S3Ep93- It Costs How Much...
, Pastor Bill And Pastor Newms The Berean Manifesto
Pastor Newms: [0:00] Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 93, of the BereanManifesto faith hope and love for the modern Christian I'm pastor newms and as recently and almost always I'm joined other side joined by Pastor Bill down here in the corner who doesn't remember that his cameras flipped.
Pastor Bill: [0:25] Much which side are you on now I can't remember.
Pastor Newms: [0:28] That's okay I have to point to the left to get to the right because it's camera versus stage and it's, yeah yeah so how was your week Pastor Bill.
Pastor Bill: [0:46] I was my week well we started playing a new game this week well new to me new update for you. So that was fun I started dedicating time to writing sci-fi again.
Pastor Newms: [1:02] That's good.
Pastor Bill: [1:03] So that was wheelie satisfying. Pretty much that's it I mean I did my you know much 20 hours this week on my contract labor for that project kids would School nobody got sick.
Pastor Newms: [1:20] That's good that's good.
Pastor Bill: [1:24] That was that was about it that's that's my week just, do my day-to-day and doing some writing and then playing get some gaming yesterday and little bit of gaming today gaming I would like to resources and building a ship.
Pastor Newms: [1:41] Still gaming too.
Pastor Bill: [1:42] It is technically still gaming yeah.
Pastor Newms: [1:45] Sometimes game.
Pastor Bill: [1:47] It's part of the survival games that I actually enjoy collecting the resources and then building the buildings.
Pastor Newms: [1:53] Yeah.
Pastor Bill: [1:54] All the go out and adventure and kill things and and collect magic staffs from pieces you put together yeah that's fun with friends every once in awhile but I don't want to go out and do that by myself in the game, what about if I just want to collect resources and build things.
Pastor Newms: [2:09] Yeah that's that's the big thing about Survival Games is there's the the two aspects of the game there's the resource Gathering the surviving, whether it's purges or or onslaughts or you know different things for different games but being able to, have a base in enjoy those aspects and then there's the actual like game, part of the game where they've got quests and they've got storyline and there's you know and it's interesting with some survival games they have the storyline built in like you know you have to do the story the story is forced upon you there's other survival games for the stories just laying around in notes like Ark where if you go out and look for it there's no story there's very little, as you go through each of the dungeons until you get to the farther like original map I'm talking of course not like the farther ones and then there's a game like, Conan where it's an interesting weird mix of the two where there's NPCs that will talk to you and tell you things about the story but yet, those things don't help you unless you are out.
Pastor Bill: [3:31] Really listen.
Pastor Newms: [3:33] Like and it's one of those things where like they'll tell you something and you're like okay and then you go do something you're like.
Pastor Bill: [3:40] Oh
Pastor Newms: [3:42] Okay, and so it's interesting how that how that plays out with survival games which are probably my favorite style of game, and then you've got games like Minecraft that have no story and it's just creative building Gathering.
Pastor Bill: [4:04] It's super boring real quick.
Pastor Newms: [4:08] So-so so-so.
Pastor Bill: [4:13] I mean I'm allowed to make personal statements about how I feel about things.
Pastor Newms: [4:17] No you're not.
Pastor Bill: [4:18] Minecraft is Just.
[4:31] Yeah right I know it's the it's the concept that there is no Adventure there is no greater Adventure out there makes it boring. There's no hope built into the game, it's all just this is all there is just this is all there is.
Pastor Newms: [4:50] It's one of the reasons I don't like Shooters is there's no like okay we spawn in we kill each other we spawn out yay we're done.
Pastor Bill: [4:59] I don't like multiplayer Shooters but I like Shooters with the storyline.
Pastor Newms: [5:15] I think that's my week was good I'm busy work is really busy, got a lot going on at work lot going on it's luckily slow down here at the house I was, not feeling good last week both the girls got sick last week. And so that was that was fun in the middle of the week had lunch with my parents today with my ants that were in town and my grandmother and everyone that was fun so yeah it's been a pretty standard week.
Pastor Bill: [6:09] Yeah.
Pastor Newms: [6:11] I hate it so much I hate it so much.
Pastor Bill: [6:32] We're like why was there such silence on.
Pastor Newms: [6:34] What is the most beautiful drive you have ever taken be as descriptive as possible.
