S3EP78 - Not about Roe

Pastor Bill:
[0:00] Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 78 of the Berean Manifesto.

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Pastor Bill:
[0:08] And love for the modern Christian I'm Pastor Bill and I'm joined as always,
by baldy over here Pastor newms all the way from the state of Tennessee and the last week I said joined by always instead of as always and we had some fun with that and I made it.

Pastor Newms:
[0:24] There was no by you just said joined always.

Pastor Bill:
[0:29] Joined I always whatever it was.

Pastor Newms:
[0:31] You just said joined always lies if we were conjoined and it was very we did.

Pastor Bill:
[0:35] We had a lot of fun with it and I clipped it and I put it on my twitch my Tick-Tock so that was a lot of fun so.

Pastor Newms:
[0:44] Yes I'm talking about the new shirt.

Pastor Bill:
[0:47] Bigs pointed out this is the the next shirt design that we're highlighting that we're going to be selling at Dallas Pride on June 4th we've got a nice.
Heart ish looking symbol and the middle it's not.
It's open to interpretation what it is but if it makes me I when I see it I see like it's kind of like a heart you know and then it's just fully loved along this one side and it's got the two scriptures in the and the website down there,
and so that's one of the shirts and then it's got all the colors of the rainbow and once again it is featuring a saint,
there's just turned and positioned in a in an interesting way to yeah to.
The heart looking shape so this is one of the shirts that will be selling it pride cool all right passengers how was your.

Pastor Newms:
[1:52] Looks pretty good I worked a bunch and play games bunch and did not,
we did not stream this week for the church we did know gaming with the pastors are our gameplay was quite Limited.

Pastor Bill:
[2:11] We didn't do a lot of gaming even.

Pastor Newms:
[2:13] Will you didn't you were busy.

Pastor Bill:
[2:15] I was making that I said we I was making that Mother's Day present for my chillins mama.

Pastor Newms:
[2:26] Yeah and so not a ton of stuff real busy at work work is work is crazy busy right now is I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.

Pastor Bill:
[2:37] Can I just say this shirt is super soft.

Pastor Newms:
[2:40] Didn't you get the kinds that we really like.

Pastor Bill:
[2:44] Um for the new Free Hug shirts I did,
this is not quite the same blend but it is so soft that I'm tempted to just not wear an undershirt in the future when I wear these shirts.

Pastor Newms:
[3:00] That's interesting I.

Pastor Bill:
[3:02] Which is weird for me.

Pastor Newms:
[3:03] I realized like 30 seconds before going live then I'm not even wearing a graphic tee and I'm just literally wearing a George shirt from Walmart and,
which I usually don't do on Sunday nights.

Pastor Bill:
[3:14] But you love those George shirt.

Pastor Newms:
[3:15] Love these George sure I don't know what it is about them recently that they are just phenomenal they've upped their game which.

Pastor Bill:
[3:24] Nominally.

Pastor Newms:
[3:25] Which is crazy because.

Pastor Bill:
[3:28] Prince Ali yes it is he.

Pastor Newms:
[3:32] I don't like Target I was I'm always been a Walmart person it might have something to do with work.

Pastor Bill:
[3:38] Now you're going to you're going to upset the cult of.

Pastor Newms:
[3:41] I understand it's fine.

Pastor Bill:
[3:42] We're going to get angry.

Pastor Newms:
[3:43] I'm sure that's not the only one we're going to get angry emails about by the end of this night but that's beside the.

Pastor Bill:
[3:47] Man.

Pastor Newms:
[3:48] So I wouldn't do a Target and like zaidi and said targets close have gone downhill and I went in there and it looks,
Walmart like all the all the things were just piles of clothes and there was trash in the aisles and it was it was all kinds of like.

Pastor Bill:
[4:23] I love that it looked like Walmart and then proceeds to list off all of these horrible things that we're going on.

