no one in chat has anything else, looking at you chat people. Not actually physically I'm physically looking at one person that's in chat but not the rest of them.
Pastor Bill: [50:05] Twitch let's see chat.
Pastor Newms: [50:08] Yeah it's over there over there over over no no for you it's in the right spot yeah yeah yeah. Because you you because you said well that's because you turned your camera don't start with me like making it my fault.
Pastor Bill: [50:28] Because I moved my camera.
Pastor Newms: [50:30] Haha alright well.
Pastor Bill: [50:34] You couldn't stand me being in the middle of the screen you had to move me.
Pastor Newms: [50:37] What do you mean.
Pastor Bill: [50:40] Well if I was still on the other side of the screen where I was before.
Pastor Newms: [50:45] So actually I had your box right your box you can look you can watch this look I can't, I can't figure out how to do a box okay so your box, Master box okay so your box was over here, because you were so actually for the viewers you stayed in the same place more of your stuff is now shown, you are pretty much in the same place because we can.
Pastor Bill: [51:17] We didn't have to show more of my stuff.
Pastor Newms: [51:19] I did or else it would have been just your stuff and only from your ear over because the rest was hanging off of the which is why I was like can you.
Pastor Bill: [51:32] That's good to know.
Pastor Newms: [51:33] No it's fine it's fine you're allowed to be big it's okay that's weird don't be adjusting stuff in the middle you're in give people, vertigo or something that's what people in the middle of the lot alright so thank you guys so much for joining us those that listen to live if you want to join us live you can we record this at 6:30 Central whatever time on Twitch YouTube, and Facebook it goes out and our chats all come together that we see on Twitch if you want to know where you can see that you can go to our website whatever that address is and, which is ekk.house and yes nibbles is very loud it's gonna be very interesting to see how that comes out of the transcription, and so.
Pastor Bill: [52:28] Bill and I connect the Here and Now.
Pastor Newms: [52:30] Yeah no I mean she's just walking around the room mad because Heather closed her door she does not like closed doors, and so come join us and then you can be part of our conversation as well and we can all, enjoy each other's company because that's what this is all about is being buried together coming together and studying and learning and reading and and all those and hanging out with our cats and our dogs and are random, you know other things that interrupt Us in the middle of in the middle of church and so come join us, and we'll talk to you guys next time.
Pastor Bill: [53:12] Stay safe out there.
Pastor Newms: [53:13] Love you guys.

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