S3Ep94- Should We Be Intimate?
Pastor Bill And Pastor Newms 

Pastor Newms: [0:00] And hello wait that's not how you start we start with, hello and welcome to season 3 episode 94 of the Breen Manifesto faith hope and love for the modern Christian I'm pastor newms and Pastor Bill is still down here. In the little corner, for the next three weeks I think it is before you start taking the big Corner again because we've got three three more weeks of this, podcast I mean of this series
Pastor Bill: [0:42] I guess in three weeks I'll take the big screen back. My week was.
[1:01] Rotated my mattress.
Pastor Newms: [1:02] You rotated your. If that is the highlight of your week we need to talk.
Pastor Bill: [1:16] That was the highlight of my week.
[1:32] Yeah not a whole bunch but yeah.
Pastor Newms: [1:34] We didn't stream because my week was crazy we. We did something kind of cool seven days ago that I didn't realize until tonight, because I'm real bad at paying attention to things sometimes because I'm really really bad at life we got our first donation on our.
Pastor Bill: [2:23] Heights a mole air horn.
Pastor Newms: [2:27] It was mr. groggy because we love him so it was it's good that we got it. But the it is you know family member so it wasn't like a random Watcher but I mean the Trevor Project, is a good, charity so you know money is money so yeah that was kind of cool I noticed it when I logged in today it was like 7 days ago and I was like oh I missed that oops that must have happened last week during church I'm bad big says you have a very weak air horn.
Pastor Bill: [3:14] Yeah well.
Pastor Newms: [3:15] So that's one of those things so so what else do you. Haha your your screen your mic modulation is straight up ignoring that noise and assuming assuming it's gross background noise.
Pastor Bill: [3:37] That's a funny.
Pastor Newms: [3:38] Like we see you put it up there we see it light up and we see you go because you're excited and then nothing.
Pastor Bill: [3:45] Nothing.
Pastor Newms: [3:48] It was quite humorous like.
Pastor Bill: [3:51] No Sly screwdriver noise whatsoever just.
Pastor Newms: [3:53] Your Sonic I think your Sonic is broken ha ha.
Pastor Bill: [3:57] Sonic doesn't Sonic bro.
Pastor Newms: [3:59] Yeah I think you just have an LED screwdriver so your week was just kind of normal.
[4:25] Chest hair you were.
Pastor Bill: [4:25] There's all still there yeah.
Pastor Newms: [4:28] Um what are you looking at down there just hair that makes sense.
Pastor Bill: [4:33] The top of my belly I guess I don't know.
Pastor Newms: [4:35] Top of my belt I do I feel you on that one I have I have hair just the. My week was interesting I started out.
Pastor Bill: [5:02] Father think too much information to know that you have hair all over your body.
Pastor Newms: [5:15] But to be fair he actually has slightly more hair on his head.
Pastor Bill: [5:21] We'll be fine.
Pastor Newms: [5:22] To be fair or so my week was weird this week, I worked a lot I, well Monday morning I woke up and it was it was a it I'm in the middle of a gout flare, and it is painful and so I spent most of my week working and then laying down so we have there's a couch here that you can't see because Pastor bills heads in front of it there's a couch right here, we're past your bills head is and it's a futon couch that came with, when says moved in and so when he got a bed for his bedroom there was enough room in it for the couch thing and his so the little settee that was here is gone, and there's now this couch right here right here and so um, multiple times this week it was like okay I'm done with work I don't feel like going downstairs I just go over there and lay down so.
Pastor Bill: [6:41] Lay down right here in the room.
Pastor Newms: [6:43] I just watch whatever says was doing and then play on my phone and put my feet up and so that was most of my week, taking some extra fat.
Pastor Bill: [6:55] Today I called and groggy answered the phone and he was like gnomes is asleep oh okay.
Pastor Newms: [7:02] And so that's that's that's where we're going to go next the weird things that happened this weekend and my beard hair has gotten in my headset I hate when that happens the, the hair right here curls and it curls enough that it's under this that it then, gets in my ear and it I didn't straighten my beard before we started tonight so sorry listeners you had to deal with that so Friday, we had DND like normal. Your son's game that was fun but because of my increased vitamins and stuff I missed part of that because I was sick because charcoal, taking activated charcoal does some stuff to systems makes you a little sticky sometimes so we did the end, yeah we did the Indie like normal then Saturday rolled around, and we ended up canceling Monday Bible study in the morning on Saturday the family bible study because there was just a lot of family stuff going on different people in different places.
