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[0:00] Hello and welcome, to season 3 episode 86 of the Berean Manifesto faith hope and love for the modern Christian. This is pastor newms and I'm here to deliver an interesting thought process. Interesting. Topic tonight last week's was pretty heavy and so I decided to go a little bit lighter with this week's for a question that is you know. Plagues us all sooner or later in time and my personal thoughts on it but so first thing. You're my week is good we got a lot of stuff done around the house getting ready for the next school year. And such starting to get that process going so that way we can be ready to home school the girls next year and just a lot of a lot of stuff going on in my house. Played some games not a lot of streaming games just because it was you know, kind of boring stuff I was doing and random times I didn't stream it all this week hopefully this next week I will but. Overall my work week was good and the week itself was good just real busy. 
[1:30] I hope you guys all had a great week as well. 
[1:35] But that's just kind of how my week went was kind of boring I didn't do anything Fantastical or anything. 
[1:46] I don't think I can't remember anything I don't know alright see you, now onto the part of the show that I still don't like even though I'm continuing to do it every week because it's part of the show which is getting another pastor's the question tonight. Is what is one item you own that you really should throw away. But probably never will. So here's the problem with this question what is something that I should throw away but I probably won't. And the answer is everything. I keep way too much stuff. I collect things I treasure things very easily and I. End up. 
[2:54] Having just boxes of stuff yes as Phoenix said it is a family trait she does a similar thing, I Won't Say I'm quite at hoarder status. Because I don't keep. 
[3:17] Like newspapers boxes cans I've used you know things like that in piles but like. 
[3:27] Anything that might be collectible I keep in the Box typically I keep. 
[3:36] Things like that has Zaydiee says she's not like, me and Phoenix and we need to clean out a bunch of junk we never use which the reason we haven't is she knows if we were to start that process it would be nothing but a never-ending fight until we were done and, that'll be an interesting, time when she decides it's time to throw away a bunch of stuff because every time she does it gets to be pretty heated, nrm marriage during times when she wants to purge and I want to hoard. It was really really bad when we got married I came to the marriage with like 20 something. 24 totes of Collections and. 
[4:36] Just stuff like I have two totes of t-shirts from high school never some of them are band shirts that's why and we are down to like five totes because I eliminated over time and certain things are just real important and so they're out and about if I could once I get everything set up, you know as we build out the house more and more over time some of that stuff will become. 
[5:11] Integrated into the house I've got a lot of. Legos and lots of other things like that that are in boxes comic books things that are all plastic totes nothing's in boxes boxes, but hopefully soon we'll get all that put places I'll be rearranging my office soon, and when I do that it'll be time to it'll give me some time to be able to do some of that, purging an unboxing and figuring out OK is this box actually important is this thing in Port you know blah blah blah but I have a lot of stuff just stuff so yeah stuff. I think that's it for getting another pastors I think I think I think I think. 
[6:16] Which then leads us to. The message for the night the conversation we want to have whatever you want to call it the part of the time of talking so. I wanted to talk about do doggos go. 
[6:39] Blank now the term dog oh might be like the taco dogs are doggos dog. So it's play on that do all dogs go to heaven aspect because doggos is a is a thing and it's interesting because this is one of those situations where. Everyone has. Lots of people have opinions across all of history on what happens to pets every religion you know it gets asked because people love pets. So I thought we'd start with looking at what some religions outside of Christianity belief starting with Islam, um now this this synopsis I found so I don't know. I kind of grabbed a couple different sources and kind of pushed it all together as we all do with internet research so it's not like one place but, a bunch of stuff that I could find as I was researching so Islam doesn't and doesn't offer a clear answer in the Quran. 
[7:59] But in order to go to, Heaven their version of Heaven beings must be judged by God on Judgment Day and so then there's a dissent among, Scholars on whether animals would or would not be judged but, the Quran does say that people that go people who enter Paradise can have whatever they want and then logically some people would argue that than it is. The pets. Because if you've had lots of pets over time you love all of them they've passed at some point or another of course that's what you want once you are in Paradise so that is the, Buddhism and Hinduism they both have a thought process of reincarnation in them and so over time you your, they do believe animals have a soul in are sentient and that it is part of The Reincarnation cycle and so in that they would not because. 
[9:14] We are all animals are. Just part of our cycle of reincarnation so their thought processes is once you get to Nirvana you would be at a point of above that thought process, Judaism is similar to, Islam and what we're going to get to here in a few minutes with Christianity on whether it's kind of fuzzy. 