Pastor Newms:
[4:32] But the quality of clothes supposedly has gone down I don't know I don't buy their clothes I barely by Walmart clothes I barely buy clothes I still have clothes from high school.

Pastor Bill:
[4:44] Minion gun on Twitch says that they love targets button up shirt.

Pastor Newms:
[4:48] Never tried one they might they might be.

Pastor Bill:
[4:51] I wouldn't know.

Pastor Newms:
[4:52] They might be great.

Pastor Bill:
[4:53] I used to buy you know I used to buy a lot of clothes from Walmart until I got too big they don't so close in my size,
and target has never sold clothes in my size,
once I you know turn 16 I couldn't buy clothes it targeted me more because they were all too small for me so yeah and now I exclusively by a big and tall stores for everything not because I'm tall but because,
um so I don't really have a favorite for clothes Walmart or Target because none of their clothes fit me you'd think in the country with an obesity epidemic,
um we would be easier to get clothes for a fat person but it's not it's not easy getting close as a fat person,

Pastor Newms:
[5:45] No it's not um how was your week.

Pastor Bill:
[5:52] My week was good I feel good this week,
I got up at a good time most days I wasn't like drugging myself on the bed and and so I've just I don't know I've had a good feeling this week I've gotten,
back to being able to eat salads every day this week I did that so that that always helps make me feel a little better too but I don't know I just had to really good good week and I look good.
So all right well it's time for getting to know the pastures and we've already gone through my whole deck.

Pastor Newms:
[6:31] So

Pastor Bill:
[6:32] And I thought I had another interview deck but I don't see it I'll have to look for it again this week so we'll go ahead and pull a card from your deck and see where we go.

Pastor Newms:
[6:41] All right so what would your dream house look like be as descriptive as possible.

Pastor Bill:
[6:50] My dream house be as descriptive as possible.

Pastor Newms:
[6:53] Not where you live is that pretty much the only way.

Pastor Bill:
[6:58] So I want a house that's got like one floor for each person and then one floor,
as the communal living area at the bottom and then it's got to have the elevators and then all Glass Walls once you get above a couple of floors so you can see the scenery out,
and other than that I don't really have any of them just give me some elevators get me up there.

Pastor Newms:
[7:25] See you in mines exactly the opposite it would be completely underground cave system Style with you know everything that that.

Pastor Bill:
[7:34] But see that's the beauty of our relationship is it could be the same building.

Pastor Newms:
[7:40] With lots and lots of rooms.

Pastor Bill:
[7:42] Yours floors could be sub and my floors could be out and and Minion got on Twitch made a nice callback to an Audio Adrenaline classic.

Pastor Newms:
[7:51] He just wants a big house a big big house.

Pastor Bill:
[7:55] Big house a big big house with lots and lots of rooms big big yard where we can play football that sounds like my father's house.

Pastor Newms:
[8:08] Yeah it's it's definitely.
Yeah I am not one that cares a lot about what the house looks like I'm more about the function,
I don't like a lot of windows I don't like a lot of that kind of stuff I prefer,
closed spaces underground is nice also because the heating and air bills are lower because it holds temperature better and these new 3D printed houses are pretty nice if you 3D printed the bunker and then.

Pastor Bill:
[8:47] Something that happened this week as well you brought up 3D printed houses and zaidi was like a what now.

Pastor Newms:
[8:54] What what's a 3D printed house.

Pastor Bill:
[8:56] What are you talking about 3D print and I bet in her brain she was literally thinking of the little 3D printers and like 3D printing one little piece at a time.

Pastor Newms:
[9:05] And putting it together because she's like she's like like a prefab house and I'm like.

Pastor Bill:
[9:19] Yeah they come in with a big machine and it spits out concrete in the design around and around and back and forth around around just like 3D printing its snake.

Pastor Newms:
[9:31] Yeah it's a lot of fun.