Pastor Bill: [8:18] So when we do what we're doing tonight are we going to get a week ahead again. Because last week we were like we're week ahead we should pick back up next week.
Pastor Newms: [8:29] I know we are but that's okay I'm just plugging through hopefully I won't get extremely nauseous directly after this and I won't, not do the post like I'm supposed to do but it will be fine we'll be fine it'll be fine it'll be fine I'll be fine.
Pastor Bill: [8:49] That'll be fine.
Pastor Newms: [8:51] Several people in the family bible study can't even use, which witch or listen to podcasts so Biggs will realize it glorious realize you know it is all good, I do have a couple other family members that do listen to it when the podcast comes out and we love that they do as well because that's fun. So we'll see if they notice because I'm not going to say anything this time because I said something about it last time but I'm not going to this time and so, we had to cancel it and so I was like okay and it was funny because when we cancelled it didn't the cats like the cats like new so then my my boy cat, Amy and then the other cat that hangs out in my room all the time Shila both, one of them lay on my pillow and one of them laid next to me like okay cool we're not getting up and I'm like how do they know we're not cats cats gravy like so and then we woke up and then we had.
Pastor Bill: [9:59] It out of my head.
Pastor Newms: [10:12] How. The the best is actually here he's downstairs groggy is and so he Chi is doing her do not leave groggy at all because she, knows that groggy leaves after dinner and he only stays one night and then he leaves and so she's not leaving, his lap, and it's a cert we call it her don't leave ritual because she just follows him around the house when he goes to get a drink or anything and then sits on him the whole time it's really funny so, groggy was some he was actually in town visiting a different family member and he called Tina and he was like can I can I come over, and she's like sure and so he came over.
[11:04] And I'd lay down take a nap and so then he gets here and he like you said you called me and he answered the phone well then I had to run out because I bought most of what I needed for dinner but I didn't buy everything. And I was like okay let me go get a couple things and then I'll come home cooked dinner so came home start cooking dinner and I've got nice Grill it's not an amazing girl yeah and and groggy had no intention on spending the night or staying he was just going to stop by because he was in town, and of course that doesn't work because I'm very needy and I tend to beg, and the girls beg all the time so he of course was the cuckoo Castle spend the night so.
Pastor Bill: [11:47] Mmm okay fine.
Pastor Newms: [11:50] Yeah okay fine especially when Serphiona was like by the way I just made the bed upstairs I cleaned the room and made the bed so you can sleep up there and he's like but I wasn't going to, all right fine it's fine so I start to grill now a couple weeks ago when I grill.
[12:10] I told Tina I was like Zaydie look, I need to clean the grill there is too much grease buildup in the bottom of the grill I need to clean the grill I need you to help me remember to clean the grill, I did not remember to clean the grill so I start grilling the burgers no big deal everything's fine everything's fine flipping the burgers once they get the the juice on the top so that.
[12:39] You know you know once you know that the juice is risen so then you flip them and you know using cook them low and slow so that way you don't burn them it you know all the things you need to do go inside and I'll make it macaroni and cheese inside and I was making mashed potatoes inside and I was making I think that was all I was making, inside so now go back outside and I flip them all, and there's a little bit of a poof on one of the area's right because that happens when you are cooking Burgers over gasps you know you know cuz, grease and I'm like alright cool no problem tonight, you know Pat the top of the burger is flip you know rotating around because I do have one hot spot in my grill and rotate them all and then I kind of half turn around and the fire has not gone down it has actually caught, the bottom underneath the flame where the grease had built up. That caught fire and so all of a sudden the fire is like taller than me and, it's not hitting the house but it's taller than me and it's just fire and I'm like oh I'm sorry I crack the door and and I'm like.
Pastor Bill: [13:56] This sounds familiar.
