Season3 Episode 88 Relationships For The Modern Christian Part 1 

[0:00] Hello and welcome to season 3 episode 88 of the Berean Manifesto, faith hope and love for the modern Christian this is Pastor newms and I'm here again by myself as Pastor Bill is still on a break.
[0:19] So to get started and give people you know time to kind of get to know us and get to. Continue to join us Hello's Zaydiee  welcome. My week was pretty good we are really really really busy at work overcapacity type busy so that is fun and we are, ghetto plugging along so my week has had a lot of a lot of that aspect I have been in the evenings playing a lot of Pokémon I finished this week my live decks and finish out the quote-unquote decks for Pokemon Arceus that was exciting I still don't have the 10 stars and have not finished all of the side quests, for those of you out there in Internet land who know what that means I still have some more to go, but I did at least get most of the game finished we have my life jackets done which was my overall true goal before moving on to, the next thing that I'm going to try to tackle turned up a cone an exile server to play if anyone out there is playing Conan Exiles and wants to join us let me know.
[1:47] The 3.0 patch is coming soon and so I wanted to get a server up so that way when that was out we could play together so that is going to be fun and I have I did stream once this week and I actually streamed that hoping to do some more this week we're going to be doing a lot of changes there's some new stuff happening in the house and so because of that moving some stuff around throughout the next two weeks as we have a bunch of craziness going on so it's going to be good so that is kind of.
[2:25] Where I'm at for the week I'm it's pretty good I hope all of you out there that are listening and we'll listen to this later have all enjoyed your weeks as well is the last day of July I can't believe tomorrow is August it's just crazy to me how time is just flying by but it's how we live. Hum so the next thing we want to discuss is getting to know the pastor's which is of course my favorite part of the. Podcast and I'm still not sure why I'm doing it without Pastor Bill making me but.
[3:11] Here Comes getting know the pastor's if the daytime high temperature has to be exactly the same every day of the year what would you want the temperature to be. Hmm so if it's got to be the highest temperature. Little will never get higher. The downside Zaydiee of 68 or 64 which I agree with somewhere in that range is my favorite temperature the downside of that temperature though, we would never have snow if the high has to be that every day.
[3:59] And I like the rainy cold I like. Snow so I'm I'm torn I would not want it to be snowing every day though so I wouldn't want in the 30s every day so I'm. I'm a little torn by this question but I would have to say somewhere around 65. Because that means actually I'd probably say like 73 ish because that means the mornings would be a little bit crisp. In the evenings would be a little bit cooler but the day wouldn't get too hot so maybe like 68 69 70 72 somewhere around that area.
[4:52] So you say 73 is too warm but yet the house is currently set for. 73 so you are currently sitting in 73 with a blanket in the living room, just saying zadie not that I'm trying to back a bus over you while you're cuddling a blanket on the couch watching this. But yeah.
[5:24] Huh anyway yeah I definitely would have to say it's somewhere somewhere in that.
[5:34] In that. High 60s low 70s is where it is where I'd want to keep it probably yeah I think so.
[5:50] All right so now. Comes the part that we're all actually here for which is us talking about stiff so. For tonight's tooth. I would like to say we're sorry for last week of not being live and not having a podcast come out we had some family relationship stuff come up not, in my family group, our family some relationships we have outside of our family someone had an emergency and so we took care of that and you know that's one of the things that's really important, to us at the occasion house and on the Brie and manifest so our relationships. And you know we've talked about relationship friendship evangelism in the past we've talked about you know all the different aspects but relationships are so important and that's what we really are.
[6:54] Looking at tonight is relationships because relationships are more important, to us here at the occasion house then things like, getting together that's why we have the format we have we're we're together talking about these items it's not just me talking it's not just passed a bill talking it's it's all of us talking about these things together people in the chat, I'm over here people in the chat discussing so that way it engages everyone and we're having these conversations and topics together so that's really what we are discussing tonight is, relationships for the modern Christian.
[7:35] Now the bad thing is is since I started doing being the big faced over the last couple of weeks. They're I've made every single one of these like a question and then not answer the question, and I didn't do that tonight it's just, relationships for their Mountain Christian and so I feel a little bad about that but I couldn't come up with a clever title. And so that's kind of where we are. Biggs how was what you're asking how was how was what, and while he he he types that out so you know there are three relationships I really want to look at tonight and this actually might go slightly long and if it does will show.