Pastor Bill:
[9:36] So you'd live underground and I would live up as high as possible,
and it could all be the same house and I could just feel like I need to go to the studio and I get in my elevator and I hit sub-sub bait subfloor one and that's like this the studio like we worked there and,
record podcast and stuff that'd be fun.
11 or but one end or both of us needs to win the lottery a couple times and make that a reality.

Pastor Newms:
[10:02] Good luck.

Pastor Bill:
[10:04] That's that's why they'll never happen for me right there good luck.

Pastor Newms:
[10:12] And yes Biggs we actually cuz me and Biggs were doing a puzzle today we had the windows open to you know so we didn't have unnatural light and we did we complained the whole time and,
yes the only thing above ground I believe needs to be a castle turret just.

Pastor Bill:
[10:32] A moat and some turrets.

Pastor Newms:
[10:33] Just a moat and some turrets in everyone's like where's the rest of the house uh-huh.

Pastor Bill:
[10:37] It's underneath is underneath that I need the.

Pastor Newms:
[10:39] Don't worry about it.

Pastor Bill:
[10:41] You do if you don't know you don't need.

[10:48] All right so,
let's Unite we are.
Going to be breaching something that's touchy and I think everybody saw this coming because of everything that's been going on this week but first thing I want to I want to poll is.
Are we.
Team depth or team heard because it seems like it would be hard to be team heard it had to be like Team Russia to be team heard at this point.

Pastor Newms:
[11:22] It's real hard to,
I have not consumed all of it on purpose but I know I have been boycotting d.c. for a while just,
from the beginning so I'll let that you can take that to mean whatever you would like.

Pastor Bill:
[11:48] Because you are already team death.

Pastor Newms:
[11:49] Yeah so but the.
Is either person perfect know both people had issues made mistakes blah blah blah.
I believe one didn't lie as much and I believe one didn't.
Cause issues as much but it's always hard in those types of situations too.
Do you know we have a we have a thoughts process of,
we have to believe you know,
certain aspects we have to love we have to respect we have to you know and so I've left it very much I don't know as Phoenix said,
as the evidence is come out we're pretty much able to make some determinations but it is still always hard with situations like that.

Pastor Bill:
[13:12] All right everything came out this week was a leak from the Supreme Court.

Pastor Newms:
[13:20] There was.

Pastor Bill:
[13:20] Right there was a leak from the Supreme Court and the leak said and it was a draft of a.
A majority opinion the majority opinion means it's the the winner of a,
of a court case to have a majority opinion someone's
chosen to write the majority opinion and someone's chosen to RIT right the dissenting opinion the majority opinion is of well this is why the court agreed and gave favor too
the dissenting opinion is always well this is why certain judges voted against in a court case.

Pastor Newms:
[14:01] Hm

Pastor Bill:
[14:02] And this majority opinion LED everyone who read it to believe because it almost point-blank said it that the cases of Roe and Casey were both going to have to be overturned.
Moving forward and so this put a lot of people up in arms and there's a lot of turmoil going on and there's a lot of,
rhetoric being used now back and forth but what.

[14:41] Hertz is the right word me the most is the Christian rhetoric so I want to start off and and just,
relate something from my past right quick and then we'll look at a couple of scriptures and then we'll break down kind of,
how we should look at situations like this I'm not going to tell you what to believe on the topic your,
a human being that's capable of hearing from the Holy Spirit and making your own mind up but I want to I want to,
just illuminate the areas and and it's going to be tough it's it's it's a tough issue but we don't shy away from tough issues just because they're tough,
um we want to talk about things like this and not Echo chamber talk but actually have a critical conversation about,
you know how we see things and how we portray ourselves and how Christianity is being portrayed and so.
Take a trip back with me several several years ago before.
Not before I get shortly after 9/11.

Pastor Newms:
[15:54] Okay.

