S3Ep85 - But Leviticus Says...

[0:00] Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 85 of the Berean Manifesto faith hope and love for the modern Christian I am pastor newms and as you can see we are not joined still by Pastor Bill he is still on his sabbatical and, so you know this is where we would usually talk about how our week went by we went pretty good, I was real busy with work and so this that was kind of. Busy. I set up an ark server and started playing Ark again it's been playing Pokemon Legend of our rqs or however you say it some but not much. And then you know just busy with work. 
[1:01] The two kind of fun things happened this weekend. One is groggy in the best or the best came over and. 
[1:14] Have been hanging out has been hanging out and played some board games with the family Phoenix is not here and the reason. Phoenix is in here. It's because she's currently dog-sitting because my parents today is their 40th, wedding anniversary which is why Biggs is not here which he usually is one of our vocal. People and he is not here because he is celebrating his. 
[1:54] Like his 40th wedding anniversary which is you know a huge deal which means I am also getting very old because I am only two years behind that so that's um been our week it's been pretty good I'd like to also say happy Fourth of July to everyone in our live world those of you that are here. 
[2:23] Those aspects you know yours is for tomorrow yeah thank you twitch for telling me your. That we were alive right now. Six minutes after and that right there is part of the reason why we have the 5 minute countdown that are recorded, I'm sure you'll get the podcast on Wednesdays they don't get that that 5-minute pre Countdown Just because, it's not really a reason to put it on a podcast but on twitch sometimes it doesn't the messages don't go out right away because email clients and and everything else that happens, so we yes we have that five minute countdown so that was fun, got to hang out the girls are still a little shaken up from the car accident they had last week that I talked about and so that was a little rough, but they're doing a lot better if we got a rental car and. 
[3:28] For those that are hearing this on Wednesday or later date, happy July 4th to you guys as well I hope it was good for you and I hope all of us that are here it is good for us being that this is recorded on July 3rd. That's kind of how my week went nothing crazy nothing big nothing huge on my board of work stuff and everything like that. So onto my favorite / not favorite and I don't know why I'm still doing this without Pastor Bill, making me do it but now it's just part of the thing we do each week so we have to do it is getting no the pasture so we're pulling from the chat pack what is. The longest line you have ever stood in longest line I've ever stood in. 
[4:27] Now wonder we are we thinking. Group or what is the longest line. We've ever stood in so from a person standpoint it would have to be either getting into concerts that I've gotten into. Or events I can't even think of the longest one time would have to be. I don't really know I don't go to amusement parks much so I don't stand in those kind of lines it have to be to get into a concert most of those you know, don't really anymore so I'm gonna have to say a recent one that happened that's probably going to happen again in a couple weeks, that's not 45 minutes for a cheeseburger so when what the. 
[5:33] Okay okay I'm going to have to get back to both of those in just a moment but for me probably the longest wait time and line I've been in was when the Water Burger opened up in. Whatever the city is the starts with an H. Up in Nashville we drove 45 minutes up there and then stood in line for like well sat in line in our car for like two and a half hours. 
[6:06] All five of us both our girls me is Zaydiee Phoenix and we sat in that line so we could say we had Whataburger, on that first day there is a Whataburger coming soon closer to us, when that one opens its supposed to open sometime this year this month when it opens probably going to do the same thing, just so I can say I was here the first doors open when I'm you know older dying because I love Whataburger, so after that's probably the longest line recently now we're going to back up a couple messages because we really really really got a touch on two things one is Zaydiee says that her is probably the longest line was standing in Disney in one of the Disney lines at Disney World or Disneyland one of the other, and to that I say yet another reason why I don't want to go. 
[7:04] But that's beside the point the one we really need to touch on is directly above that. We're Phoenix bricksville Stitch says. The Twilight DVD release at Hot Topic now I don't remember this so I don't know if I wasn't home. 
[7:27] But what you what. 
[7:38] I'm worried I took you man talk about suppressed memories. Oh at North East Mall in Dallas. Wasn't it oh that was awful all those little nerds all those little teeny bopper. Oh I forgot about that that was awful. 