Pastor Newms: [13:58] It does this is why I made you wait so that way you could and I was and I opened the door and I was like water now and they bring me this big thing, and I dump the water on it well if you smother it it does go out and so it did it went out. He's got to use more water than I know it's not how you should handle it huh.
Pastor Bill: [14:19] Their edges to catch the water is that what you're saying.
Pastor Newms: [14:21] Yeah yeah because they're because it was because it's it's the bottom of the grill it's the inside of the grill so once you dump the water the water you know Smothers the fire that's there, cuz I know I know grease fires a No-No you don't throw water on a grease fire unless you can smother which I did so.
Pastor Bill: [14:43] Was there much you know unless you're intending to make the grease fire spread.
Pastor Newms: [14:47] Yeah yeah.
Pastor Bill: [14:48] Then you can add water to it but.
Pastor Newms: [14:50] So Now for those of you out there in Internet land and listening land what's funny about this is, about six months before I moved from Texas to Tennessee so about almost three years ago now, zadie was cooking Burgers walked away from the grill it was an older Grill and one of the. Regulators that controls you know how much gas do you put in went out and so it started pouring gas into the grill and actually like, basically borderline flamed the grill out to which someone came running into our trailer at the time and.
[15:41] Grabbed the girls one of our neighbors yelling your house is on fire grab the girls grab the cats, move the cars and we ended up with like hockey pucks and the fire department was already on its way and it was just around the corner so it was real fast but it, that was not anyone's fault this one, was straight-up my fault that one no one's fault a regulator went bad, not Zaydie this one straight up my fault so we had to throw away we had these big plastic things outside to hold it hold on my grill stuff, I melted part of the side of it so those got taken to the dump today and Zaydie dried the hamburgers because of course they were, they were I was like like moments from them being done, you know I had checked the temperature and I was just rotating to get the right amount of nice grill marks on certain ones on the outside and so I'd moved all the ones outside and sit the middle just and.
[16:55] So they were still good one of them was a little overdone which I ate that one because I, only wanted one Burger anyway and so I ate the one that was a little overdone I think but it was it was good because nothing got damaged and I think a trip but and the grills functional I've already tested at clean but I so then this morning, that was my last night and so I spent like 20 minutes last night, cleaning the grill like you know just making sure it was cooled off make sure you know assessing damage you know blah blah blah and then this morning when I got up I immediately.
[17:35] Went out there took apart the grill cleaned all the grease you know etcetera Etc threw everything away, but yeah so that was my humorous oh my goodness what did you just do experience, and then Biggs came over and we went to, Lowe's and got the board and the trim to frame the puzzle that we finished.
[18:11] Last week week before last I don't remember which week it was, and so we glued that today and we cut the you know cut the trim so that way it's sitting nice because it's so big that you can't buy a frame for it the Frank any frame, big enough would actually have to be a custom frame not one that you can even like, go buy some pieces and you know blah blah he actually have to buy the Plexiglas Bible and it was, very expensive and so we just went and bought you know the stuff they make cork boards out of not corkboards pegboards where there, the pegboard were there glossy on one side and the other side like almost, cloth feely but it's not cloth yeah but it's composite and it's got all the holes drilled in it well we got a piece of that board that's that small thickness, pre hole cut because they sell that and so that way you can drill your own holes and just you know have it not a full pegboard.
[19:15] And so we bought one of those we of course flipped it over so that glue seeps into that composite also to get that puzzle real good in, down and then we bought a trim that we did the 45 degree angles so we can put it on there and so at some point soon I'll have that and that might actually take the place of The Boondock Saints The Same, it moved I don't know for sure but I was thinking that might be one of the places that it might end up right next to the Saints I haven't fully decided I think the science might come over, and it go above the thing or the Saints might move that way I don't know where it's going to go yet, the Saints might go right here actually but, so yeah that was my crazy weekend of just like oh my gosh I can post burnt the house down.
Pastor Bill: [20:15] All right oof.
Pastor Newms: [20:15] So yeah and that's why I never came back after dinner when I was like we're going to stream after dinner and then I was like no we're not never mind and you're like.
Pastor Bill: [20:28] Never came back.
Pastor Newms: [20:29] You're like a I've never yet never came back until it.