Pastor Bill:
[15:55] So 9/11 happens and.
Everybody's searching for a sama Bin Laden right Asama Bin Laden hadn't been captured yet Saddam Hussein hadn't been captured yet and so,
everyone is looking for these guys and I'm working at a Christian Ministry and we're having this prayer time,
every morning every morning as a department we would get together first thing in the morning and we would have prayer we would have worship we would have you know just a little time just to reset our hearts and our minds from being out in the world so that we could do work in the ministry space.

[16:37] And we're having this prayer time and the person that's leading that day starts praying that God would be with the soldiers that are hunting for Saddam Hussein.
And kill him and it broke my heart.
Because may I understand from an American standpoint,
we're in a war with those people be I understand from your political standpoint he is your enemy see I understand from a worldview you know he's hurting his people.
But I also understand that historically throughout scripture God has moved on dictators.
And turn their hearts and led whole Nations to repentance and Revival.

[17:41] And instead of praying for God to move and for God to do what God does and for God to intervene and for God to change the heart and for God to revolutionize the country and for God to,
we're praying for this leader to be killed.
And I just can't.

[18:07] Can't reconcile that kind of thing with my heart with my beliefs with my thought process I am,
I'm pro-life and when I say that I mean I am anti-death penalty I am anti-war I am.

Pastor Newms:
[18:25] Annoyingly so huh aye aye vote huh I said annoyingly so.

Pastor Bill:
[18:35] Annoyingly so and so War I am yes I'm anti abortion but no I'm not anti.

[18:45] Woman who finds herself in a situation I believe that people should be loved no matter what,
um it's like there's the one song,
walk a mile in another person's shoes and it's got the whole verse about the girl who the young man told her you know all baby we're going to be together forever and I love you and and then,
they get intimate and she becomes pregnant through months later he's you know he's onto something new,
and she's a teenage girl left with this decision of you know this is this is going to wreck my whole life she makes tickets decision to go get an abortion and she's met at the abortion clinic with people calling her a sinner and a whore
instead of oh baby girl,
let me hold you let me love you let me take care of you I'm sorry you're in this situation instead of actually doing Ministry to the person we've over and over and over and I say we because I'm a believer that,
I take responsibility for what we as Christians do,
the church it's not enough to say well I don't personally do that but that church over there is doing it until we're all on the same page we're all guilty for what that church is doing.

[20:13] And so that's where we are right now in this situation so let's I just I want to talk about I just want to bring up a couple of scriptures and then will you know will dig more into.
How we should look at all of this but the first thing is there's there's the bump the scripture bump scripture which was John 15 and 19 and.
We're going to have to remove this statement why are my caught my comments not going to Twitch.

Pastor Newms:
[20:50] I don't know it didn't when I did it earlier to I fixed it.

Pastor Bill:
[20:53] We're going to have to remove a statement from its context but not take it out of context okay,
so this is Jesus talking he says if the world hates you understand that it hated me before it hated you,
if you were of the world the world would love you as its own however because you are not of the world I have chosen you out of it,
the world hates you now we're not going to talk about whether or not the world hates us or is persecuting us or whatever.
As an American in in in this day and age is a Christian I don't feel persecuted I feel what's the word I'm looking for.

Pastor Newms:
[21:37] What's the word you looking for sometimes.

Pastor Bill:
[21:40] Discriminated against very slightly.

Pastor Newms:
[21:45] Very.

Pastor Bill:
[21:46] But nowhere near to what I see people of other color receiving,
I don't feel that kind of discriminated and I certainly don't feel persecuted like say the Muslims trying to live in China right now that are in are in actual concentration camps,
I don't I'm not living that life I don't feel any of that I'm free to go to church and to share the name of Jesus and to you know read my Bible and to pray in public eye I don't feel hated,
but what the idea that I want to pull from here is,
you are not of the world so when we look at these situations we see these things going around on around us we have to remember,
that we don't have to get caught up in all that we don't have to let it sway us,
to and fro and affect us to the point where we're distraught or overburdened or were you know at a loss for how to respond because we're not of this world.