[8:05] Oh you made me remember a repressed memory that's just rude to do on a Sunday night oh I completely forgot about that that was terrible. 
[8:18] Oh all those kids in the fangs and the outfits and the oh. And this comes from someone who was a goth. For a while in the 90s and early aughts but these outfits were just burned but I forgot about it I talked to all of them people all the team people just because. 
[8:43] It's what I do the employees were all they were so oh they were so miserable that night, oh it was terrible they felt almost as bad as I did for being there I forgot I took you to that oh that was the things you do for people you love. 
[9:04] And he. That's worse than 3 hours in a car anyway that's terrible okay. 
[9:17] So yeah and they couldn't really sit till midnight and the line was there and everyone was getting restless midnight releases so back in the day I went to a lot of midnight releases, several of the World of Warcraft expansion several video games but none of them were anywhere close to as bad as that Twilight one sitting in a mall, waiting oh it was so bad. 
[9:48] And I've never done the Black Friday lines I've worked Black Friday lines but I've never been in one. So yeah hmm well. Yeah midnight releases were big in you know back in the day before digital downloads were more popular and Drop Shipping midnight releases was what you did but none of them were. Like wait three hours in the cold you know blah blah blah it was just kind of like show up at midnight because you pre-ordered you know. Because the gaming industry has had done it for so long that we had it you know down so. Yeah that was hmm hmm. 
[10:47] Now I've now I've I've had bad memories repressed I can't I can't think about our topic or anything else I can just dwelling on how bad that evening was. 
[10:59] Wow okay Jokes Aside um I don't know why I'm obsessively. Lining up my dice on my desk for some reason while I'm doing this okay so. Who's topic for tonight as you can see below us or on the podcast title if you're listening to it or you know if you're not seeing it somewhere listed. I'm not sure how you're consuming it but cool thanks. The title for tonight is “but Leviticus says…” and the reason why, we're going that route of but Leviticus says is one for my time of my takeover of the Brie and Manifesto for these weeks that I get to do it, I decided all of the titles needed to be weird so that's where we're going, his one reason and the second reason is because it's an important topic when we're digging into a belief system of. And when we are as modern Christians discussing where we are as a society how we got here what we believe and all those kinds of things is this topic. 
[12:20] And so I want to preface what I'm about to say. By saying that anyone who's listening anyone who hears it I might agree with you on some of these topics I might not agree with some of you on these topics either way you're loved. As Christians we are commanded to love our neighbors All Saints and all sinners. 
[12:52] As Christ did. So where that comes from is Romans 13 9 and 10. 
[13:03] And that reads. 
[13:13] Wait a second. 
[13:25] Yes even when they throw firecrackers at you we have to love them 9 the Commandments do not adultery do not murder do not steal do not covet in any other commandment are summed up by this commandment love your neighbor as yourself. Love does no wrong to its neighbor Love Therefore is the Fulfillment of the law, you know a lot of times on on the brief Manifesto we talk about faith hope and love and love being the greatest and people are like you know you talk about love too much well, one of the reasons is this verse in Romans 13 love completes. And is the Fulfillment of the law if we are loving our neighbors if we are loving ourselves if we are loving God. It should be God ourselves our neighbors but that's besides the point if we are doing those things then, naturally you'll fulfill the Commandments because they're all summed up in that, you're not going to commit adultery if you love your neighbor so you're not going to sleep with someone else's wife because you're loving your neighbor you're not going to cheat on your wife because you're loving your neighbor. 
[14:39] Now that's the key what if you love yourself you have to love your neighbors and yes you are playing the newms card Phoenix if you notice I did not. I read the verse love thy neighbor as yourself and then stated yourself is one of the things you have to love because that is in the Commandment as well so when we look at. 
[15:07] The meaning of that word. Could be him them etc etc own self is what it is what it truly means so it is love yourself. 