Pastor Bill: [20:32] He never came back.
Pastor Newms: [20:34] Super late because I spent the whole time doing that and never never really recovered, so
Pastor Bill: [20:47] All right did your your week to draw a card.
Pastor Newms: [20:51] Oh We got to know the pastor's I tried to burn the house down there we're done for the week what's the most traumatic thing that happened to you this week if you had to describe your personality in terms of a farm animal.
[21:11] What animal would you choose I'll let you go first Pastor Bill what animal would you be if you had to choose a farm animal, to be. What farm animal.
Pastor Bill: [21:36] I guess I'd be the hound dog you know the one that when it came to the farm has a puppy it was all exuberance and and you never knew what it was gonna do and now it's old and tired and just wants to sit on the porch and. Not do anything anymore.
Pastor Newms: [21:54] All right. Hmm this is hard such a hard description oh yeah I'd be an ass I would be the donkey let's be honest I'm stubborn as a mule I'm functional I'll help you if I feel like it.
Pastor Bill: [22:27] Yeah I was gonna say rooster.
Pastor Newms: [22:29] Where are you.
Pastor Bill: [22:31] And yeah and groggy said it on a hunt witches well.
Pastor Newms: [22:35] Now why do you say rooster because I'm loud and obnoxious that's rude.
Pastor Bill: [22:41] Well a rooster rooster does that thing where they're protective and there they've got that caustic personality, and they'll come in they'll spur you and then a few minutes later they'll be like oh I love that you give me food and I'm gonna hang out with you and be sweet now.
Pastor Newms: [23:03] I heard it I heard an interesting things. So it's one of those things where and the Lord sometimes has to whip to get me to move. The right direction I'll go.
Pastor Bill: [23:33] Did you just say the Lord is your Balaam.
Pastor Newms: [23:35] No I said that I am no I would never say that because Balaam was, an idiot but. There are times when yes as 80 said zaidi just said sometimes I have a really hard time listening and following, like if you pull me I'm immediately going to be like know why are you pulling me for don't you don't get to lead me I'm going where I'm going stop, but no but I need you to go forward I don't want it no and then God's like Excuse me yes you are and the little you know and you're like oh okay yeah sure we'll go that way oh I see why we were going that way that makes sense I should have went this way you're right you're right you're right yeah I suppose that's why I think of myself as a donkey I do have to wake the whole house up so that rooster would work because there are lots of days where I have to be the one to wake everybody up.
Pastor Bill: [24:37] Are you more of a donkey or more of a mule.
[24:46] Because like there's a donkey. That who knows why people keep donkeys I have no idea and then there's the mule which is basically half horse half donkey, which is what people actually ride on it's actually what Balaam would have been writing on it can carry packs you know and it's actually useful.
Pastor Newms: [25:06] People keep donkeys to make mules I mean that's because mules can't reproduce.
Pastor Bill: [25:16] Mules are yeah because once you once you mix that horse and that donkey together it's a sterile creates a sterile thing.
Pastor Newms: [25:25] That's why people keep donkeys is to make mules and I've made several stubborn entity's in my life.
[25:39] All right.
Pastor Bill: [25:40] In the analogy of the lordly you know the Lord uses you to blah blah blah then you'd be more the mule than you would the Donkey.
[25:55] Donkeys have that that rear kick that really strong beer kick and when they get spooked and so I can see them using donkeys to help guard kettle.
Pastor Newms: [26:07] But wouldn't you just use cattle dogs.
[26:15] I don't know I mean Biggs is more country than either of us so if he said it is probably true.
Pastor Bill: [26:24] This is more country than I am.
Pastor Newms: [26:25] No no he's more for me than you are.
Pastor Bill: [26:35] Okay okay okay that makes sense yeah I'll give you that one.
Pastor Newms: [26:38] All right so this week this week we are talking about.
Pastor Bill: [26:50] Well we're still undecided bullshit.