[22:56] We're here but we're not of the world,
we're of different stock okay and then the other thing I wanted to talk about,
marked it with my my thing and I don't know where it was okay here we go it's Kitty type this in for me newms it's Matthew chapter 22,
and we're going to start at verse 15 and go through 21.

[23:31] Then the Pharisees went and plotted how to trap him Jesus by what he said so they sent their disciples to him along with the herodians,
teacher they said we know that you are truthful and teach truthfully the way of God you don't care what anyone thinks nor do you show partiality,
tell us then what you think is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar or not,
perceiving their malicious intent Jesus said why are you testing me Hypocrites show me the coin used for the tax they brought him a Denarius whose image and inscription is this he asked,
Caesars they said to him then he said to them give then to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are gods,
when they heard this they were amazed so they left him and went away now.

[24:26] A lot of people strictly use this to go you see there you should pay your taxes,
give unto Caesar what is Caesar's given to pay your tithe you should pay your taxes right there says,
that's not exactly the idea that they do is cut that is covered but that's not exactly what's going on there what's going on there is almost literally the separation of church and state.
The state is one thing and you given to the state what is do the state the church is another thing and you given to the church what is the church.
The state should not be telling the church how to do ministry as in you can't tell me that I can't feed the poor,
like some of the laws that have been passed in California where it's illegal to how have food lines out on the street now you can't feed the poor you shouldn't be able to tell me that I can't have a Bible study,
which I'm not talking about covid I'm not I get it I understand putting a restriction on people but with today's technology that is not an actual restriction that is just a change of mode I mean look at us.

Pastor Newms:
[25:42] Yeah we changed.

Pastor Bill:
[25:43] Right here we changed modes,
um the church State shouldn't be putting limits on the church within reason of ministry now the state can go no no no no you're not going to come in and bite a bunch of people with snakes,
that's an actual health hazard we're going to have to cool a Bosch that the state can do that okay I get that,
but at the same time Christians shouldn't be trying to legislate morality.

[26:19] Or not even morality but try to take,
um historical precedence from our religious beliefs and say will it's always been like this so it's the law should be like this.
That's not how that works the state should serve the people as a secular institution and the church Serve the People,
as a church,
can they coexist and even work together one help the other get his job done and one help the other get their job done absolutely that that would be brilliant that would be beautiful,
but for people to go in and say we need to overturn Roe versus Wade.

[27:15] You're killing babies and my faith tells me we shouldn't be killing babies okay,
you're allowed to feel,
that your faith instructs you that all life is precious and that life begins at a certain point you're allowed to feel that.
Okay you're not allowed to pass a law.
That then tells other people they have to feel the way your faith tells you to feel,
they don't have that faith not all of them and the ones that do have that Faith perhaps they've grasp a hold of First Corinthians chapter 13 and realize that there is faith,
there is hope but greater than those more important than those is love.
And if we're not loving others first and foremost.
Then we're doing a dish Justice to our faith and were stealing.

[28:29] Okay so for you to stand outside of an abortion clinic and yell you're killing babies.
And you're going to go to hell that is not love,
for you to stand outside of an abortion clinic and say do you need a ride home after do you need someone who can talk to you before and after if you choose to go in.

[28:57] I'm here for you I'll take you to a meal let's let's work through this that's love right.
But if you want to get rid of something like abortion that you see as a violation of your faith.
Then you have to figure out how to do that long before.
They're at an abortion clinic long before they become pregnant and long before they're even in a relationship.
we have to destigmatize sex for one because right now the way we the church handle sex is with a veil,
we stigmatize it we mystify it we hide it and so young people come up under this this Veil and they go oh well I have to hide that I can't let you know,
that I'm feeling that way I can't let you know that I'm doing that thing,
and then they're having unprotected sex they're having dangerous sex they're having sex that leads them to pregnancy long before they're ready,
and then chain kicks in and what are their options.