[15:40] And part of it is you do have to love yourself and it's work because, yes Phoenix I wasn't actually going to say it I didn't write it in my notes so thank you for bringing it up those of us that struggle with self hatred struggle with depression we struggle with. Intrusive thoughts and other aspects like that those of us that struggle with that a lot of us look at this verse and go okay but if I don't love myself. I can't love others but it's more you're supposed to love yourself and others. As you should love yourself not as you. Actually love yourself for example I am one who tends to be slightly steeped in in in in Anger violence hatred etc etc I'm not exactly your nice person. 
[16:40] But we're commanded to love others in myself it was up to me. I wouldn't do either but I have to at least try because it is one of those things that we should be doing. Now and that's the key is because we have to do it. As Jesus did it Jesus loves us so we therefore have to are worthy of love, even though we don't feel it we are and so we have to love ourselves that's one of those other keys because Jesus did and, that's a realization that sometimes hurts because we tend to as humans injure ourselves and injure others verbally physically the way we treat ourselves the way we treat others and it's like wait, Jesus loves us so I should at least love myself a little. 
[17:46] And that's a big thing in and of itself um that's a whole nother I could talk on that for a long time so another thing I'd like to point out as we're talking about. What's written in Leviticus and as we're talking about Sin and Sinners and Saints and love and and all those I want to point out Galatians 3 22. So in Galatians and we are very verse heavy tonight which is not always. How I am but, with a topic like this we really have to be because there's not a lot of there is a lot of wiggle room a lot of beliefs and a lot of people have deep-seated what they've been taught and what they feel and so we really have to this is one of those topics where we have to go to the scripture. A lot, just kind of as a heads up as we're digging into this and we're like oh this is like the you know this is we've covered more scripture tonight than we have in three weeks you know well there's, a good reason because this isn't one where it's like well you kind of already know this as a human being this is when you kind of got to dig into a little more so in Galatians 3 22. We can actually. 
[19:09] You know this is all talk  Galationns is all talking about the low on the promise it's a really good overall but what we're going to focus on is is 322 which is the scripture imprisoned. Everything under sins power so that the promise might be given on the basis of faith in Jesus Christ to those who believe, before this Faith came we were confined under the law imprisoned until the coming Faith was revealed, the law then was our Guardian until Christ so that we could be justified by faith but since that faith is come we are no longer under a guardian for through faith you are all sons of God in Jesus in Christ Jesus so. 
[19:55] In that and it continues to talk about we're talking about everyone Jew and Greek slave nor free male or female because you're all one in Christ. Etc so when we look at those verses it's that thought process that we hear a lot of well. Scripture says or the law says or sin is blah it's exactly this here's the list here's what you follow here's why and. There was a list and the list was needed because that is how, we were supposed to live and that's following those before Jesus was how we showed we were walking but under Jesus Jesus we don't need the guardian the guard rails. Of the law necessarily. We need Jesus and in that extension the Holy Spirit to help guide us through things. 
[21:03] Do to do to do looking at my notes. 
[21:11] So in that I agree with people that sin was not created by God some people say God created send some people say he didn't that's a whole theological debate in and of itself I personally don't believe that sin was created by God but because rules were created as soon as you create a rule, there is the possibility of sin we were imprisoned by it. Because we were told not to do something we specifically did that thing and then sadly were locked in but it's not a. Aspect of oh well you send your bad we were imprisoned by that and, Jesus Through covering our sins in his blood for salvation frees us from that so now we get to the part of Leviticus where we're going to actually look at Leviticus since you know. 
[22:10] Leviticus it's the title of tonight what about Leviticus people talk about Leviticus a lot and then point at the scriptures as Sin, a large part of the book talks about the rules of sacrifice when you have to sacrifice when you can sacrifice an interesting read if you ever want to it's kind of fun, very sarcastic saying that is Leviticus 15 16 through 33 and I'll put it in the chat but we're not going to discuss it we're just going to put it there and if you want to go read it you can, that's up to you as an adult it's a fun one though, but as Christians do we have to sacrifice all the time then no because Jesus was our lamb and he perfected the sacrifice and we find that, in Romans 5 6 through 10 and that's. 