Pastor Newms: [26:51] We're talking about discipleship that's right the title of tonight's. Gross I almost said message the title of tonight's talk the meeting were having is. Should we be intimate and the reason why. Is one I like to have funny titles but more importantly is you know we're following. And working through, I'm in our personal lives because you bought the book too so we're working through in our personal lives the the book by Tony Evans, the kingdom disciples and that's what we are basing you know this discussion on is as we study this we're kind of talking about it. And that's one of the things he's talking about in discipleship one of the needs of discipleship is intimacy with God. And.
Pastor Bill: [27:54] And intimacy despite modern contextual does not mean a sexual relationship.
Pastor Newms: [28:04] Right.
Pastor Bill: [28:04] You can have intimacy with a with with god with another human being and and not be romantic and it not be sexual it can just be a close intimate relationship.
Pastor Newms: [28:15] Right and she'll like the the actual, dictionary definition is close familiarity friendship closeness, so you know words that you could also use for poor like you said familiarity togetherness. And then there is the secondary that is used nowadays which is you know the intimate act or private and cozy atmosphere.
[28:51] But that intimacy that we have is important because one of the things we're always talking about is Christianity. Is not about the religion it's about the relationship and taking that step between quote-unquote salvation being a Christian that first step towards discipleship, that we take the is building that intimacy and closeness with. God having a relationship not just having a religion and one of the things that, and I found that to be a really interesting statement. So many people who practice Christianity but don't.
[30:05] Do it you know they're a part of it they claim it they say they are they but they don't actually have that intimate closeness they're just following the Motions of Christianity they're not living, in Christianity and I think that is real big and happens, in the last time we had a full conversation we talked about, auditing a college course is similar to you know there are people auditing Christianity and so you know we talked about that, last time and it's the same thing there are people just walking the walk they're walking the religion they're part of the religion but they do not have the actual relationship and they're not working towards that intimacy there just.
[30:52] I'm sitting in my Pew I am singing my song I am being nice to my neighbor I am paying my tithe I am doing the things God has I wrote down that we have to do and you're like whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa that's not the point, the point is the things that we do are supposed to be the outpouring of our relationship, because we want to not because we do them to be a Christian it's a it's the outpouring of it, you look like you're about to say something before I go to the next thing I wanted to say. Really cuz there was a lot of white which means you were looking something up are you sure. You do the same thing you do to me when it gets really white and you're like you're Googling something what did you refine so.
[31:48] The first scripture I wanted to look at was John 15, around this intimacy aspect and we're going to start in verse 1 and then I forgot to write down the other scripture that's in First Corinthians that we're going to look at later maybe, bill can find that because he knows which one I'm talking about that was talked about but I have to find it so, I'm going to start this is the parable of the Vine, in 15 1 which is I am the True Vine and my father is the gardener every branch in me that does not produce fruit he removes and he prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it produces more fruit, you are already clean because of the word I've spoken to you remain in me and I in you just as the branch, isn't able to produce fruit by itself unless it remains on the vine neither can you unless you remain in me I am the vine you are the branches the one who remains in me and I in him produces much fruit because you can do nothing without me, if anyone does not remain in me he is thrown aside they gather them throw them up in the fire and they are burned.
[33:07] If you remain in me and my work my words remain in you ask whatever you want it'll be done my father is glorified by this that you produce much fruit, and prove to be my disciples as the father has loved me I have loved you remain in my love, keep my Commandments you will remain in my love just as I have kept my father's Commandments and remain in his love I've told you these things so that my joy may be in you and your joy may be complete, this is my command love one another as I have loved you no greater love than this to lay down his life for his friends you are my friends, if you do what I command you I do not call you servants anymore because the servant does not know what his master is doing I call you friends because I've made known to you, everything I have heard from my father you did not choose me but I chose you I appointed you to go and produce fruit that your fruit should remain so whatever you ask of, the father in my name he will give you this is what I command you love one another so to a couple things I want to pull out of this one is. So often everyone quotes the one thing you know what's the best commandment you know love the got love thy God and, do that love others as yourself move on.
[34:30] In this passage in John I always find it interesting jesus takes it a step farther love others because I loved you, and in that one hurts a little more for those of us that struggle with liking other people because that one is like, okay. This isn't even have like a caveat of like yourself because of yourself if you know it's just straight up like you should love others because I like you and you're like oh yeah sure and then again. Digital Data love other love one another and then it you know it goes on in the next passage about how you know the world will hate us we just talked about it in the past John 15:18 but I find it interesting love one another period, now I know periods weren't in the original manuscript but you know what I mean and it's like if the world hates you is that beginning of the next part which.