Pastor Bill: [6:48] Descriptive as Paul what doesn't actually say that.
Pastor Newms: [6:50] Want me to pull the next card yeah.
[6:58] Let me read this card instead okay of all the movie characters you have ever seen which one do you believe is most like you.
[7:13] I wish there was a wee little monitor hanging up there for Bill.
Pastor Bill: [7:20] I keep looking up at you.
Pastor Newms: [7:22] Oh
Pastor Bill: [7:24] But all that's up there is a Rubik's Cube stack of books. My my personal air conditioner.
Pastor Newms: [7:33] So what movie character do you most you feel as the most like you that you've ever seen on screen. Do do do do do do do.
Pastor Bill: [7:49] Nothing comes to mind.
Pastor Newms: [7:50] Zaydie says, a person's name that I have no idea who that is or which movie She's referring to Phoenix says Forrest Gump which is interesting because she, doesn't run oh Cara from Riddick got it got it got it.
Pastor Bill: [8:22] All the movies I've seen who is like me.
Pastor Newms: [8:25] Mmm.
Pastor Bill: [8:27] Ain't nobody like me.
Pastor Newms: [8:42] In any movie is like me do we call this one a dud and pull another card.
Pastor Bill: [8:47] Yeah let's pull another car at this was.
Pastor Newms: [8:50] This is not a good part of my deck it looks like that's that's two cards.
Pastor Bill: [8:53] This is getting to know as afternoon the ladies and Pastor newms is house was what that bit was so now let's do getting to know the past.
Pastor Newms: [9:02] Punisher is not a good representation of me for two reasons one. I'm not that accurate of a shot and two, I'm not that physically able okay.
Pastor Bill: [9:33] It's got to be retail.
Pastor Newms: [9:34] Retail store.
Pastor Bill: [9:36] A retail store.
Pastor Newms: [9:37] Yeah you got to sell something what would your merchandise be.
Pastor Bill: [9:44] I mean it's Gotta Be nerd stuff. We're talking like strictly retail.
Pastor Newms: [9:53] Yeah.
Pastor Bill: [9:58] Doctor Who start yay.
Pastor Newms: [10:02] I would want to open up, A8 game / nerd stuff store I would have to say originally I thought of the same first six letters first five letters as you, but it was not stuff that came to my mind at first. You know some shipping material is nerd shipping material.
Pastor Bill: [10:36] Look at the still high in transit.
Pastor Newms: [10:38] Yeah you got a store things very high in transit full of nerd stuff boxes full of nerd stuff. But games I love games I've always loved games board games card games, just, all kinds of game stuff and then of course obviously I like nerd stuff, but it would definitely be one of those stores where you go into and you're like what is what is the theme here this the I think I would actually call the store nerds, I really do just think of that that would be the name of the store because there's not really any other explanation for what this store is this store is just nerd.
Pastor Bill: [11:38] Now you just you call it nerd stuff, but the you is actually the poop emoji, not a you.
Pastor Newms: [11:47] Or just new nerd poop emoji.
Pastor Bill: [11:53] Well then it didn't it's you're getting a little bit too much to closer to the, in appropriate signage but if you say nerd stuff and then you make that then you know it's appropriate again.
Pastor Newms: [12:06] Yeah exactly Phoenix it would be just random crap there'd be the the section of weapons that doesn't make any sense.
Pastor Bill: [12:17] Up and was featured in one episode of this show in 1999.
Pastor Newms: [12:22] Yeah this is a this is a stick that that was used to beat the third, King Of Who hovel you know just random crud would be the whole it would be just a whole store of just you know it would be like, it'd be like the basement of some of those specialty shops like you know like, on your way to Gatlinburg there's this huge knife store not that kind of specialty shop pervert there's like this huge huge knife store, and then you get into the basement you go down a level and it's like swords and, weapons and gems and rocks and crystals and you're like did they just not know what to do with the rest of this stuff like they just solved it that's a suit of armor what does that have to do with, okay okay okay, just movie memorabilia and stuff just a whole thing stuff which what.