[23:04] A big part of it because a lot of Leviticus is about when you had to do a sacrifice to cover those issues so now when we look at Romans. Romans click on it right five six through 10 for while we were still helpless at the right time Christ died for the ungodly for rarely will someone die for a just person. Though for good person perhaps someone might even Dare To Die but God proves his own Love For Us in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us how much more than since we have now been declared righteous by his blood will we be saved through him from Wrath, for if we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son then how much more of we've been reconciled when we are saved by his life, not only that but we rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we now have received this reconciliation so. 
[24:06] The aspect of that to look at is you know Jesus perfected our sacrifice we don't have to sacrifice anymore so a lot of the levitical law goes right out the window just for that because, we don't have to complete sacrifices if we look at Leviticus 19:19, this is a verse that's often used in a lot of, strawman arguments of hey look at this we don't do this so we can't do any of it but it's kind of true, it states we shouldn't wear garments of two made of two kinds of materials these mainly speak of wool and little and linen being combined in other parts of the Bible and different translations they worded as two kinds but it raises the question of should we mix Fabrics, you know I'm wearing a mix fabric right now I'm sure lots of people out there are but I think we agree we can because that's not a law that's. Has any value. To us in today's society and through the Salvation through those aspects of Christianity and Christ dying in perfecting the law it's not needed. But if we're going to use certain parts of Leviticus and not others it raises a question for you as you decide and do your personal study as a Brie and should on. 
[25:26] What are you defining as Sin and why another example of this is Leviticus 11 4 through 8. 
[25:37] We're we're commanded to not eat pork I personally love bacon, don't like pork chops very much I could do without those but Bacon's hard Peter was given a revelation in Acts 10 10 through 15 that most people take to believe that pork is then okay to eat another philosophical aspect and you've heard Pastor Bill use this one in the past that that whole part in Acts is actually not about food at all but showing Peter that, Jews are not the only people he should be going to he should be going to Gentiles as well and that's why it was full of Gentile food because Peter then goes on to talk later that he still doesn't eat certain foods because he just doesn't. I feel like he should because he mainly ministered to certain groups but there is that aspect where. 
[26:34] Either way you know I don't think we're going to take into account that pork is bad. And then we go let's jump to the, New Testament because people will point to the New Testament say okay look here's a list of sin this list of sin that's right here is, one of the times is in Romans Romans 1 27 through 32 this one is used a lot when people are trying to make a point about certain, quote unquote sin but not taking into context the actual scripture which that actual scripture is talking about people who were worshiping God God, Yahweh and then turn their back on God and started worshiping Idols in that Temple, and he lists a whole long list of sin that comes from those. That the people were doing and I'll point out one verse around it. 
[27:44] Around around this aspect and it's for this reason God delivered them over to their disgraceful Passions. Got there not when we look at it this is not a list of, hey you know these are people who are terrible and this means because those people have done this thing here's the list of things, but he says they Dave are filled with all unrighteousness evil greed wickedness there full of Envy murder coils deceit malice gossips slanderers got haters arrogant proud boastful inventors of evil disobedient to their parents senseless untrustworthy unloving unmerciful nari although they know God's just sentence they practice such things, they deserve to die not only them even the applaud to those who practice them. But the very he's talking about are these people that literally walked away from Christianity or the. 
[28:50] The church or the Jewish faith and walked into temples and did a lot of. Acts that are not necessarily you know. The Roman gods required some sacrifices that were really really interesting sometimes you know your gluttony where you would eat till you vomited and then eat more, you know situations like that were common in certain temples and. 
[29:18] So in those that's what Paul's talking about is we have to stay out of the. These other temples we shouldn't be doing that shouldn't be pointing at one specific people like to cherry pick you know this verse or this verse or this verse out of this big list and then say these are what. Are bad and see it says it right here and exclude the whole aspect of God delivered them to their own desires. 