[9:45] And you know there are some people who go so far as to. You know whether there is a true heaven or hell as other religions Define it other than just paradise and she'll which we've talked about in past. Broadcast and and so there's that aspect but some rabbis say that you know. Animals can go to those places some people say some Rabbi say animals can't but in Judaism there is the belief that animals do have, Souls from what I can understand and that's part of the whole kosher. In the blood because that's where the souls are you know held kind of and same with us you know life is in the blood those aspects and so in Judaism there is. 
[10:45] The thought process that animals do have souls but it's unknown whether they can go to the paradise or the next phase. And then we get to Christianity where again, it's fuzzy because there are Scholars who believe yes there are scholarship believe know there are Scholars who believe no they don't have souls animals don't have souls but they do have. 
[11:17] Similar to the Islamic belief of well but once you get to heaven it is Paradise and what would Paradise be without our pets and so there are all those types of, conversations so what I kind of wanted to look at quickly and this is going to be a shorter one because let's be honest this is kind of a funny. A funny topic that I just kind of want to talk about because it's a question that children ask a lot it's a question that other people ask a lot and so I just wanted to give people a thought of you know let's think about it. And there's a couple places in scripture where animals are talked about a lot. They of course were created before man. In Genesis and then I'm going to use very interesting story which. Is an odd one to use for this but. 
[12:39] Thought process and balaam's donkey and so then when we look at. In 23 the story of Numbers 22 23 the story of Balaam, it said that the Lord opened the donkey's mouth so the exact thought is when the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the path of the Dawn, with a drawn sword in his hand she turned off the path and went to the field so Balaam hit her the angel of the Lord stood. 
[13:15] The narrow passage between The Vineyards in the stone wall on either side of the donkey saw the angel of the Lord and pressed him herself against the wall squeezing balaam's foot against it so he hit her, once again the angel of the Lord went ahead and sit in the narrow place so there's no room to turn right or left when the donkey saw the angel of the Lord she crouched down under Balaam so he became Furious and beat the donkey with his stick, the Lord then the Lord opened the donkey's mouth, and she asked Balaam what have I done to you that you have beaten me these three times and Balaam answered which this part of the find interesting Balaam answered the donkey and wasn't freaked out about the fact that there isn't donkey, talking to him you made me look like a fool if I had my sword in my hand I'd kill you and the donkey said I'm, am I not the donkey you've written all your life have I ever treated you this way before no he replied and the Lord opened balaam's eyes and he saw the angel of the Lord standing in the path with a drawn sword in his hand so. You know the reason I'm looking at this story of Balaam is this is one of the the times that. Animals have a direct Forefront. 
[14:36] Part of the story where they are actually. So what are the only times they have a speaking role in the scriptures other than the serpent in the. 
[14:55] In Genesis that was possessed and then the there's the. The, the prophetic aspect of the Dragon in Revelation which might or might not actually be, a physical creature or just the spiritual thought process of it which is another interesting discourse all in its own. So in that where it says the Lord opened the donkey's mouth the term for open that's used is I'm going to. I'm going to butcher this because I barely speak English properly but it's. 
[15:51] Pause fuck its primary route to open literally and figuratively specifically to loosen. To plow to carve to Break Forth to draw out to let go free it's use about 143 times in the KJV. Version where Strong's has talked about so go with me on this thought process so the Lord opened the donkey's mouth so. My thought process here is if you open the mouth. That means it had to be closed it doesn't say gave the ability to speak it says open which implies that animals have that sentient aspect. 
[16:50] And so replies it was closed now. 
[16:55] We don't we don't have in the Bible listed a definite time that the miles were closed but. We know that it's talking about here and the serpent the serpent the only other time. And one of the main things that separates us for Animals is the stability of you know speech it's not the only thing but it's one of those big things of understanding and languages and, fought over whether or not animals have souls or if they have reasoning or if they run sheerly off of instinct more than thought, but to me this story shows the attitude of the ass and the fact that she strove to serve her master well and so in that to me, um that rejects that thought process that animals only run on, now those of us that have pets and do more of treating our pets like they are part of the family as opposed to actual pets. Like my family does this is not something that is. 
[18:24] I surprised because we treat our animals like they have full attitudes all the time and so, you know we we often joke about things like that and you do notice in animals a distinct. Attitude often and so because of that I've always had that thought process of that animals had. The ability of speech and have their own personalities and have their own. Aspects of their personality just like their human counterparts which then leads us to. That thought process that day. Might have mental reasoning above. 
[19:20] That of just logic now as humans we are three parts we are Body Spirit and soul, and so one could argue well maybe they have the spirit but not the soul or one could argue they have just the soul and not the spirit depending on which usage of each word that you use whether one is the connection to your your mind will and emotion and then the other is your connection to, God and you know the spirit, and so there's the always that thought process when you start to talk about souls and those types of things and we've kind of talked about Soul versus spirit before in past broadcasts, and so you have to kind of look at you know is there a true, difference which we know there is between the spirit and the Soul so is it possible that the animals just have, the mind will and emotions but do not have an actual connection to the higher power that humans have. So we're going to talk about the soul specifically now to kind of. 