Pastor Bill: [13:25] If if we had been talking about like restaurant, I've always thought about opening a taco shop called Taco City but talks talk Cassidy taka City and then make the TAC and then the 0 is just a biohazard symbol, and alike, incorporate like every different type of pepper in the world into a special type of taco and be like okay now we got our habanero Taco we've got our ghost pepper Taco we've got our and use different levels of just just simple simple tacos but, you can get it with a kick and as Tha custody like toxicity but it's how custody I'm us.
Pastor Newms: [14:08] I'm with you on it but but but the issue I would have would be the cross-contamination cross contaminate the poblano standard I just want a taco with one.
Pastor Bill: [14:22] We would definitely go through a lot of gloves.
Pastor Newms: [14:26] Yeah but that cross contamination.
Pastor Bill: [14:28] Doing cross contamination.
Pastor Newms: [14:29] His just you're going to you're going to burn some little wussy to death like I'd walk up.
Pastor Bill: [14:40] Maybe we have people sign waivers when they come to the door right.
Pastor Newms: [14:44] Mild Taco please and they'd be like okay yeah no problem hand me the taco and for the next seven and a half hours I'm just dead on the ground holding my stomach and crying because you're mean.
Pastor Bill: [15:00] Because I mean.
Pastor Newms: [15:01] That's what I see when I hear your thoughts sorry yeah.
Pastor Bill: [15:03] I see I see okay.
[15:10] So that's restaurant that's retail, and then obviously I've always wanted to open the. The long-term vision of what this you know was gearing towards that. You know life will tell I don't know.
Pastor Newms: [15:32] Right multimedia conglomeration of random fun.
Pastor Bill: [15:39] Random thing.
Pastor Newms: [15:42] It's okay fine right up Christian themed random audacity random tenacity.
Pastor Bill: [15:50] Christian movie theater.
Pastor Newms: [15:53] They can also.
Pastor Bill: [15:54] B Sharp.
Pastor Newms: [15:55] That's a coffee shop and a bookstore.
Pastor Bill: [15:58] And a concert stage and a bookstore like a just a just a general.
Pastor Newms: [16:03] Center.
Pastor Bill: [16:04] Christian multi-purpose Center but that doesn't suck.
[16:14] Right leg.
Pastor Newms: [16:15] I got you I got you I got you I got you I know the vision I've been in all the meetings literally.
Pastor Bill: [16:27] I literally have literally been in every one of them meetings.
Pastor Newms: [16:30] And you really had to edit me out of like part of one of them.
Pastor Bill: [16:35] Right because you let your mouth get away with you sometimes you're just like I flew a I do.
Pastor Newms: [16:40] I do I do, I am very passionate and I have been asked to not preach on several stages in the past due to my mouth getting, ahead of myself and.
Pastor Bill: [16:59] In ex calls it the unsexy Christian multi shop.
Pastor Newms: [17:02] Multi stop it says.
Pastor Bill: [17:04] I've stopped my Af my bad multi stuff. The unsexy Christian multi stop.
Pastor Newms: [17:10] You should work that phrase into our business plan somewhere for the for the church. Our goal is to one day be a nun sucky Christian music stop multi stop yeah I've in the past.
Pastor Bill: [17:28] You can get one of these if you give us lots of money and you come and you be like Morty stuff. Multi-star.
Pastor Newms: [17:38] Most Estep yeah it's funny I joke about that but I have actually been asked twice when, places where my mouth is gotten I get very passionate when I'm preaching and then tend to.
Pastor Bill: [18:14] Indeed.
Pastor Newms: [18:15] So yeah, anywho so tonight are we warmed up you think.
Pastor Bill: [18:26] I think we're plenty of warmed up I think we can stop. Beating around the bush and get to get on with it I know you're stalling because.
Pastor Newms: [18:38] I am cuz there's a problem oui are talking about discipleship. And we are heavily basing it on Tony Evans study of, Kingdom disciples and we're talking about discipleship and it's a good study, there are you know they're great things about it so far and this week, what we were going to talk about is the fact that there is a cost to being a disciple, and so I titled this one I forgot it costs how much dot-dot-dot, and the reason is because.
[19:39] That's the question is what does it cost you know you have a. Salvation you know we talked in the first week about salvation isn't the, end goal it is a the first goal you know the first goal is salvation and then discipleship because you can't disciple, if you don't believe in what you're being discipled in, so it's it's the first step of discipleship and you know when when we were, doing a research and watching stuff today it was interesting to look at.