[30:24] What are they supposed to do,
are they supposed to come to you in that shame and fear and talk about this thing that that's this consequence of this thing that's happened they couldn't even talk about the act of,
before because we created a lifestyle of Shame surrounding sex okay,
we have to demystify that to we have to teach about and make available contraceptives all your give them permission to send your given permission sin I am not I'm not,
I'm giving them a safety net because sex happens,
I taught my son I've taught my kids I can tell you the right way to do something over and over and over and over and over and over but until you're in the situation you can't know how you're going to respond.

Pastor Newms:
[31:22] And it always fails talk to you.

Pastor Bill:
[31:24] And if all else fails go talk to him.

Pastor Newms:
[31:26] Shit.

Pastor Bill:
[31:30] We have to get rid of shame we have to demystify we have to make available contraceptions and teach about safe sex.
Okay we have to teach you about this where to teach you about how it happens,
why it happens what you can do to prevent it because it's not enough to say you can't get an abortion you have to bla bla bla we have to teach people how to prevent that from happening on both sides,
young ladies need to know,
what is going to happen to their body in this process and young men need to know if you do the deed you're responsible.

[32:16] The mama as far as I'm concerned for my son if he gets a girl pregnant and she chooses to get an abortion I don't hold her accountable for that I hold him accountable for that life.
He is accountable for the baby that just got taken to an abortion clinic.
It's not on her it's on him now her parents can go deal with what's on her that's fine.
But as far as I'm concerned he has a responsibility that he just threw away,
and got a girl pregnant instead of doing the right thing taking the right steps choosing protection choosing situations that were better before he got into the heated.
Right there's too much in our culture of well that's not the man's responsibility that's the ladies responsibility,
and I grew up no lie I grew up seeing on TV and I can't believe I'm about to say this,
one good thing that ever came out of my step dad's mouth,
if you get a girl pregnant it's your responsibility to drive her up to that clinic and you have to pay for any procedure so you think about that before you get involved in a sexual relationship.

[33:46] And so that stuck with me.
I was responsible if I got a girl pregnant that was my fault I did that it didn't happen to her I did that to her.
And I see a lot of that not being taught we don't teach young men by and large that they are responsible for their actions and they have to take responsibility for those actions.

Pastor Newms:
[34:12] Sadly we do the opposite sadly we demonize women for oh well you know how were you dressed how were you it's not a woman no no no it's a man's fault,

Pastor Bill:
[34:27] And now we're now we're we're preaching on the rape issue.
So often a woman will report rape and the questions that come out of the police that's been documented over and over and over again is what were you wearing where were you walking where you junk how were you / trying yourself,
that is not relevant in any way shape or form to catching the dirtbag,
who forced himself on to this young lady and getting Justice for that young lady and if that young lady who's been raped,
wants to get an abortion because that trauma is too deep and too rough and too vile for her to deal with I can't blame her for that,
period she need any girl that's been raped whether it was pregnancy or not needs counseling,
possibly a psychiatrist a psychologist a counselor and I'm not talking about okay first off that's not me I'm not a licensed counselor I have the title pastor,
Pastor newms has the title pounced Pastor neither one of us are licensed counselors that's not what I'm talking about,
I can I can give you a hug and I can love on you and I can treat you like one of my daughters.

[35:55] But I am not licensed to help you deal with that trauma and there are a lot of pastors out here that have the right heart and the right intent and they want to love you and they want to help you but they're not qualified,
paid to be dealing with those situations there are pastors out here that want to help with marriage counseling but aren't qualified to be a marriage counselor they're not license they're not they haven't trained they haven't gone through what needs to happen,
um and then you've got the problem of incest,
I don't even want to touch that one because that's so deep and dark and twisted and and confusing that I don't even begin to understand that situation.
And so I'm going to leave that to someone else my main point here is.