[8:30] We'll do a part 2 and then that's okay we can do things like that the first one I want to look at is the relationship we have in, spouses yes the hope you know good food and good friends it's some of the most important things we can do in life, so the first thing I want to look at is spouses and you know when we look at spouses there is a.
[8:58] Biblical and Christian Dynamic to a lot of spousal interactions and people look at. Spouses in marriage and long-term relationships and they're like well you know. This is what this says and this is what that says and we should always do this and we should always do that and there's often times this. Hierarchical structure that goes one way or another which does have its roots in biblical times. But on the same token oftentimes it's grossly simplified the man is the head of the house no matter what and it's like no matter what isn't fully. The answer there but.
[9:46] There are reasons for certain aspects like that and so I want to start we're going to go all the way back, not all the way almost all the way to Genesis 22 23 and 25, and the csb it says and the man said this one at last is bone of my bone and Flesh of My Flesh this one would be called woman for she was taken from man this is why a woman leaves his father and mother and bonds with his wife and they become one flesh both the man and his wife were naked and felt no shame now, I could have easily stopped at the end of verse 24 there but I. Didn't obviously and the reason is is because, that both the man and his wife were naked and felt no shame if I had to be really important to a lot of conversation not that we're going the sexual route with this particular, podcast as we try to keep the podcast more family-friendly than my traditional streams and so we're not going to go that direction but.
[10:53] There was no shame between a husband and a wife there shouldn't be shame between a husband and a wife ever no matter what it is because you guys should be coming together as one flesh in all things. You know I I will often forget. That my spouse exists for small moments of time and make really stupid decisions and and not even say well what do you think and then it hits me who the other half is more smart than I am, see what I did there I said more smart she wouldn't say more smart, she would say smarter which is actually the real word for those of you out here who might not realize that I was making a funny joke so. The the aspect there was one of those things that came up actually this weekend where I was like this is how we're going to do it this this is what makes the most sense and.
[11:57] My wife who is Sadie in chat and she was like yeah I understand why you think that and I agree with you to a certain degree that's the best option but, I started thinking about it and here are the list of reasons why that's wrong. And it's all because you won't like it wasn't like she didn't come at me like hey these are the reasons why I disagree with what you're doing she came at me with have you thought about these aspects, if you do what you're planning on doing. You're going to regret it in six months for these reasons because you are super picky about certain things and I was like oh those are all super valid and. You know we came together on that as opposed to just me saying but I'm right or her saying but you're wrong we came together and had an adult conversation around those and there wasn't a shame of will you're dumb and you're stupid and you're this and you're that and we try never to go down that route. There are there are times that that I'm mean and we don't because I'm definitely not perfect especially when I get upset. But that's that aspect of we should be bonded and be one flesh together.
[13:24] And then if you are one flesh, the shame and the fighting and the certain aspects of those are more limited because you are together of one mind and of one, body because that one flesh that includes you know one mind one conversation you've talked about it you've made decisions together you've you're doing things as a couple not as, a husband and wife it is as spouses and as. One flesh one flesh together one flesh like this like this like this like this okay so.
[14:03] And you know then we get into the conversation of. You know well that's the Old Testament the New Testament is completely different because Jesus came and he changed all the rules, all the rules well and then we if we turn to Matthew 19 four and six, now you know Jesus changed all the rules from the Old Testament to the New Testament don't forget right we just say that so this is Jesus talking.
[14:36] And he says haven't you read. He replied he didn't say he replied of course that sad that he who created them in the beginning made them male and female and he also said for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two will become one flesh so they are no longer two but one flesh therefore, what God has joined together let no one separate and, I want to dig into this for a couple of reasons so one obviously Jesus said the same thing that was recorded in Genesis which was hey the two of you are one, stop acting like you're separate. And that's important because you're no longer two but you are joined in the flesh.
[15:32] And then it's like what God has joined let no one separate and I want to touch on that part, a little bit because that's one of those areas where people are like well that means you should never have a divorce no in other parts are scripture there are reasons for divorce you know there are there are things listed that way I'm not trying to you know we're not going down that road of a who divorces divorces Ascend because of this verse well no, now. What God has joined let no one separate now that's also important to look at because here's the problem let no one separate not, not. One of them separate let no one no one else no one outside of do not separate what God has put together now here's a problem. What happens when you're with someone and it wasn't of God.