[20:29] Dr. Evans is he was talking and he was like Hey look you know. There's there's a cost salvation is free there's a cost to being a disciple and I found it really interesting, you know the points that he made throughout the time but the hard part is is the cost of being a disciple is something that we talked about, a lot without talking about the cost of being a disciple here at, the Collision house we talked about the fact that you have to put the work in we talked about the fact that it's not easy, it's not just hear what someone says and go do it it's not just. Okay I'm a Christian now let's go do exactly what we were doing yesterday change absolutely nothing don't listen to the Holy Spirit talking to me and telling me to do things don't reach out to others don't you know we've talked about, so much I was like oh crud I, I don't know where to go because we've covered all of this it in in.
[21:49] And you know over and over and over and over and over again and so because of that, it is a it's I'm struggling today to really find what I want to talk about and like. Tony Evans gave some really great scriptures and some really great things that he talked about but. I just I couldn't find what hook I wanted to really like dig in and discuss because.
[22:31] The cost of being a disciple is the same as what we talked about all the time of being Berean in what we do and how we study and how we live our lives, now I will say there's an example, that Tony Evans gives and he's given this example before and I love it and so I'm going to give it here I'm going to steal it because it's fun, a football game on television. Last three hours when you sit down you got the pre-show you got the show you got the thing you got the stuff you got the commercial breaks you got the the game itself on the clock is an hour, actual Play Time physical hitting play time is around 17 minutes.
[23:29] So we spent three hours for 17 minutes worth of content, some of us then continue past that and use those 17 minutes to play Fantasy Football off of, to watch SportsCenter and see clips of the 17 minutes that we already just watched we dig into it then we go and we talk to our friends about it and we, we base our whole certain people base their whole personality around 17 minutes of gameplay. Because they're a football fan we all know him we all love them there's someone you know and love that is a football fan, yes yes there is there someone you know and love that is a football fan.
Pastor Bill: [24:15] No but love I wonder.
Pastor Newms: [24:23] I'll start with me so because of that if we did the same thing. With scripture and with why did you put up the website why is the website up.
Pastor Bill: [24:43] You were like don't start with me and I was like fine I'll just.
Pastor Newms: [24:46] Oh
Pastor Bill: [24:47] Don't go away.
Pastor Newms: [24:49] With with scripture and with the Nuggets that we find and and those types of things if we dwelled on it and dug into it as much as people dig into football. We would be radically changed but we, so many of us including myself I do not spend as much time in scripture as a football fan spins on football I can guarantee that, I try to spend time in scripture but not as much as a football fan watches football for 17 minutes of action, and so I find that to be an example that I've heard before but hearing it again really makes you just go, interesting so Pastor Bill what do you want to talk about what do you want to say about about what we.
Pastor Bill: [25:49] All right so for me when we were watching the video and listen well listening I didn't really watch it because I don't really look at it as just listen to it, really it it really, what stuck out to me in what I really might take away is he talked about in college people auditing classes.
Pastor Newms: [26:15] Oh yeah.
Pastor Bill: [26:16] And you know go into class and just just being exposed to it but then not putting any of the work and not getting any of the real credit in the end, and he said now a lot of people out there doing the same thing with church and with being a Christian, they're auditing Christianity they're showing up on Sunday mornings and just, being exposed to the word and exposed to the scriptures exposed to the culture of Christianity but then not actually putting in the work, to actually earn the credit and actually know the subject and actually be a part of the subject and actually, you know make it part of their lives and so that really you know I was like oh man yeah that's that's true so many people do that.
[27:10] And it just honestly if you're going to church, for any reason other than community, right going to see other believers and support each other in your walk in life and let each other know you know hey the Lord's got your back I got your back give me a call then you're doing it wrong if you're going to church, just to sing a song and just to wear a suit and just to hear a pretty sermon then that's you're not you're not utilizing that tool, the the whole point the tool of the church is to bind you together with other believers there's worship that's awesome it's great to detox from, all the stuff in your week that might be pulling you away from the Lord pulling your attention that's great, there's a sermon that's awesome you should definitely take advantage of wisdom in the Insight that the pastor of the church has put together to share with you.