[29:47] Of their hearts he got went okay if that's how you want to live that's how you want to live you're outside of. Of of us I'm not gonna. You know stop you I'm not going to punish you I'm giving you over to it and I'm walking away which is in and of itself a form of Grace. And hopefully those people that Paul wrote about in Romans. Turned away from that later and came back out of those temples to worship again and found actual Christianity as opposed to. The Fluffy, following the masses that happened at the very beginning of Christianity because lots of people were saved and so some people just follow to follow not that that happens today and large, churches are congregations that people just follow to follow and don't actually have any. 
[30:48] Deep-seated actual belief. 
[30:54] That's sarcasm by the way but we'll get there and so the next one I want to look at here is First Corinthians 6:12 in the csb which is where most of these, of course where most of my verses come from except when I start looking at. The Greek and Hebrew I use the KJV Plus for that for strong screen coordinates so with in First Corinthians 6:12 everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial everything is / Everything is permissible for me but I will not Mast be Mastered by anything food is for the stomach and the stomach for food and God will do away with both of them, however the body is not for sexual immorality but for the Lord and the lord of the body God rape God raised up the Lord and will also raise us by his power. 
[31:50] In that one of the aspects again we're talking about. 
[31:56] Anything is permissible but not anything is beneficial you know this is often stated. Where we talk about Sin is imperfection sin is not. Again a list of rules of hey if you break any of these your sinner know we are sinners because we're not perfect the word sin originally was, and is depending on which there's two two times it's used in the New Testament but the majority of them are the an Archer missing the the center point every single time they fire an arrow and if you miss that Mark that's where that word sinner comes from which none of us are perfect so inherently we are, Sinners Perfection does not have to do with breaking a list of rules Perfection has to do with being perfect all the time I physically can't be perfect because my body isn't perfect so if I miss a step if I technically all those things if you, you know if you feel it is it might be a sin so in that we have to look at those types of aspects. 
[33:25] Roman no that's that's the wrong area Romans 8. 
[33:33] I didn't copy the verse just to put into the place so that way it's easy, so for people who want to look at it in twitch who view it into which later so Romans 8:1 and to therefore there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus because the law of the. In Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death, and again that goes back to that same thing you here Paul talked about over and over again is that you know Jesus completed freed us from the restraints and the guardrails that the law set up um but in it, you can't just go Buckwild because there are consequences not everything is healthy for us the next thing. I want to look at is. 
[34:26] Timothy 1 verses 12 through 16. And I messed this one up in my notes so I change it and put it here correct okay there we go and one of the reasons for the reason of bringing this one up. Um is. A lot of people will point to Paul and say look you know it's different because he. 
[35:03] He worked so hard on he worked out his salvation with fear and trembling so at the point where he's writing this about being free from sin and being you know a good person it's because he's so good and. 
[35:17] You know so I want to kind of look at this passage here in Timothy Timothy 1:12 is I give thanks to Christ Jesus our lord who has strengthened me because he considered me faithful appointing me to Ministry even though I was formerly a blasphemer, a persecutor and an arrogant man but I received Mercy because I acted. 
[35:38] Because I acted out of ignorance in unbelief and the grace of our Lord overflowed allowing the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus this saying is trustworthy and deserves full acceptance Jesus Christ came into the world to save Sinners and I am, the worst of them but I received Mercy for this reason so that in me the worst of them Christ Jesus could demonstrate his extraordinary patience as an example to those who would believe in him for eternal life so. If you want to point to biblical figures and be like well it's different biblical figures they were they were they were better than us they were they were Saints they were holy they were, Paul didn't think he was you know he's riding you know hey, I'm the worst at this like I mess up, and so when you look at it you're like uh if he's the worst. First off he hasn't met anyone in the modern error but it's not that aspect of. 
[36:55] Of I'm better I'm above sin so I'm saying this it's look I understand Sin is Sin we make mistakes we're not perfect we're broken creatures that, are trying and but Jesus came for all of us. So the next thing I want to say is something out of the concern for the church as a whole. And that's the capital c church not just us us as bereans here meeting and then us as. The big church in Colossians. 