[37:02] We are different people all inside the one person right we've got our secular selves,
and then we've got our faith-based selves we've got our hope base elves and we've got our love bass selves,
our secular cells myself I'm States right person writes person I don't believe the government should be making laws,
that limit a state's ability to govern,
I don't believe the Supreme Court should be making decisions that limit a state's ability to make those decisions I believe the decision should be left up to the state,
and mainly I believe that because states are run on a more democratic level closer to the people,
and are easily more easily able to represent the actual people than the federal government that's why I hold that view.
I also believe that the amendments to the Constitution,
and the Supreme Court should and do exercise their rights to withhold power from governments to protect people,
in this case Roe versus Wade and Casey versus,
forgive me I can't remember who the other party in that case was but Rowan Casey passed in the Supreme Court because of privacy right.

[38:31] That's why they were passed because the federal government the state government the city government the County Government,
has no business sticking their head into your doctor's office and saying you can't get that kind of Medical Care.

[38:53] That was the understanding was that everyone had access to a doctor everyone was seeking a doctor's opinion.
We don't live in that world quite in that world anymore and most people didn't then not everyone has a doctor overseeing our medical care and we're left,
to make medical decisions for ourselves that we're not trained to make which is another point,
we should be training our children in sex ed,
and by children I mean sixth grade seventh grade eighth grade I don't mean fifth grade and Below although in some states,
in some counties there are fifth grade and below that are already having sex and getting pregnant so in some instances in those counties yes they should have sex ed earlier,
but we should be training sex ed because they need to know if I stick this there this will happen.

[39:57] They need to be trained about that they need to be trained in all these medical issues will what happens if I go get an abortion what's going to happen to me what's the other going to be in Revit ramifications of that had there been long-term effects of that because,
yes there have been lots and lots and lots and lots of women that have been negatively impacted,
by their abortion procedure not all but lots,
and they needed counseling they needed to talk to someone and that kind of care just isn't provided because we're not taught to need it and,
we put shame on people that find themselves in situations where they need help.

[40:44] And that's the opposite of what we should be doing especially the church especially Christians shame shouldn't be part of the conversation for us,
that should never be part you should never feel shame going to your pastor going to your church,
and that's not the culture that by and large we you know created as,
a church as you know a whole all of us together all right so there's that there's the circular you then there's the faith you that says,
life is precious God knew us before he formed us in our mother's womb he has thoughts and plans for his thoughts of to prosperous thoughts of a future and a hope,
Jesus loved us so much that he came and died for us yes your faith should inform you of all of those things.
Your faith should also inform you that the mother are the young lady who's being faced with this crisis in her life,
got also new and knows and loves and cares for,
and how would God as a father respond to that young lady.

[41:56] When she finds out how would the most perfect being in the universe respond if their child I messed up I got pregnant.

[42:07] Okay there's the hope you hope says everything's going to work out.

[42:14] How is everything going to work out if we're leaving people Stranded by the wayside.
In their hour of need or we're not preparing for it we're not supporting them through it we're not walking with them through it how is Hope served in that.

[42:31] And then there's the love which we've harped on a lot in this you know context there's the love.
Love does not envy love does not boast love does not build itself up,
it believes all things you know this is love love I had this example of this young lady,
but wasn't it hung lady but I was driving Uber Kimber fear was an Uber or Lyft ride but I was driving and this woman was in the car and she was telling me that at one point in her life she was homeless.
And she was homeless because she chose to be homeless she was out with her boyfriend her boyfriend was homeless she was on drugs and she was living on the side of the road over by Lancaster in Fort Worth.
And there were living there because they could get free drugs there and,
every day from the day she left home to go live with her boyfriend and saw the road every day her mother brought her a warm dinner and fresh blankets.

[43:45] I told her she loved her spent time with her and her boyfriend there on the side of the road where they lived,
and at the end of that she would go back home and say you're welcome home anytime she did that for three months straight every day before this girl realized,
my mama actually loves me and I'm throwing my life away.
Told her boyfriend they need to get clean he broke up with her she moved back into her home she found salvation and she started going to church she got involved in Ministry but it was that love,
that her mother was bringing her everyday,
our culture says if your kid messes up and chooses drugs and moves out and go lives on the side road with their boyfriend then you need to exercise tough love and let them learn their lesson,
that's not love love brings a hot meal and a blanket fresh blanket every night.