[28:17] But what you should do with that with some insight and wisdom is then go to your community at, church and say hey this is what Pastor taught about what do we think how are we going to apply it to our lives, you know are you struggling that area did did something he say really resonate with you that I can pray with you for or oh man you know, he was really reading my mail this week is what a phrase that I've used before he was reading my mail this week I need prayer for just that thing that he was talking about, it was literally like he opened my mailbox he knew exactly what was going on in my life and so I need help with that area now.
[28:58] Don't audit your Christianity, actually live your Christianity and he was talking about and it tied back to something a video I saw on Tik-Tok a couple weeks ago this guy was talking about, there's so many people calling themselves Christian, that hate lgbtq that are races that are nationalist that are, fascist it on and on and on that this word Christian has started to become synonymous with all of these negative things that, don't reflect, love God love your neighbor as yourself and the guy in the video was just exasperated like I don't even know what to call myself like I don't introduce myself as a Christian anymore to people because, I want them to see God through me I don't want them to see white nationalist America when I call myself a Christian.
Pastor Newms: [30:01] You know go ahead.
Pastor Bill: [30:05] He said in the video he said. You can audit Christianity and you can you know oh I'm a Christian but are you a disciple of Christ are you a follower, of Christ right so the first century Church they called themselves followers of the way, Christ called himself the way the truth and the light they called themselves followers of the way and this term Christian this was a derogatory term originally, that you know it was a diminutive you're just a little copy of Christ you're a weaker copy you're a demean you know it was it was an insult, and Christians adopted in owned it and made it their own word and move forward in time perhaps it's time.
[31:00] That we take this word that was an insult that you know they owned, and now has become synonymous with white nationalist racist hateful above the and just hey I'm a disciple of Christ I'm a follower of Christ I follow the way, find one of these new scripture will terms so that when you introduce yourself to someone hey man what's what's different about you what is it in your life that's that's different don't say oh I'm a Christian, say well I love Christ and, as a follower of Christ as a disciple of Christ you know that kind of language I love my neighbor the same way I love myself I love myself to learn how to love my neighbor I love my neighbor like that and I love and honor God. And so it's just this whole thing of don't audit Christianity, be a disciple of Christ yourself for making disciples but are we being disciples.
Pastor Newms: [32:05] Yeah.
Pastor Bill: [32:06] We talked about, you know love your neighbor as yourself and so often the modern Church Big C modern Church skips over that as yourself and goes oh well that's just that's just you know, that's just flowery talk love your neighbor as yourself well no that's a deep statement if you don't love yourself then you can't love your neighbor as yourself because then you're not loving your neighbor, you have to get your house in order and love yourself and then love your neighbor as yourself well if you're going to be out there making disciples you have to learn to be a disciple first and followed the Lord, and actually, be a follower of Christ not just someone who's auditing Christianity not just a Sunday morning Christian not just.
[33:03] Oh I go on Christmas and Easter I go to church and the rest of the year I'm spiritual but I believe in God and I love Christ and all that, well do something about it being a disciple of Christ if you're you know if you're going to claim to love Jesus Jesus said you know you love me, show me you love me by following my commands and Jesus command Jesus commands were very simple, so simple and short such a short list so yeah so that's where listening to that video took my mind and just you know that's where I'm at.
Pastor Newms: [33:40] So scripturally. I wanted to look at two places, and I'm struggling to find one of them cuz I lost it and now I'm trying to find it again. What if I tell you.
Pastor Bill: [34:08] Well I may be able to find you the exact reference.
Pastor Newms: [34:10] Well it's just that it's the verse where it's misconstrued quite often where.
Pastor Bill: [34:27] Right.
Pastor Newms: [34:28] I'm trying to find where it is cuz I've lost it, I had it pulled up and then I had another scripture that I was going to use and I looked at it and then I lost.
Pastor Bill: [34:41] We're talking about James chapter 2.
Pastor Newms: [34:44] Am I okay.
Pastor Bill: [34:47] Roundabouts verse 14 but.
Pastor Newms: [34:52] Yeah so James 2:14 thank you I'm like I've lost it.
Pastor Bill: [35:01] I was like I know that's James but I can't remember what chapter it is.
Pastor Newms: [35:05] So I'll start there and then I'll I'll do the other verse that I put into chat as well but James 2:14 says what good is it my brothers and sisters if someone claims to have faith but does not have Works can such Faith save him, if a brother is without clothes and lacks daily food and one of you says to him go in peace stay warm and be well fed but you don't give them what the body needs what good is it, and so.