[20:39] Go into that the word that she translated into Soul most of the time is nephesh. And it's properly a breathing creature that is an animal, used very widely in literally mental and physical or an appetite it's used in the kjv 753. 
[21:08] Examples of this is TLeviticusis 26:11 so we'll look at that real quick as one of the aspects that we have Leviticus, 26:11 no that can't be right that's going to be a typo. 
[21:34] Is it how did you jump over to my parallel here sorry. 26 
[21:47] Hmm. 
[21:59] I'm looking for where I was actually I miss type something so let's find. Where it might be it's not into is it in six. 
[22:44] We looking for. 
[23:15] Okay. So here we have it is it's 26:11 sorry and I will set my Tabernacle among you and my soul, shall not a poor you and that Soul let's listed there is the 2315. Which is interesting because that is. 
[23:42] You know the Lord talking to us so his soul he uses that word of a breathing creature. Then when we look at Deuteronomy 6:5 would help fight look at the right, versions so that's the video Kiss 26/11 we go to Deuteronomy 6. 
[24:13] Five. We have love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all your soul and with all their strength and that word soul is the same that connection of the breathing. The breath that is in us and then if we look at Leviticus we jump back to Leviticus and we look at 27. 1:33 and say to them I have messed up my notes something terrible guys I'm very sorry. 
[25:40] Do do do do do do do do do. 
[26:00] There is a place where it is used for creature in Leviticus and that's what I'm trying to find and I am sorry that I have messed this up so royally. 
[27:01] 5314 I'm looking at it would help if I was looking at the correct. 
[27:13] Leviticus 26 11 let's go back there yeah using concordances incorrectly. 
[27:44] So let's look at Genesis 1:20 so the verdict is 26 and then we had Deuteronomy I forgot to type these references and then we're going to jump to Genesis 1. And there it says. And God said let the waters bring forth abundantly and moving creatures that hath life and fowl that may fly above the Earth in the open firmament of heaven and that creatures that have life is again that, that's that aspect of the Soul, it's the same word that's translated for soul for humans as well as used for man in certain places and used for animals, creatures that liveth so what's that. Implying that that Soul or spirit that it is speaking of at that point is what defines life and so when we look at that that's what. 
[29:10] That's where that conversation lies so we don't have to me we don't have biblical proof that animals don't. Have a soul in that so because of that there's no. Proof that they don't have the ability to move into the spiritual realm upon death so this is one of those situations where. 
[29:49] We don't know. And that's okay some of these aspects are things that we have to have beliefs about and we have to have faith in what we have and what we believe but this is one of those situations where we don't have definitive. Proof we know humans will go through a judgment we know. Aspects like that but we don't know whether or not animals will just you know it's that, you know old school movie all All Dogs Go to Heaven well all dogs are good dogs so they go to heaven you know, there's that thought process and so this is one of those that's of course not a Salvation aspect so this is one of those just thought experiments more than anything else of what do you believe why do you believe it, situations like that and the question was posed to me one time and that's why I had even looked any of this up in the past and, have then kind of used it to to look at that but personally for me I feel that animals will. Because we know there are animals in heaven. That is talked about in scripture and I closed my. 
[31:19] Bible program so I'm sorry technical difficulties just all over the place today we know that there is a time in. 
[31:35] Scripture where if we look at the end. 
[31:51] And that comes from I'm trying to find it again because I. Closed it after I opened it and this was not part of my. 
[32:15] To do to do. 
[32:18] Do do do do this wasn't part of my notes it just came to me while I was talking. 
[32:36] And it is found in. 
[33:00] 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2. 
[33:27] So 
[33:48] 52 do okay the one place I decided not to look quickly is of course where it's talked about this is that whole thing about doing church together. It looks like I'm just wrong. 
[34:43] So this is one of those weird. Aspects of Christianity where we talk about something over and over again but it is not accurate. In fun learning things together right guys so when Isaiah 11:6. The the passage talks about this is talking about the Thousand-Year Kingdom of Christ on Earth so this is before the final Heaven before the Ascension the final Ascension. But in Isaiah 11:6 it actually says not the lion but the wolf. The wolf it's actually talked about in a couple places Isaiah 6 11 and Isaiah 65 25 both of them say. The wolf and the lamb shall graze together which. 
[35:58] Is interesting because we always hear line in the lamb the thought process. 
[36:08] Possibly is when you look at you know it's just one of those things we're taught that's not actually document anywhere. 
[36:24] Some people say the reason why it's gotten messed up is. 