[16:29] It opens a big can of worms that that statement of, what God has joined let no one separate what if you didn't what if you didn't have a marriage ceremony you just sign the papers you didn't you rushed, you rushed in and and there wasn't Godly counsel you didn't consult God at all God wasn't, part of it what if your uneven little yoked God wasn't a part of it and then God becomes part of it for one of you and so you're not. You know the burden that's on you that's helping to decide the path that you take is now different. There are lots of reasons why but someone outside of your marriage should not be the reason why your marriage.
[17:21] Breaks up one of you the two you know something needs to happen in there and if God joins you. You shouldn't be separate so stop going out there and get into relationships and getting married and all that other stuff and never Consulting the person who created the universe and knows a thing or two about, said Universe just don't do it it does don't do it.
[17:53] Now now we want to jump to a versus the basis of a lot of what we were talking about.
[18:01] In the beginning that a lot that some people have taken out of context taking the step to far I won't say out of context but the Step too far. As you know it's always the next guy who takes it a step too far so when we look at Ephesians 5:22 through 33 this is the limit of a large passage so bear with me as I get through wives submit to your husband's as to the Lord because the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church he is the savior of the body now as in the church submits to Christ also wives are to submit to their husbands in everything husbands love your wives just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her to make her holy cleansing her with the washing of, Water by the word he did this to present the church to himself in splendor without spot or wrinkle or anything like that but holy and blameless in the same way husbands are to love their wives as their own bodies he who loves his wife, loves himself for no one ever hated his own flesh but provides and cares for it just as Christ does for the church since we are members of his body for this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two will become one see there's that reference again this mystery is profound but I am talking about Christ in the church to sum up each one of you is to love his wife as himself and the wife is to respect her husband.
[19:27] So I find it interesting that in his summary he doesn't talk about submission, but talks about respect because that's a real big thing you hear often people that talk about this passage especially in the old the older generations and the older. Facets of the church they will say things like you know.
[19:57] Anything a man does you need to listen. And that's not necessarily true. That submit to your husbands that is to be a subordinate to obey but also under obedience. To be put in subjugation to submit oneself on to so it's that aspect of.
[20:29] I love you here I am here I am you know I'm yours now in that. The Hut the husband is supposed to love his wife if you love your own body you don't mistreat it it's plainly what it says. So because of that. If you are in an abusive relationship where your spouse is is beating on you and you're like well I'm supposed to submit no no that's that's not where the line is, you're supposed to submit because he's supposed to be loving you and sacrificing himself for you there's that that, two-person part of relationship you know people love to quote part of it and forget the other part when it's available for. A husband is supposed to love their wife and sacrifice for them. If he's never sacrificing the question is outlined does he ever loved, now that sacrificing can happen in a thousand different ways and it looks different in every relationship so of course externally we should not be the one to judge things like that and internally you have to look deep into okay what are the reasons for all of this.
[21:54] But the big thing there is the aspect of. Loving each other and respecting each other. And even though it says you know submit to your husband part of it is a husband should also be sacrificial. To the wife so you know I find it funny some people are like okay so you know. Wives submit to your husbands and then it's like okay that means do whatever he says and then he says to do something crazy and you're like well my husband told me I had to do it but. In telling you to do something crazy he's breaking the aspect of loving you as. Himself and as you know. He's not following that either so you have to find that balance in everything because it's important. You know we shouldn't be taking advantage of our spouses in either side because that's not how.
[23:06] We're supposed to do it it's not what the Bible actually says so stop taking scripture out of context just so you can be.
[23:15] I mean it's rude so. After that after spouses the relationship you have with your spouse, the next thing I want to talk about is the relationship you have with children because that's kind of a natural progression you know spouses children that's one of the types of relationships we have in life as Christians and, as people who procreate and breathing. Are human so we're going to look first at Ephesians.
[23:55] 6 1 through 4, and this is the probably one of the most quoted scriptures about children and it says children obey your parents in the Lord because this is right, honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise so that it may go well with you and that you may live a long life in the land fathers do not stir your children to anger but bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. So this is important for several reasons we often hear children obey your parents children obey your parents children obey your parents yes, yes we get it honor your father and mother yes we have to honor our father and mother father and mother yes.