[35:32] Is it stated before the love but it's stated in such a way that's like you should love everyone, a lot of people are going to hate you though and that's, doesn't matter I stated the love part first on purpose and you're like oh yeah okay that's that's that's valid so that's one of the aspects that I wanted to point out about about this is the whole thing about love is so important loving others blah blah blah but the other, what's wrong.
Pastor Bill: [36:05] I had something to say two things one. And John 15:18 when it says if the world hates you would we've talked about it before but that word.
Pastor Newms: [36:17] Right.
Pastor Bill: [36:19] Um used there is a figurative word meaning moral world's the morally world, he's talking about the religious World there in that context if the religious order hates you. When you're loving everyone it's because they don't love me Jesus They Don't Love don't love God you know that's why they hate that you're loving everyone, um and then 1512. John 15:12 this is my commandment that you love one another as I have loved you why does this remind me of The Princess Bride. And that night the king died and Prince Humperdinck and Buttercup were married and the next day a prince King Humperdinck addressed the people my father's last words will love her, as I loved her why does it remind me of that scene.
Pastor Newms: [37:16] I'm not sure but okay.
Pastor Bill: [37:19] Anyway. If we compare around well God with all your heart soul mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself if the compound that into. Love one another as I have loved you. Then Jesus could all very easily also be saying here to love yourself. The way that Jesus loves you.
Pastor Newms: [37:50] That is a hundred percent accurate yes.
Pastor Bill: [37:55] Right because you have to know how to love yourself and then out of that extension then you love your neighbor as yourself. How do you love yourself you love yourself the way Jesus loves you, how does Jesus love you will Jesus wants the best for you once the healthiest for you he wants it's right for you he doesn't want you have to do things multiple times he doesn't want you to be left high dry and lonely on and on and on and you know what I mean, um smell of yourself, the way Jesus loves you make those decisions that align with well what is what what is the best for me what does the person who literally died for me what would he choose for me in this situation. What you know and choose that so those are the things I had to add about that little segment there.
Pastor Newms: [38:48] Okay and and I agree definitely it is it is an extremely valid point of that. As we look at what Jesus says ever or what you know anywhere in the Bible we should look at the whole thing so when we combine those two aspects it isn't interesting. Thought process.
Pastor Bill: [39:22] I know I know Paul later on says no man is ever hated himself but nourishes the body I'm sorry Paul your words did not age well in that instance.
Pastor Newms: [39:35] Well and I will agree and on the flip side of it. I sometimes wonder if Paul wasn't overcompensating some depressive thoughts himself it's some of what he says with a situation like that.
Pastor Bill: [39:59] I think Paul does a lot of overcompensating for his own issues in a lot of things that he talks about.
Pastor Newms: [40:04] Cuz it's like yeah it's a because he's so down on himself so often in other parts of scripture when he says something like that you're like.
Pastor Bill: [40:15] Now guys remember I told you not to have sexual relations with other guys and then the people reading the letters are like. Is he talking to me is he talking to hear who the heck is he talking to none of us none of us here do that Paul. That's not even part of our culture Paul.
Pastor Newms: [40:35] Wrong wrong letter run letter you meant to send that to the Romans.
Pastor Bill: [40:41] Give it good to you must submit so there's somebody else or I don't know maybe it was just on your mind Paul.
Pastor Newms: [40:47] It is interesting some of the things that Paul says often so with.
[40:59] Ron God I don't worship that God why would you tell me not to do that in worship of a God that I don't worship, I'm confused so one of the interesting things the second interesting thing about this is talking about, you know a Vine and a branch and when you look at that vine and branch in a Vineyard, and I don't I only know this because of what I've been told let's be clear because I don't, drink wine like wine I don't even like grapes that much but you have to have a support structure for the vine the Vine, if it's on the ground it'll die if it's on the it's now I do know this as a fact with cucumbers and green beans that they have to have something to grow on and tomatoes to a certain degree they have to have something to grow on those Vine, they can't just grow like a potato potatoes can their Vine the grow underground and it's it's a weird I system that's true potatoes are weird fruit vegetable whatever but.