[36:32] In Revelation 5 and 6 when it's talking about the Scrolls being opened and it says and then one of the elders said to me do not weep, look the lion of the tribe of Judah the root of David has conquered so that he might be able to open the scroll and it's Seven Seals and then I saw one like a slaughtered lamb standing in the midst of the throne and four living creatures and among the elders he had seven horns and seven eyes which are the seven spirits of God sent into all the Earth um and then they open the scroll and so it's it's that aspect of combining, you know the Lord is talked about as The Lion and the lamb and then the wolf and the lamb slain down with each other, either that or it's yet another Mandela effect of I've jumped time streams and. You know they did turn the hydrogen the height of the. 
[37:26] The collider in CERN is back on so who knows but it's actually not talked about in scripture about the line in the lamps that's one of those things that unless I cannot find it and Google has failed us all while I'm doing research on the Fly which is. Interesting. So it's supposed to be a wolf I guess it doesn't make for his good of pictures maybe of a wolf in Lamb's but. I think that's also kind of better, so we know for a fact in the Thousand Years when God recreates Earth there will be animals but actual end time Heaven you know eternity that is up in the air. But we can hope and that's that's what we do, you know we have faith we hope and we love I hope all my animals are there waiting on me because I want them all just a house full of animals from my whole life. 
[38:35] So that is my. Discussion for tonight does anyone did anyone else that's listening all several of you guys know that it was wolf and not lamb am I the only one who thought lamb. I mean thought lion and lamb. I know Phoenix is out there and I know zadie is did both of you guys feel that. 
[39:11] It was lying instead of wolf am I the only one has everyone left me. 
[39:25] Phoenix says she knows it was wolf what what. 
[39:36] What can I guess it was me. Lady says she agrees she remembers it being lying always taught lying in the lamb what zaidi why do you feel that wolf makes more sense. The verse we're talking about so well both Phoenix we are talking about you know. 
[40:02] I was trying to find the scripture where it talks about the lion and the lamb which doesn't exist. And I thought the saying came from a verse. Because of what it implies but it does not. 
[40:26] And so that's interesting because I always remember being taught it was lion and lamb in Revelation. It appears zaidi says wait what did you find 80 what does it imply. 
[40:47] What does the verse imply well let's look at it again if we look at that was Isaiah 11. Six we can reread it 11:6. The wolf will dwell with the lamb the leopard will lie down with the goat the calf the lung Young Lion and the fatted calf will be together. And a child will lead them the cow and the bear will graze their young ones will lie together the line, eat straw like cattle an infant will play by the cobras pit and a toddler will put his hand into the snakes then they will not harm or destroy each other. On my entire Holy Mountain for the land will be as full of the knowledge of the Lord as the sea is full of water, and the root of Jesse will stand as a banner and the Nations will look to him. 
[41:59] Extend his hand to the remnant of people who survived this is all talk about the Thousand Years Isaiah prophesy sometimes. Interesting and and I agree Phoenix it does make sense when you think about it from the stack standpoint of the wolf is who usually fights against. Lambs other than a couple of times where it is a mountain lion. 
[42:37] No no it's not a version aspect but I do agree he's 80 it has. More sense along the line of the other stories of Wolfson Lambs it does make a lot more sense and maybe it's just that whole thing about the lion is talked about later with the calf which makes more sense because let's be honest lions. Fight calf's more than sheep. 
[43:06] And and yes Sadie in Narnia it is definitely a lamb and a sheep. And not a mountain lion but an actual I can't find. A verse with the line of the lamb but. Feel free to reach out to me you can find out how to contact us on EKK.House and. If I cannot find it and that would be good I'm sure someone out there would messages if possibly. You're the one who said Narnia and you're going to tell me I'm going to make you I'm sorry okay so we record this podcast every Sunday night at 6:30. And we. The live stream goes out on Twitch Facebook and YouTube and we welcome the chat. 
[44:19] I'm confused someone said Narnia we welcome the chat to allow for. The fact of having the conversation doing church together this isn't just one person or two people when Pastor Bill is with us and back from sabbatical to to do this this is all of us together. And so we record it 6:30 you can go to EKK.House as I was saying earlier and there you can find out which twitch which Facebook in which YouTube, but we would love for you guys to join us in this live recording so we can, interact and have fun and hang out while we study these things together often times while we're studying and Googling and, and reading scriptures and such on the Fly sometimes because of something I have my fidget in my hand, and I'm Still rocking I'm sorry Phoenix says I'm making her dizzy because I'm rocking back and forth for those of you who want to watch live you can come join and see how much I do not sit still when I'm recording this. So please come and join us and we hope to talk as we go and I hope to see you again next week and we love you guys and be safe.

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