[24:44] But the other aspect is as parents. We have to also not provoke our children. To anger and. Them in an incorrect. Aspect we should be bringing them up and training them in the way they should go no not, just dictating rules that shouldn't be followed for their whole lives and you know, are just you know there are some people out there who just do it because they quote-unquote can there's no valid reasons for what they're doing they're not doing it for their child safety they're not doing it because of you know any reason other than my house my rules which yeah it is but. On the same token your house your rules are they, valid rules are they steeped in something that is healthy and normal or do your rules.
[26:04] Do you rules that you have our rules that are detrimental to your children you know do you have crazy rules that are actually unsafe but it's the rule you know now of course we're talking about parents who are. Abusing in different ways their children when you start to deal in those aspects and as big said rules have to be different for every child just because you have rules in your house doesn't mean it's right for both children I have two very different children running around my house one of them if she's tired she goes to sleep.
[26:40] She she she doesn't. Need to try to go to sleep once she decides it's time to go to sleep she's like her daddy she lays down she's out the other one. Has trouble sleeping so she lays down. And if we turn her phone off we turn her TV off we turn all technology off we should no books no nothing no just lay there, she will she will just lay there for hours and be like 1:00 in the morning and I'm going to bed and she's like that can have a hug you're like why are you wide awake what have you been doing. Laying here so it's different you have to have a different rule set for each of those two kids because one is go to bed all right sleep wake up in the morning the other one is okay I'm gonna stare at the ceiling for two hours okay no you can go read a book, like pull out a lamp like turn the lamp on read a book like do something you don't have to just lay there you shouldn't be on a lot of technology to blue lights are terrible for sleeping, I get that. But there are other things that are okay don't just lay there like that's I don't want you to have to do that that's boring and and I I wouldn't do it I'd like to do something else let's be honest.
[28:00] Yes as zaidi said the other one is too much like her mama because her mama will do that I'll roll over them like how did you sleep I didn't and I'm like what do you mean you. You didn't sleep I didn't hear you now I just laid here you were asleep they want to bother you big says no Legos there too loud I would have to agree with that that was a rule when I was growing up I need very little sleep even as a child and so because of that I would wake up early, or go to bed later than my parents sometimes because Dad woke up at a completely different time and I wasn't allowed to play with Legos because I was right next to their bedroom and, they're allowed to roll out and Biggs also made a joke of don't date until they're 18. I know that's a joke because that wasn't the rule in our house growing up but he has two granddaughters and. I am not ready for them to start dating anytime soon so I'm thinking like 25 which is also inaccurate but it's all good so that's that aspect of when we look at, those and then I want to point out the two words that are real important there.
[29:19] Obey your parents so that word obey, is sorry my stuff is very bad hoop a cougar oh oh oh oh oh oh I don't know it's a lot of letters, but I try and so it is to hear under as a subordinate, that is to listen attentively by implication to heat or to conform to a calm command or authority Harkin be obedient to obey and then, when we look at honor it is to prize that is to fix a valuation upon to Revere and to honor so. Those are real important what those words truly mean because often you hear you should obey me no matter what well mmm. You know I'm not going to say children don't obey your parents. There is a difference between children obey your parents and honor your father and mother so honor your father and mother that doesn't stop ever, you should always have a valuation and you should always Revere value your parents period. No questions the obey is you should heed their command.
[30:47] But heating a command and doing it no matter what. Is different go jump off of a tree you know I'll joke with my girls go jump off a bus and they're like okay start walking towards you know start walking towards the front door like they're going to go jump off a bridge and you're like do not go jump off a get back in hmm and you know it's a joke but you know I'm glad they don't obey right away, in certain things cuz it's a joke you know so we have to look at things like that you know let's be let's be normal humans and know that. People aren't perfect and not now if you notice in there. It says honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise so that it may go well with you and you may have a long life okay well I'm you know let's look at where that comes from, and to do that we've got to go back to Exodus 20 and anyone who has been in. You know Christian circles for a long time for those of you out there that have you know Exodus 20.