[42:21] With a grape with different fruits like that it can't survive without that support structure and.
[42:32] It's not going to Bear good fruit without that support structure it'll be a Vine it'll Vine across the ground it might or might not die but it's just going to vine across the ground no big deal, but it won't bear that fruit unless it has that support structure and and so often that's how we are as humans without. Does support in the relationship in the intimacy of the Christian walk we won't do the things that. We should be doing not to say that no one can not to say that no one does but the fruit that the God wants we can't produce if we're not listening to what God wants us to do, we might produce fruit but it's not going to be the fruit that he wants us to produce if we're not listening and being close with God.
[43:31] So that's that was kind of the the reason why that one stood out to me was that, Vine and closeness in and the fruit that we should be showing as Christians and being a light to the world and being, you know working on building disciples and working on you know helping others to grow we can't do that unless we're close to God ourselves, obviously they have not heard from God because they're just bearing some kind of strange fruit because they are not actually close to their Branch not that we will ever name names on here, you know who you are anyway.
Pastor Bill: [44:20] You know who.
Pastor Newms: [44:21] You know who you are so that that's that's the one I kind of wanted to look at in that area. Did you have any other points about that before I while I look for the other verse that I'm looking for.
Pastor Bill: [44:42] So I had Adam I wanted to talk about this abide thing, and it's connection with intimacy because it dare in John 15 Jesus says it over and over again if you abide in me and I abide in you. And this idea of bide it's this this Greek word Mentos minnow, and it means to stay in a given Place State relationship or expectancy abide continued well endure the present remain stand Terry, hold your own you know like. You get that idea of like in the movie 300 when they get all their Shields together in their standing their ground abide you know hold your own. Um this is the ideas that this word expresses and so Jesus uses that over and over and over again abide in me as I abide in you, and it creates this this close intimacy when you're abiding in that area but I specifically wanted to point out in John 21.
[46:06] 22 it says Jesus saith unto them I'm reading out of the King James at the moment if I will that's not right why did I write that down.
[46:24] Hope that's not the verse I was looking for but I wrote it down for some reason.
[46:39] Who had to write that down.
Pastor Newms: [46:41] It does have the word remain in it.
Pastor Bill: [46:44] It has it but that's not the verse that I was going to talk about.
Pastor Newms: [46:47] It has the.
Pastor Bill: [46:53] Okay so we'll do it with not the reference all right so there's there's the time that you know there at the end and Jesus says go into Jerusalem and abide there until the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And so. The given these orders as a group to go and abide in this area right so most of them at this point have been doing excuse me. Ministry together you know shoulder-to-shoulder face-to-face with the people. Now they had to replace two of the disciples right at right at the Forefront there, and so they replace them with two you know two new people so 10 of these guys they've been in in the thick of it for the last three years, at this point Jesus old followers come back out of the woodwork so there's probably about 120 150 of them all biting in Jerusalem, and every day they're going to the temple and they're praying and they're talking to people and they're they're just kind of hanging out and the whole idea here is that.
[48:11] They're becoming intimate with each other, because they've never had time to do that this whole time they've been focused on Jesus or focus on Ministry to the people Jesus or minister to the people not each other they're not really building these interconnects relationships. And so this is the point where they're starting to build the structure of the relationships with each other that's actually going to support the new church right the new church is going to sit on top of those relationships, and so their abiding in this area all 120 150 of them getting to know each other becoming the beginning of this structure.
[48:51] But not only that, the people in the city are starting to see them and get familiar with them they're becoming starting to have this intimate idea of who these men are these men and women who they really are, can they trust them do you know do they believe in them is it somebody you would want to babysit your kids you know they're learning this about these men. So then when the day of Pentecost hits and the Holy Spirit falls on these people that are in the upper room it's people that, the Staples in the city the Craftsman the the merchants the the ladies you know that are making clothes for the kids and getting water and and cooking and all of these people, the priesthood they've all been living in and around these men.