[37:38] I lost my reference third is Colossians 2:8 be careful that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deceit based on human tradition based on elements of this world. Rather than Christ the reason I want to bring this up is so often we as an overall Church become. We take the scriptures out of context to force people. Without any study as as Paul says in Acts 17. That we should be studying the scriptures when someone teaches us something and that's where we get the Berean the aspects of the bereans from which we've touched on a lot of time so I'll just throw the reference there and let you guys look at it. 
[38:28] So often were like oh well the church said this my pastor said blah my teacher said this where I grew up this is what was taught this is what I've not. I heard this from someone I studied it I researched, as much as I could as much of my understanding I went to the Holy Spirit I took in Godly counsel I've looked at and I feel this is how I should live this is how, should be we just take these rules and extra stuff that's written. By the church not individuals and go yes, rubber stamp must be correct because someone in Authority said it and that's where we've gotten into so many of these issues that we deal with in today's society of we've had thousand two thousand years now of rule after Rule and person after person changing them writing them being confused by them not actually studying them but yet being in leadership and making these types of of rules and then us not listening and not trying to. Figure it out for ourselves as well just taking everything stated in blind faith faith is important Blind Faith is dangerous and that's a big difference. 
[39:56] And you know in talking about all of this I'm not saying sin is no longer. I'm not saying sin doesn't exist because we aren't perfect, what I am saying is that we so often expect people including ourselves as Phoenix pointed out above, we expect other people in ourselves to be this weird version of perfect before we come to Christ or immediately after we came to Christ oh I'm a Christian I have to be perfect now. Or oh that person, you have to get better before you can come to Christ I don't want that person in my church because they're not exactly what I feel is correct and I need them to be correct before they can come in, I need you know once you've gotten saved congratulations tomorrow you should be a completely different person with no struggles and if you have any struggles it's because you're broken and and you've done something terrible. It's a process to be christ-like to learn to walk that line. 
[41:09] We Christ came to us while we were Sinners salvation doesn't make us perfect we have struggles imperfections that sin is. 
[41:19] Anyone who knows me for very long well no two of mine are our I tend to be kind of angry and I'm super Petty and we as a Capital C Church need to get better. At being christ-like and loving people and helping them see Jesus instead of judging them and pushing them away as the Pharisees did as Phoenix said I wish it was easy that the moment you accepted Christ in the moment you you magically became this good person, because if that was the case it be really really easy to find all these false people that we have toting Christianity and hurting the. The Optics of our faith of people who are all Christians are bad because blah, and if we would love like we're commanded to, this wouldn't be happening but so often we're not we're not doing what we're commanded to do that summed up, in love you know all the Commandments can be summed up with love your neighbor stopped being. 
[42:37] I mean to each other okay we have to love each other we have to help build ourselves. Meaning ourselves the group together and and working towards being better humans. And and that's what I have for tonight. That Sin is Sin doesn't matter what Leviticus says and we have to work towards being better at love. So I'm going to kind of sit here for a moment and kind of a see if anyone has anything else in chat because there's a little bit of a delay sometimes in that, just to see if there's anything else we want to touch on before we fully close out for the night. But I mean that's really what I wanted to make sure we went over as we're looking at these aspects of Christianity that. View our are foundational importance yeah love God love yourself love others. 
[43:46] It's not easy but it's what we have to do so. For all of those out there that are listening that didn't join us live tonight or weren't able to for various reasons we would love it if you joined us this podcast is recorded live on Sunday nights, at 6:30 central time Sunday evenings on Twitch goes out to Twitch Facebook and YouTube. Twitch being my personal main platform as Pastor newms the others are for the church specifically you can join us be part of the conversation as Phoenix and zaidi and groggy did tonight and Biggs normally does even though he's out and you know. We could all be part of the conversation together to again as I stated work on this together and work for words together being bereans and studying the scriptures not just accepting what, someone tells us is the truth. And so in that I hope that you can check us out on EKK.HOUSE is our website it will show you which twitch which Facebook which YouTube to find all of our stuff on. 
[45:08] And so I hope that we will see you there I want to tell you guys we love you no matter what and that. I hope you guys are safe and until we talk next time. 
[45:29] We love you and hope you're safe say it again.

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