[35:50] It is interesting when you look at that because. One of the big points there is by itself.
[36:05] Not saying works is salvation because we know that's not accurate based in Romans and lots of teachings throughout scripture that you you know a person is saved by, you know believing in speaking having faith but the by itself the faith is dead that doesn't mean, both to get into heaven but what it's saying is is you haven't activated your faith you haven't you're not living it, you're just sitting in it and so like that like a dead body it's just sitting there it's not, being fulfilled and, and you know you often quote James 216 which is the go in peace and stay warm and be well fed and if you don't give it if you don't help them what good is it you know and that's, what, he's talking about here it's not necessarily because some people have used this to justify okay will you see you have to have both in order for salvation and that's not necessarily what James is talking about.
[37:34] What he's talking about is without it your faith is just knit it's just there.
Pastor Bill: [37:42] Yeah and Paul Paul backs up that same concept in in Romans chapter 3, starting in verse 27 if you want to write that type that in my hands are a little full at the moment. Romans 3 27 where then is boasting it is excluded by what kind of law by one of Works no on the contrary by a law of faith, for we conclude that a person is justified by faith apart from the works of the law or is God the god of the Jews only, is he not the god of Gentiles to yes of Gentiles to since there is one God who will justify the circumcised by faith and the uncircumcised through faith, do we then nullify the law through faith absolutely not on the contrary we uphold the law so he's saying you know. There's there's those who are doing works because of their faith and then those two have faith in it leads them to works and they're basically the same thing. It's not the works that justifies its.
Pastor Newms: [39:04] Right yeah and. We have examples of people that don't take that next step and I mean we all know people, they're saved they believe in but they give they don't do they don't do anything, with their faith they have it and they hold it and they'll tell you about it if you ask you can kind of tell it's there but, like they're not doing anything they're not studying they're not growing they're not, discipling they're not trying to better themselves in the faith they're just there which, is not salvation aspects which is not what we're talking about in this series it's discipleship so you know.
[39:57] You can have the first part without the second but it's ineffective for living it's fine for, getting to heaven but it's ineffective as a we're walking this out and so then I want to talk about Luke 9:23 through 27, and, it says and he said to them this is Jesus talking if anyone wants to follow me let him deny himself take up his cross daily and follow me for whoever wants to save his life will lose it but, whoever loses his life because of me will save it for what does it benefit someone if he gains the whole world and let loses or forfeits himself and the old KJV, the old KJV sorry the KJV says they're you know his soul so then we continue for whosoever is ashamed, of me and my Works my words the son of man will be ashamed of him when he comes in glory and that the father and the Holy Angels, truly I tell you there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God and.
[41:04] When you look at that that's often been used as a probe persecution Pro, what's it called when you deny yourself of everything, the like the monks they beat themselves and they did take her date themselves and they there's a there's a term for it and I can't remember it off top my head sorry. But it's but when it's self-inflicted where it's you have to deny yourself every.
Pastor Bill: [41:37] Vow of poverty.
Pastor Newms: [41:42] And it's interesting to this verse has been used for that and that's not necessarily what it means it means you know, we you have to put it in front of yourself not it'd be you know you're not punishing yourself, on a daily basis like the old monks used to flog themselves as they walked through the Halls to that way they felt closer to Jesus and it's like, I don't I don't I don't pick that up from the rest of scripture and Jesus loving us that we should ensure we're bloody.
Pastor Bill: [42:23] I've always been confused by that like, you're living in a monastery with a bunch of dude. And you're not going out and having fun you're not drinking anything but maybe beer for the purpose of digestion because you're eating moldy bread and gruel three times a day and you think, you're not suffering enough you've got to start flogging yourself too, I think you're already suffering enough bro I don't think you need to add the flocking.
Pastor Newms: [42:54] Yeah you've already taken a step farther than what most of us would in in trying to walk it out, which now I'm picturing them monk actually walking it out like the song I walk it out I walk it I picture anyway.
Pastor Bill: [43:12] Right now.