[49:47] For a certain amount of time this extended amount of time and when the Holy Spirit hits and they come out and they're speaking in tongues, and and all of these guests in the town are like who are these people that they're speaking in my own language that's the moment when the shopkeeper goes, well those are those are the good old boys they've been around for a while they I know them hey if they're saying that then it's got to be true, you know I trust them we're in cement and so we get this idea of we talk about discipleship is this.
[50:22] Relationship thing and it's this idea of abiding not just abiding in The Lord of letting the Lord change you but abiding in your, area where you've been placed abiding in your secular job abiding in Wherever You Are.
[50:40] And creating those relationships where people around you, see you they trust you they know you they understand you and vice versa and then when the Lord moves in your life and you say. I prayed about that and it happened or I felt like the Lord was telling me to do something and I feel like it cause this to happen those people who've been watching your life who have an intimate knowledge of you because you've been abiding, right you've created this relationship that's that's the moment when it can go from. Just a relationship too, we have a limp if you really want to know then let me tell you about the Lord and what he's done for me and what it can do for you and and lead them to Salvation, that's how this discipleship thing works it wasn't like I mean yeah Jesus sent them out in pairs at one point he said hey go out and do ministry, and if someone rejects you that's fine just walk away, he wanted them to see firsthand what it was like to go blindly into a scenario where you have no standing you don't know anybody you know trying to do ministry and they came back in and they were like it was rough out there man.
[51:58] So they were learning this lesson of discipleship and intimacy and then Jesus says Angola by in. Plant yourself there you know start this discipleship campaign. And so that's what I wanted to talk about it was you know we need to be wherever you are whatever season your life is in plug in. Abide there don't. Clock in do your work and go home sure don't give your company more time than they're paying you for but your co-workers the culture there that the people that you know abide, abide in their lives abide in that area and make that impact.
[52:46] Back to you Pastor newms.
Pastor Newms: [52:48] Yeah and that's definitely always interesting to look at because we are we're supposed to be in the world, but not all of it so we're supposed to be in it constantly just being there with other people and and.
Pastor Bill: [53:08] Oh well I'm I only hang out with my church friends I only go to church events I only. You're not being in the world you're not being out there you're not being a light in the darkness that's not what that looks like. That's.
[53:28] I don't know how else to say it.
Pastor Newms: [53:31] Yeah. And so it is an interesting thought of okay where are we where we abiding where are we and I found it interesting, dr. Evans when he was talking he talked about it when he was talking about abiding he talked about tea and you know some people you know up and down up and down up and down up and down up and down that's how they make their tea and then some people go teabag and then it just it abides there it stays there and, the water becomes T and if we're not abiding where we're supposed to we're not going to end up becoming what we're supposed to be, and jumping in and out in and out in and out a lot more work and which that's what I do the water gets hot you throw the tea in you do then, add the sugar later and all that jazz but yeah so. That's really all we had tonight I think you have anything else.
Pastor Bill: [54:41] Nope did you not find your verse out of Corinthians.
Pastor Newms: [54:43] Heidi did but I don't want to talk about it now.
Pastor Bill: [54:51] Okay just put it in the text to send everybody home with and they can look it up for themselves and.
[55:04] I don't think I don't think I'm going to do that I don't think so.
Pastor Newms: [55:07] No it doesn't it doesn't feel right for the conversation anymore it might be it might be maybe next week we'll see maybe next week.
Pastor Bill: [55:21] Same grin Time same Berean Channel.
Pastor Newms: [55:31] So this podcast that you're listening to or watching, is recorded live on Sunday evenings at 6:30 central time if you go to our website EK K dot house you can see where it is that that's broadcast too. And you can it is Art which our Facebook and our YouTube you can join us on Twitch for all of our wonderful gaming nest, gaming this of hanging out with us and getting to know us better on other times as well when we do that when I do. Fail miserably at doing it.
Pastor Bill: [56:19] Would you know set the grill on fire.
Pastor Newms: [56:21] Yeah so yeah so that's that's all we have and I hope you guys have a great, night and I'm not sure why the dog just growled at, groggy walking through my office but we will see you guys next time.
Pastor Bill: [56:45] A safe out there.
Pastor Newms: [56:46] Love you guys.

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