[31:58] For those of you who are new to Christ or listening to this as someone who is not a Christian. I'll explain when Exodus 20 years Exodus 20 is where we get the Ten Commandments and so it's the list of you know hey don't do this do this you know don't go murder people don't commit.
[32:20] Adultery don't go steal don't lie about your neighbor you know you know there's all these different aspects. So when you get down to verse 12 of Exodus 20 it says honor your father and mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the Lord your God is giving you so.
[32:43] It's the only one in that group that has a do this.
[32:53] And this will happen you know some of them are do this and I will do this which is different.
[33:03] But this one is you know. It has a promise attached it is it is a good thing. Do this honor your your elders and this is honoring your elders what I one of those aspects of honoring your elders that's not something unique to Christianity like certain things are unique to Christianity you know do not. Worship any God but me you know that's one that is you know unique to Christianity as far as Christianity is the only one that says you should only worship going you know.
[33:46] You know that's one of those aspects the Sabbath the Sabbath is not taught in every religion that we should take a break once a week.
[33:56] You know things like that are. But honoring your parents that's the threat honor your elders respect the people that brought you into the world now.
[34:12] One of the things I will say about this is coming from someone who has a lot of friends with a lot of different backgrounds and a lot of different situations. I'm going to throw out an example hate me Pete me spit in my face every time I see you that does not mean go hang out with your parents every day they're my parents. But I think I have cut them off they are far away. And in that is a certain amount of Honor you're far away I don't want it I'm not I'm not you go away you know.
[35:05] Again this goes back to healthy relationships this is the perfect way of doing things so this is you know God giving Commandments and giving rules for, dealing with each other in the correct circumstances with circumstances outside of correct circumstances. You have to make other decisions and that's where the Holy Spirit comes into play that's where you have to pray about it seek guidance from Godly counsel and friends that are that are Godly you know things like that you do not just. Well I know that they I know that they tried to poison. My wife but you know they're still my parents and I have to love them you don't have to go to their house on Sundays for dinner though if there, trying to, kill your spot like no no no those need cut off and move on you know so let's be let's be smart about things not just follow. Blindly not thinking about situational aspects and we would be remiss.
[36:21] You are so big says you are married so you have to leave and start your.
[36:42] Yeah okay so yeah so you know you're together with your spouse so yeah you honor your father and mother still but that doesn't mean they're like you know. Chilling in the backyard 24/7 like.
[36:57] You know hey did you take out the trash like your wife asked you you know. Don't don't hopefully that's not your life if that's your life mm I'm sorry you should probably think about situations all right, and I would be it would be wrong of me to discuss children and things without discussing Proverbs 22:6. And I might actually have to save the second half of this for another day cuz I don't think I'm going to be we'll get through it in 18 minutes. And so I think we're going to save this as a part two for the second part of this and just talk out this more but.
[37:41] Proverbs 22:6 is it states starter youth out on the way. On his way even when he grows old he will not depart from it and this verse is real important for for for those of us that are, religious and for those of you that are not because the way you start a youth the way you train a child, determines where they are going to end up if you teach your kid to be a.
[38:16] Mean person then they are going to go through life at a certain point and become a mean person.
[38:27] If you teach your children hatred they are going to continue to have hatred now which teach your children love they are going to have love. You raise your children as in the religion that you currently hold for us it's Christianity.
[38:45] They will not depart from it fully that does not mean, there will not be times where your kids Rebel and do not listen and do other things this is not a magic recipe for. To have perfect adults later just because we raised our children and try to instill in them certain values that we prescribe to as humans of hey don't be. Mean to others you know love each other that does not mean they won't grow up to be a jerk, but they will remember that they're not supposed to be a jerk and it will hurt ya big says that he did the best he could but he said we. My parents did the best they could sometimes you just grow up to be a jerk it's the personality I have and I'm just I'm rough around the edges and it's it's hard I try though I really do have tried very hard and I know what's right I just sometimes come across, as jerk and then I go back and apologize of hey I didn't, I mean to be a jerk and I feel terrible that I was and that's the part that they did instill in me um.