Pastor Newms: [43:17] Equipped rocking monk all right can they only wear blue robes then anyway okay, back to what we're talking about there's there's there's that aspect between this case you wonder how my brain works congratulations y'all seeing it there's that huge difference between, you know, we have to walk out our faith and that doesn't mean if we're not walking it out we don't have it but what it does mean is we're not walking in it you're you're just sitting on, and if you're sitting on your thumb your thumb can't do anything else that's all I have.
Pastor Bill: [44:03] But you also get the flip side a lot where we talked about people or coerced into, they just say this prayer so if you get hit by a bus tonight that it enough and then those people go oh well they told me I'm a Christian now so I should start doing some works, and they serve in the church they go on missions trips they done it you know and they have this whole list of works that they did that they point to as evidence and go see there's proof I was a Christian, but I've realized I don't believe that anymore I don't believe that.
[44:39] Well you never really did Works wasn't evidence of your faith, works is inspired by, Faith so you can't look back and go what is all these works that's evidence that's evidence that I was a Christian well no works is not evidence that your Christian belief is evidence that your Christian and and believe this, this thing of moral persuasion this thing of of conviction, isn't something you can just one day ago I don't believe that anymore, because that's not the help piss just works, the Greek word it's record piscis that's week we say faith but it's there are pissed us and it loses so much volume and breath in the English version when we say oh you just believe and have faith well.
[45:36] That's so shallow that such a shallow interpretation of the idea expressed in the scriptures.
Pastor Newms: [45:42] An NS as big said. It's a Greek word it's not what you thought you heard I'm sure Google Translates going to translate it exactly what you thought Biggs but I agree with what you say it's a whitewash Tums or tomb is what I, you were trying to write and I'm just being mean today but, it is it's in Jesus said that you know if you just clean your outside and you haven't cleaned your inside your whitewashed tomb and and that's that aspect of, why are you doing it what's the motivation when you talk about you know faith without works is dead.
Pastor Bill: [46:30] Not only did Jesus know how to lay down the insults.
Pastor Newms: [46:33] Oh I know.
Pastor Bill: [46:34] But he must have laid them down often for the gospel writers to go I'm going to include this one I'm gonna include this one he must have you must have I mean.
Pastor Newms: [46:48] He was sassy.
Pastor Bill: [46:50] He was it was something else.
Pastor Newms: [46:54] Especially for the day.
Pastor Bill: [46:58] I mean whitewashed tombs that's that's like you can get kicked out of the temple you you don't say that in front of like the emperor you don't say that in front of the high priest that's some so that's some serious, roget for Elaine.
Pastor Newms: [47:13] Touch the Dead, you know a culture you're not even allowed to you know touch a dead you can't prepare you can only prepare them in certain ways and in certain you know that's a big deal that's a big deal.
Pastor Bill: [47:25] And there actually was. A thing where people would whitewashed tombs they would go in and take a tomb that a body had already been put in, they would remove the body clean the tube and then resell it to another family, and be like Oh yeah this will be the Eternal resting place of your loved one and then go back in and take that body and remove it and dispose of that body and clean the tomb again and resale the tomb, and so it was this underhanded process I mean he's literally accusing them of, telling tombs to people instead of Hope instead of Love instead of Faith you know you are you are, fooling these people you are selling them a bill of goods you know you are just, this is awful you are V8 you being the lowest of the low like you're committing capital crimes right now, with the people.
[48:47] That's it that's what I got.
Pastor Newms: [48:48] All right so thank you so much for those people who joined us in recording in during the live recording the live recording happens on Sunday nights at 6:30, and you can join us on Twitch Facebook or YouTube most of our people join us on Twitch just because, which is fun anyway that's my bias we all have biases in life um you can go to our website Ekk.House to see where you can do that which of those each of those platforms there's actually little buttons that you can see on this little image if you happen to be watching but if you're watching you're watching on one of those so yeah but. I hope.
Pastor Bill: [49:43] Not necessarily maybe somebody downloaded the video later and sent it to someone and said hey watch this video.
Pastor Newms: [49:52] Okay that's fine fine you won so please come join us so you can part of the conversation as Biggs and Phoenix and zaidi and and did tonight and other people do on other nights and, you know give that sense of community that we're talking about a coming together and doing church not just you know, having two faces talk to you or two voices tell you what to think because that is not what this is about so, we hope you guys join us and it either way we will talk with you next time and we love you.
Pastor Bill: [50:34] Be safe out there.

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