[44:49] And while you're working through your stuff love says I'm right here when you're ready I'm right here I'm not going anywhere I love you.
And that's the kind of love that God has for us sent his son to die.
Cuz we were born into a nature of enmity with God,
Adam and Eve.
Chose enmity with God they chose a sin nature we were born into something as slaves as victims and God is sitting there going,
whenever you're ready to stop being a Slave to turn away from the things that are hurting you I'm here.
I'm ready.
And God has also said now I want you to know that if you don't turn away from those things that are hurting you the path you're on is going to lead you there.

[46:06] Is a place called hell in your word Hell Fire Brimstone gnashing of teeth I don't want that for you.
I don't want you to go there and I'm patiently waiting for you to decide that you don't want to go there either.
And you don't want to continue to be hurt in your life and you don't want to continue to you know and life doesn't get perfect because life is still life.
But you spiritually have a hope and life is different when you have hope you sis.

[46:46] And so that's my thoughts on this episode that isn't about row.
Because it's not about Roe it's not about Casey it's not about Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard it's not about any of those things it's about are we as Christians.
Those around us and living our life and portraying love and how we see and respond to those things.
Because you may feel like it's a victory for Roe versus Wade to be overturned you may feel like that's a victory but your victory.
Maybe someone else's crisis gone into chaos.

[47:50] And you may Jigger Victory may just be the straw that pushes them over the edge to do something drastic.
Something awful something they may not survive.
That's unacceptable everything to add that Pastor newms.

Pastor Newms:
[48:35] We as Christians have to respond in love to all things and often we don't.

Pastor Bill:
[48:53] This podcast comes out every Wednesday night at 7 p.m. Central Standard Time wherever you get podcasts we also record this live on Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Central Standard Time,
and you can catch and be a part of it on Twitch Facebook or YouTube,
you can go to our website at www.kttape.com house to figure out which twitch which Facebook and which YouTube those are,
you can also see our backlog of all 377 episodes that came before this one it's actually more than that it's 380.

[49:34] Three because there was one Easter week that I did one episode every day and I called it point,
anyway our whole back leg is there you can go see if there's something that ministers to you if you found this episode,
uplifting informing and gave you a better sense of faith hope and love for your life and you feel like it would help someone else please share it,
send it to someone else we we want to reach as many people as possible with faith hope and love that's the point,
and so if you could share that with people that you know it would help that would be awesome we want people to be helped and if anyone listening to this needs to reach out to us,
info at EK dot house or you can utilize the phone number on the website,
you can text that I can text bakic I get it on my phone you can leave a voicemail I get the transcription of that on my phone as well,
and yeah we want to have an actual relationship with people that need love.
Utilize that if you need to.
All right so that's what we got going and then we have Dallas Pride coming up in a month let's just under a month.

Pastor Newms:
[50:57] Just under.

Pastor Bill:
[50:59] Huh and so that'll be fun we're going to do ministry there and hopefully we'll see some people there that we know from past years and some maybe some people come up and hey I found your podcast or hey I found you on Twitch or,
it'll be good and then we're giving away a gaming monitor right for.
Gaming with the pastors are giving away a game in monetary.

Pastor Newms:
[51:24] Yes.

Pastor Bill:
[51:25] Look at me with that blank face like you didn't remember we.

Pastor Newms:
[51:29] I forgot I did I did forget,
I was like oh yeah we are yeah.

Pastor Bill:
[51:35] Yeah I was looking at them today trip try to pick out the right one,
to make the art because I got to make a QR code first scanning and bekele the yard yeah so all right so that's what we got coming up I love you guys have a great.

Intro And Outro Music

Pastor Bill:
[51:58] And until next time.


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