[40:14] The Don't Be a Jerk didn't stick as well as they would like but the being apologetic jerk did stick sacrifice yourself for others did stick. You know show love did stick um just. I'm a little more Rough Around the Edges than some people would enjoy as there's this there's this beautiful wonderful Soul who lives next to my, parents and she is the sweetest lady my parents live in a 65 and up area, they got their 55 and up sorry not 65 or no I just I just aged Biggs he's gonna get real mad, a 55 and up community and they're in there they're close to my grandparents and and then on the other side is the super nice lady and her parents are all of course grown I mean her children are all grown they come to visit when they can but they all live their own lives and she is just the sweetest little thing and.
[41:17] We were over there this week I know you're not even 60 bags and I am sorry I did not mean to age you like that we were over there and she asked if I could help her move a table she was going to pick up this is little coffee table I mean a little a little, little 4-person table for the dining room but, no big deal yeah sure I'll be you know I was I was hanging out with my mom so sure no problem, and so we're over there and it's beautiful white, off-white white-ish table and the chairs and then a wood finish on the top and on the seats of the chairs and it works really well in her kitchen because her cabinets are the same color not her cabinets her.
[42:05] Thing that you put China China cabinet her china cabinet is the same color as the top and then her trim and stuff is, white so it ties the room together really nicely and she was like oh it will be so her daughter was like oh it'll be so nice she has to help lighten the room and I was like well you know I am personally I'm not trying to lighten any rooms we try to keep rooms nice and dark in my house we got you know dark Furniture you know I like things a little dark and this poor sweet lady she looks to be in ghosts, well honey that's just because you're just a darker person and we love you anyway it's just how you are and I'm like. I mean she's not wrong I'm wearing a black T-shirt I've got my nails like beards black chain wrong like I'm just a darker person you know we all do our own things but she's super sweet and you know she didn't mean of course any malice bye. She's such a sweetheart and so it was just so cute because she was like you're just a darker person my wife, did not let me leave that down for the rest of the day anytime she could say it she did and it was great because we love the wonderful lady next door, and her husband who is in a facility my girls love them they're just they're such sweet people.
[43:28] So that's you know one of those things we have to look at as adults and as Christians in relationships. Since we're at the 49 minute mark I'm not going to jump into the next section because there were three sections we needed to discuss we discussed spouses you know how we should treat our spouses let's be smart about it let's show love to each other as if we are each other we are we are together we are one let's handle life as one. With our children you know train them correctly gentle guiding not.
[44:10] Anything else gentle guiding them the way they should go not saying there doesn't have to be disciplined there is time for negative and positive reinforcement. Gentle, guiding on both sides there are times we take away things there are times we do time out there are times we do different things gentle guiding positive and negative reinforcement the last one we really want to talk about is friendship. Because guess what. Who do we have more of in our lives our spouses and our children or friends now depending on your family size you might have more. Spouses and children then you do friends because some people have a lot of kids I don't know how y'all do it your job can't do it. Same with spouses I can't do more than one I can barely lovingly be with one.
[45:09] Couldn't do multiple and two is enough children.
[45:15] And and yes zadie your spouse me is also your friend and was your best friend for years before we were married but, we do handle our friends differently than our spouses and hopefully, you do what zaidi did where your spouse was your friend first and you've gone through all this friendship stuff we're going to talk about next week before. Getting into.
[45:44] Relationships shouldn't get into relationships with strangers necessarily I know we live in the dating age but please get to know people before you just start dating them, and in case y'all heard that sorry my dog just decided to freak out for no reason.
[46:01] Hopefully that wasn't as loud for you all as it was for us here if it was I will try to edit that down or I will just remove this part completely we'll see. But in that I hope you guys.
[46:18] Heard this and understand what we're trying to go next week we never do this this is crazy next week we're gonna be talking about friendship. And yeah as they just said if you heard her yell a swear word. Our dog scared her so it happens we're not perfect here so for everyone out there. We love you we hope you have a great week this is recorded live on Sunday nights at 6:30 Central Time on Sundays it goes out on our. Twitch okay sorry no swearing, okay yeah they did not hear you swearing so we're good on Sunday nights this goes out on Twitch YouTube and Facebook you can go to our website EKK.HOUSE. Know which twitch which Facebook in which YouTube it is my personal twitch pastor newms and we will hopefully see you guys in that live so you can be part of this discussion like Biggs and zaidi was tonight where you can get into the discussion in that way. But I hope you guys all have a great week we love you and please be safe out there see you next time.


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